Call of Thunder (OU)

For a while, I have been in a slight rut. I had exhausted ideas for offensive teams that were not bog standard, and I can't play stall to save my life. Balance is OK with me, but not my favorite.

However, I paid attention to the teams I was facing. I've recently seen a large increase in status moves being used, to cripple threats, so they are no longer, before a sweeper comes in and ends the battle. Normally something like Lucario.

However, I do not want something that can be defeated by a Scarf Heatran/RotomH that has been waiting in the wings, or so bog standard that everyone's ready for it.

Then, I came across someone using a pokemon outside OU, to great effect, a SubCM pokemon, which it was not hard to make a team based around.

Making that theam as effective as possible, however, is another thing.

Changes 21/7/09: Replaced Rotom-W with a Choice Scarf Gallade.
Changed EV's of Starmie, Items and Moves.
Due to Gallade having Night Slash, placed Stone Edge on Aero.

Changes will be in BOLD

At a Glance:

Basically, the team revolves around defeating the counters to Raikou, and crippling with burns and Paralysis. Then, when an opening is spotted, I send out Raikou, and Substitute, which stops unwanted status. I then set up CM, and destroy my opposition with a Boltbeam combo.

Focus Sash
4 HP / 252 Attack / 252 Speed
Jolly Nature

Stealth Rock

Why Aerodactyl?
Well, it's the fastest lead in OU that can use Stealth Rock, and besides Crobat, Taunt. With a sash, he's gaurenteed to get SR up. Stealth Rock is very useful, as status caused by my team will encourage switches, which leads to more damage being piled on. The fast Taunt helps to prevent rocks being set up on the other side, as well as later in the game. Also provides a Ground immunity.

Role in the Team
Setting up Stealth Rock
Taunting Ninjasks and other SR users. (Although, most expect it, and attack nowadays)
Countering Psychics, and Ghosts

Timid Nature
68 HP/ 252 Speed/ 116 Sp.Attack

Calm Mind
Hidden Power [ICE]

Why Raikou?
Several reasons. Most sweepers in OU are either slow, and boost their speed (Gyara, Metagross), fragile (Infernape, Lucario). Some are neither, like Salamance and Latias, but both of these are dragons, and steels run amock. Raikou, however, has a Base 115 Speed stat, which is nothing to laugh at, outspeeding most of OU. It also has a high Base 115 Special Attack base, which makes it like Jolteon, but slightly slower. However, Raikou can take hits, with defensive stats of 90/75/100, and can also boost it's Sp.Def and Sp.Attack up higher with Calm Mind. If Raikou gets one, or sometimes two Calm Minds up, it's usually GG right there.

Role in the Team
This BL beast is undervalued. Raikou is my main sweeper, and, when the Blisseys are out of the way, almost nothing can stop it when it has set up. Raikou is a great sweeper.

Life Orb
252 Speed/ 252 Sp.Attack/4 HP

Natural Cure
Timid Nature

Rapid Spin
Hydro Pump

Why Starmie?
Starmie can act as a wall for weaker attackers, especially when they are burned or Light Screen is set up. Starmie also packs a heavy punch with it's attacks. Rapid Spin clears Toxic Spikes, SR, and Spikes. Starmie also handles ground types, and ScarfTran. With a Life Orb, and Hydro Pump, Starmie also hits most things in the game very hard, even if they switch in,

Role on the Team
Starmie handles Ground types, as mentioned before, as well as removing Entry Hazards. Another role of Starmie is as a Status Absorber, due to Natural Cure.

Life Orb
252 Attack, 192 Speed, 64 Sp.Attack
Naive Nature

Close Combat
Mach Punch

Why Infernape?
One of the true 'mixed attackers' next to Salamance, Infernape can tear holes through stall. Overheat and Close Combat destroy Skarmbliss, which this money was born to rip to bits. High speed is another good trait for this monkey to have, and earned it's right on my team.

Role on the Team
SkarmBliss Killer. Infernape is also a great Celebi Killer, due to U-turn, and an effective scout. Mach Punch is there for three main reasons. The first runs around thinking it's won, after Swords Dancing. Lucario. The second is to hurt something that almost always has a Scarf. Heatran. The third is just picking off anything that is weakened, yet could still outspeed. Or Mamoswines/Weavile.

Leftovers240 HP/ 160 Def/ 76 Sp.Def
Impish Nature

Iron Head
Thunder Wave

Why Jirachi?
I was looking for something to pass around Paralysis, yet still be able to hold it's own in a battle. Rotom came to mind, but it's using Will-O on my team. Jirachi is also the best ParaFlinch Haxer this side of Togekiss, since Platimun came along.

Role on the Team
Jirachi has several roles. The first, is to spread Paralysis. The second, is to help kill Blissey, with flinchhax. The third, is to support the team with Wish. Wish gives even my injured lead a second chance. U-Turn works wonders both with Wish, and as a scouting move. Paralysed foes allow me to deal damage, and switch to a counter.

Choice Scarf
252 Speed/ 252 Attack/ 4HP
Jolly Nature

Leaf Blade
Close Combat
Stone Edge
Ice Punch

Why Gallade?
Gallade fills a rather good niche in my team, although it makes it more offensive than status-based. This Gallade outspeeds Scarftran, and +1 Gyarados, and OHKO's them. Packing 349 attack power, and 426 speed, this Gallade dents almost any switch-in, and outspeeds anything not with a scarf of it's own, barring Ninjask. Between Gallade and Infernape, the three main set-up game enders are delt with.

Role on the Team
As mentioned above, Gallade is mainly a revenge killer, and does a massivly great job at it. It can also switch in on things like a Gyarados setting up, and then OHKO it.
Seems fairly solid, but a few things:

DD Mence can really do a number on this team: Your only solid check is Rotom coming in to WoW, or racking up SR damage, and if that gets Pursuited by something, then you're in trouble.

You simply cannot switch in on CBTar. Your entire team is 2HKOed. Dragon Dance DDTar wins automatically if Infernape (assuming Aero is downed early) (or if it's carrying something random like a Chople Berry) Swap Rotom for Machamp or Swampert for a "hard counter", or use Scizor or Lucario for a more offensive "soft counter" (essentially, predict around it, going to Scizor for Crunches and Jirachi for SEs, though EQ/Aqua Tail will still hit both) Scizor can Bullet Punch twice on Gyara, Luke can X-Speed once, with Aero carrying SR you can stick HP Electric on Pert, and Machamp can take a Waterfall and SE back. You don't give that many opportunities for Gyara to get a DD anyway (basically only Infernape).

I'd rather use "The Best Special Sweeper In the Game" Sub CM Jirachi, with Grass Knot and Thunderbolt, then make Starmie a Trickscarfer with Ice Beam/Thunderbolt/Trick/Hydro Pump, 252 SAtk 252 Spd Modest. It hits hard, especially on switches (328 STAB Hydro Pump hits neutral stuff hard) You still deal with Blissey (as it's not stopping a CMer without the ability to alternate recovery
The issue with replacing Rotom-W is that I lose use of Will-O-Wisp.

However, something I'm considering, based on what you suggested, is this:

Adamant Nature
Focus Sash
4 HP/ 252 Attack/ 252 Speed

Close Combat
Ice Punch
Stone Edge/Night Slash/Leaf Blade

In short, this Gallade would keep the Burn Support my Rotom gives, while giving me a reliable revenger for DDMance and T-Tar. With Starmie spinning Hazards away, Gallade's sash should be intact when it's sent out. Stone Edge is for Gyara and Zapdos, but Night Slash might be used for Latias and Celebi, as well as Gengar and Rotoms. Seeing as most of the things this counters are physical threats, I might decide to drop Will-O, and give it both Night Slash and Stone Edge, and run a Scarf set.

Things this Gallade takes on:
Tyranitar (KO'ed after KO'ing DDTar)
Gyarados (With Stone Edge)
Zapdos (Wth Stone Edge)
Gengar (With Night Slash)
Unscarfed Rotoms (With Night Slash)
Swampert (With Leaf Blade)

As for Body Slam, I wouldn't be keeping Jirachi in on Groud types, I'd be bringing Starmie in, as they are perfect for spinning on the inevitable switch.
I'm testing it right now, and it's working quite well, more so when Starmie/Areo have done their jobs. I found out I don't need the sash to kill Scarfgon, as I can come in on rocks, take an Earthquake, then OHKO. Outrage would require the sash, however.
One thing I notice is that Starmie has Rapid Spin. Your team isn't at all weak to Stealth Rock, besides Aerodactyl. So I would advise changing that Starmie to a Scarf variant.

Starmie@Choice Scarf
Ability: Natural Cure
EVs: 120 HP/252 Sp Atk/136 Spd
Nature: Modest
-Surf / Hydro Pump
-Ice Beam
-Trick / Grass Knot / Psychic

Those EVs allow Starmie to outspeed max speed +1 Salamence, and everything else on that list, with +1 factored in, (i.e. ScarfTran, ScarfGon, +1 Gyarados, etc.) besides the occasional ScarfGar. The leftover EVs are put in HP to add to survivability.

With Surf, Thunderbolt, and Ice Beam, Starmie gets great coverage. The last slot is really up to you. Trick can screw over a wall on a switch-in, Grass Knot will easily put down Swampert, and Psychic is your secondary STAB that will do a number to anything that doesn't resist it.
(Edit: Oh Yeah! Hydro Pump is if you want more damage output than just Surf.)

Hope that helps and good luck!
My team is not weak to rocks however, if Toxic Spikes are on the feild, it ruins SubCM Raikou, the focus of the team, as the HP being chipped off is dreadful for me.

Updateing with changes made, including Rotom-W being changed for Scarfed Gallade.

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