CAP 18 CAP 18 - Part 9 - Attacking Moves Poll

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Allow Overheat
Allow Sludge Bomb
Disallow Sludge Wave

Poison coverage is essential, Overheat is basically a tradeoff between more PP vs not having to switch.
Allow Overheat
Disallow Sludge Bomb
Allow Sludge Wave

Overheat kind of seems ideal for the concept - it's a nuke that softens switch-ins, leaving them vulnerable to other members of the core. However, the stat drop encourages it to play off the synergy with its teammates (aka the original concept in a nutshell), and specifically makes it reliant on Latias's defog to keep hazards clear.

Sludge Wave gives it a viable option against Fairies, without the potentially threatening poison chance of Sludge Bomb. Makes sense to me.
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There have been 124 posts in the thread.

77 allowoverheat
75 allowsludgewave
66 disallowsludgebomb
56 allowsludgebomb
47 disallowsludgewave
45 disallowoverheat
And as a result of this poll, Overheat and Sludge Wave will be allowed into CAP18's movepool, while Sludge Bomb will not.
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