RU BW RU Cup - Round 1

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Activity calls:

Xiri vs Leo - Leo never replied so Xiri is given the win

soTsoT vs bugzinator - bugzi never replied so sot gets the win

Feliburn vs sin city - My dude missed the scheduled time and never logged on again

tier vs Shadowmonstr4 - shadow missed the scheduled time

neomon vs prankstersop - prankstersop replied till today and said he couldnt play anyway

Luthier vs SOMALIA - Luth didnt really try to schedule but he at least got in contact, which Somalia ignored so activity for Luthier

Regnite vs Melle2402 - Same as above, melle never replied to reg's post so he gets the act

pasy_g vs Ampha
HaxxSel vs dom
iKiQ vs Hikari
ItsxLegendz vs LordST
Cowtao vs Hamhamhamham

We got one sub and way too many act calls so it's only fair:

Feliburn vs Oibaf

Raichy vs Yggdrasil60
Eternal Spirit vs bkdrew
Feliburn vs Oibaf

Next round should be posted soonish!
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