CaP 18 Pre-Evo - Part 6 -Name Submissions

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Well, now we have chosen out art work, we can now move onto our name! The winning artist was CBMeadow!


And here is the first images of our little baby squiddy/octopussy type thingy! Please be patient and please read all the rules before submitting a name, people can be disqualified for silly reasons and I don't want that :(


Legal name submissions must meet the following standards
  • Names must start with a capital letter.
  • Names cannot be longer than 10 letters.
  • Names can only contain the following characters:
    • Letters A-Z
    • Numbers 1-9
    • Dash (-)
    • Apostrophe (')
    • Period (.)
    • Space
  • No more than two capital letters can be included in the name, and capital letters cannot be consecutive.
  • A maximum of two non-letters can be included in the name, and a maximum of one non-letter of each type can be included (ie. You can't have two numbers, or two apostrophes, but you could have one number and one apostrophe)

Work In Progress (WIP) Names can be posted at any time for comments from the community.

No more than three WIP Names can be posted by any individual person through the entire course of the submission thread. This limit applies to ALL posts made by a single person, even if previous posts are edited or deleted. This limit is intended to curb the tendency for some submitters to spam the thread repeatedly with lists of Names. This detracts from other submissions and makes it difficult for commenters to survey the submission thread.

Do not bump your WIP names by posting them repeatedly, or making minor spelling changes of a letter or two. Bumping will result in the disqualification of all names by the offender. Editing or deleting bump posts will not prevent disqualification.

Only ONE Final Submission can be made per person and only after Final Submissions are open.

Name Final Submissions can only be posted after a CAP Moderator or Leader posts in the thread that final submissions are open. Any final submission posted prior to the Moderator notification post, will disqualify the submitter from the poll entirely. Even if the offending post is edited later or deleted, the submitter will still be disqualified for the remainder of the thread. This ensures that all submitters have equal opportunity to post final submissions without anyone unfairly "jumping the gun".

Final submissions must provide one sentence (25 words maximum) explaining the etymology of the name.

Final submissions must provide a common English pronunciation. The common pronunciation can be made in whatever format you feel best conveys the pronunciation to most English speakers.

Do not post a profane name. Do not imply profanity with your name. This includes swear words, racial/ethnic/any-group-of-people slurs, and anything that doesn't belong in a game rated E for Everyone. If a six-year-old would be offended by your name, it's time to think of a different name.

Name Final Submissions must be posted exactly in the following format and in the following exact order:
  • The first line of the post must have the words "Final Submission" in bold on its own line. No other text may be included before the bold heading.
  • A blank line
  • The Name submission in bold.
  • A blank line
  • A one line description of the etymology of the name or why it is appropriate for our Pokemon.
  • A blank line
  • "Pronounced: <common English pronunciation>"
Below the Final Submission you can post other comments, explanations, etc.

Example final submission:

Final Submission


A combination of "Icicle" + "Ant".

Pronounced: "SICKLE-ant"

This name was originally submitted by Lawman on the very first CAP project. I think it's a great name, even though almost everyone mispronounces it!
If you wish to include IPA in your submission you can underneath.

Any Final Submission that does not follow the proper format will be disqualified.
If you are going to comment on someone elses name, please elaborate on a point when you comment. "I like this name" is not helpful and will be subject to moderation. Give us reasons why you like it and support it. Go forth and name! This thread will be open for 24 hours and then an additional 24 hours for submissions

Our CaP Prevo So far:

Typing: Water/Fire
Abilities: Anticipation / Infiltrator / Unnerve
Stats: 60 HP / 30 Atk / 50 Def / 80 SpA / 60 SpD / 70 Spe (BST: 350)
Movepool: CaP 18 Pre-Evo - Part 5 - Move Pool Submissions


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To those who may propose 'Volkrakid' as a potential name: Note that Volkraken's name comes from 'volcano' and 'kraken'; I don't see the current pre-evolution design as a kraken, unlike Volkraken itself. A pre-evolution's name may share a root word or two with its evolution, but it shouldn't depend on the evolution's name.

I think I'll go with Dampyre ('damp'/'dhampyr' + 'pyre') or Octopyre ('octopus' + 'pyre') from Volkraken's name thread if original submitters don't post those names.

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I think I might go for the name I had planned for Volkraken, because it fits in my head, but it is a bit long for a first evolution.

Sanguine (red) + Squid
sang - gwid
My current WIP is Volkoloid (vawl-kohl-oyd). It has "volcano" like its evolution, while conveying a sense of something smaller or weaker with the "-oid" suffix. It also incorporates "coleoid" (the subclass of soft-bodied cephalopods like the vampire squid), and "coal."


I'm truly still meta, enjoy this acronym!
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My current WIP name is Squidescence, combining "squid" with "bioluminescence". It shows both the fire and water aspects quite well, imo

These are my WIP names. Both use the word "naughty" as the focus, which implies cuteness and darkness. The first is also derived from "nautilus," which is a different aquatic cephalopod. The second is also derived from "nautical," referring to the sea where this mon dwells.


Okay, one more WIP name.
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Here's one I randomly thought of: Qwithulhu (Squid [corruption] + Cthulhu) (qwi-THOO-loo).
I tried to focus on the squid part while still reminding you that this creature is supposed to be unnerving.


A combination of "Pryo" or "Pyre" + "Sleuth", and sounds like part of the scientific name of the Vampire Squid - Vampyroteuthis infernalis.

Pronounced: "PIE-ri-slooth"
IPA: paɪrɪsluːθ

This is actually just my submission for Volkraken's name (from here) that I'm also putting here to see how well it will do. You can see my reasoning for the original name here from the Name Submission Thread here:



A combination of "Pyro" + "Sleuth"

Pronounced: PIE-ro-slooth

IPA: ˈpaɪrəʊsluːθ

This name has quite a bit of meaning in it. First, it sounds really similar to part of he Vampire Squid's scientific name:
Scientific name: Vampyroteuthis infernalis
I got that from Google search of "vampire squid", btw.

Second, each of the two words has significance too. Pyro is because it's a Fire-type, obviously. It's also not 'piro' or 'pireo' because I don't think the vampire motif is as important as the fire motif. I could be wrong though, and maybe someone could convince me otherwise. (What do you think, @Golurkyourself?)

Sleuth is because of a few of the qualities that this mon has. A sleuth is somebody that investigates things carefully and can also be a verb for investigating things carefully. Basically, it can be both the noun and verb synonym for detectives and their detective work. This fits both of its abilities: Analytic for obvious reasons and Infiltrator for being able to find opening to infiltrate through.

I'm also thinking of making this name "Spyrosleuth" (a single-letter difference) to add "spy" in to the mix and give it more of a sneaky-sneaky vibe that it probably has.
I do admit that the "sleuth" part doesn't quite fit as well as it did previously due to the pre-evo having Anticipation instead of Analytic, but I suppose it still fits well enough. I also eventually changed the name from "Pyrosleuth" to "Pyrisleuth" because I thought it sounded better on the tongue.
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A combination of "fry" (the term for a baby squid) and "geyser" (a natural jet of very hot water and steam).

Pronounced: "FRY-zer"

Aww Quan, you had to reuse my Volkraken name D:
While I'd rather you not, I might not post it myself as it sounds too dark for a pre-evolution as cute as it looks.
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I think it's odd that everyone is re-using names from Volkraken that don't really fit with Volkraken. I like when they carry over part of the name throughout evolution lines or at least sound relatively similar.

That's why I'm suggesting
Volquid (Volcano+Squid)
It's basically the same as Volkraken's but squids are a little less scary than Krakens. I also like
Volcuttle (Volcano + Cuttlefish).
WIP2: Considering that it would be a lot better if some of Volkraken's name appeared in its Pre-Evo, I'm going to make a new name:


This is basically a combination of my original proposed name and the winning name, with the emphasis that this is a sneaky Pokémon as opposed to a monstrous Pokémon.

The "mari" part comes from "calamari", which is squid, so that much is obvious. What about the "Dor" part though? Well, that comes from "dormant", which is a property a volcano has when it isn't active. Quanyails said that he didn't see this design as being a kraken, and I agree. It looks to me like a step down from a kraken, which is what a squid would be. So I figured I'd try for a name that was a step down from a volcano as well, and I figured that a dormant volcano is not as immediately threatening as an active one.

I can see what some of you guys are saying about trying to keep some of Volkraken's name, but forcing something squid-related to follow from Vol is going to result in some not-so-good ideas. Volcuttle by epicparker is about as good as it's likely to get I feel.
(Awaiting) Final Submission


A portmanteau of smolder/smoulder (to burn softly, more or less) and mollusc/mollusk (the phylum octopodes and squids belong to). This reflects both of its types, as well as smoulder implying a weaker flame than Volkraken's root of volcano. This junior status is also reflected in it being merely referred to as a mollusk instead of a kraken, which implies great power.

Pronounced: SMOLE-lusk

IPA: smoʊləsk
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Volkraken + Calamari. I kept the K to be consistent. I think of Volkamari as a normal squid who grows up to be a kraken.

Pronounced vol-ka-MAR-ee.



Inferno + Teuthida, the biological order that contains squids. A little obscure, but I hope it works.

Pronounced in-FOOTH-EE-da.


An attempted combination of Volcano and Squid. I kept the k in for consistences, as well as to tie in a third word; Kid (A child). It is not the greatest name, and I know that the Vampire Squid isn't technically a squid, but it was the best I could come up with.

... On second thought, Voliquid sounds pretty cool to me as well. A mixture of the words Volcano, Liquid and Squid. Which of these names do you guys prefer?


Pronounced: Skohl-durr-mahr-ee
Scald (burn from boiling water + Caldera (collapsed volcanic crater) + Calamari (fried squid)
I just like the ring of this one.
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Pronounced- Crack-en-de-sent
A word play on Kraken+ a Word play on Candescent

I thought that Volkrakens pre-evo is like a kraken but smaller so I kept the kraken part. I added Candescent as it means luminous, while giving out heat. Volkrakids False Face Light should give heat too so I decided to do that.

Another entry: Volkrakid

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Pronounced: La-qui-d
Lava (Molten rock) + Squid (The animal we are basing this of of)

Since Vollkraken is a combination of Volcano and Krake. I decided to downgrade them both, Volcano to lava and Kraken to Squid. This part was unintentional but the name sounds like Liquid, which is a very fitting name for a water type.


Pronouncd: kra-ken-tike

Kraken- a large squid(its evolution), Tyke-small child, which is what it is as a pre evolution. The idea is that it is a tyke that is going to become a kraken.
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