CaP 18 Pre-Evo - Part 6 -Name Submissions

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I can see what some of you guys are saying about trying to keep some of Volkraken's name, but forcing something squid-related to follow from Vol is going to result in some not-so-good ideas. Volcuttle by epicparker is about as good as it's likely to get I feel.
That's a good point, people shouldn't try to shove "Vol" in front of everything. I was just trying to suggest that people try to make it fit somewhat with Volkraken, as many names sound like they should be more powerful than Volkraken, or completely unrelated. So thanks for helping me clarify.


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Okay guys and gals.

You may now post your Final Submissions. I'll check back other posts, and remember all *legal* entries will be put to vote. Please make sure you follow the format listed in the OP!


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Final Submission


"damp" + "dhampyr" (half-vampire) + "pyre"

Pronounced: "DAM-pie-ur"
IPA: dǽmpájər

  • The Avalanches: I like the flow between the two words, and it describes the design quite well, especially since 'sanguine' has two meanings.
  • nitrox116: 'Volkoloid' makes me think of 'Vocaloid', if you're familiar with that franchise. The pronuncation is too similar for my tastes.
  • Valzy: Hmm, I'm not really fond of the composition of the name, even if the root words are all right. Personal preference.
  • Mowtom: Hmm... the portmanteau doesn't mesh to me.
  • Jugglernaut: The name I preferred out of your three suggestions. ouob Even if it has 'kraken' in it, which I don't find completely fitting.
  • Canis Majoris: If this was Volkraken, I'd prefer it more, given how it's one of 'The Old Gods', but, alas, we got another cute mini-CAP, so I don't see it fitting as much. :/
  • Agile Turtle: I still like the portmanteau, even if the 'kraken' part fits less for this CAP.
  • srk1214: 'Cuddlefish' is okay, I guess, in the same vein as Stoutland is.
  • Psyco_Josho: Not fond of it for the same reasons as last time.
  • V4LOVER: You did read what I said regarding other people's names, right? :P You're free to submit the name as your own if you'd rather submit that. I think 'fry' fits the design without any relation to squids. :U According to IRC, it's not a term for a baby squid, so may I have citation? The name would be neater if it did have that connection. I was personally thinking of a name involving 'geyser', but I ultimately preferred other names.
  • epicparker: The 'quid' could double as 'kid', in case someone would want to keep the nickname people give this CAP pre-evo. I've thought of the name myself, so it's cool. Volcuttle has nice ring to it, especially since the start of the 'cuttle' syllable matches the one from 'volcano'. Either works, I must say.
  • Eagle4: Well, you know that people are mispronouncing your intended pronunciation from IRC. X_x So my favor toward it isn't much. It's definitely a good try.
  • Objection: 'Dormant' doesn't immediately make me think of volcanoes, but I suppose the connection is there.... A bit stretched to me, unfortunately, and reliant on the evolution for explanation.
  • Dragonblaze052: Not bad, but mollusk names don't sit well with me when Mollux exists in the CAP universe. There are Pokemon with similar names in-game, so that's just personal preference.
  • sparktrain: Not as fond as a diminuative version of the evolution, but voters can't help that. :P
  • Phione: 'Volkamari' has that familiarity to it that 'Infeuthida' lacks, so I'd go with that. However, I'm not completely fond of it compared to other 'Vol' names, unfortunately. :/
  • frenzyplant: Cute and acceptably detached from 'kraken'. :) I like it.
  • Fuzzie: Both names work for me for different reasons, darn it. I like 'Voliquid' slightly more, even if it may compete with 'Volquid'.
  • pushpaa: Okay. o3o The name goes on a bit longer than what I'd like, but the portmanteau exists.
  • HyperBeamingEevee: Well, I personally dislike it in its current, compressed form. Name lengths have been extended in Gen. VI, although I don't think rules have been updated. If the name could be expanded, I'd prefer it an iota more, but, well, it can't with the current rules.
  • The Pizza Man: Works for me. ouob Concise yet descriptive.
  • Kingriolu: Again, I'd like the name to not depend on a future evolution for full understanding, given that it'd be probably the first to be found in the wild in-game. Even then, the paradox between the two parts of the name isn't my favorite.
Gonna break a long posting hiatus with a WIP name


Magma is what is inside of a volcano before it erupts. Of course, Volkraken itself doesn't really have anything to do with lava or eruptions, but I still think a reference to magma works because it can be considered an "early" stage of volcanoes, and things forming in general. I'm probably making myself sound like an idiot right now, but most of the good names are taken. Also, I didn't go with Magmari because it sounds too much like the extant Pokemon Magmar. I'll probably tag this as final when I've caught myself up with everything after being away for a while.

Edit: The name Elite Lord Sigma came up with under the same logic is miles better, so I probably won't final submit this.
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Final Submission


A combination of "chick" (the term for a baby squid) and "geyser" (a natural jet of very hot water and steam).

Pronounced: "KY-zer"

I've grown to want both names @ Quan, so I'll leave that to you and submit this one. I did a bit more looking around and found that "chick" is a more appropriate term for a baby squid (why? I don't know.) and have adjusted it accordingly, though it doesn't quite sound the same.

Hopefully I got the format right, unlike last time...>.>
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Final Submission


A combination of "Cuddle" + "Cuttlefish"

Pronounced: "CUDDLE-FISH"
IPA: /kʌdəlfɪʃ/


I'm truly still meta, enjoy this acronym!
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Final Submission


A combination of "Squid" + "Bioluminescence".

Pronounced: "SQUI-de-since"

This surely won't win, so good luck to all!
Final Submission


A pormanteau of "calamari" and "magma." Since magma only becomes lava when it flows above Earth's crust from a volcanic eruption or another source, I think "magma" is a nice word to subtly imply this squid's age. Before anybody asks, I had thought of this name before seeing Salt's post.

Pronunciation: "CAH-luh-mag-muh"
IPA: ˈkɑːləˌmɑːgmə


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Final Submission


A combination of "volcano" and "crackle" that ties into "Volkraken" while sounding cuter and less developed.

Pronounced: "vol-CRACK-ull"
Final Submission


A combination of Caldera and Calamari.

Pronounced: KAHL-durr-MAHR-ee
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Final Submission

A portmanteau of smolder/smoulder (burn softly) and mollusc/mollusk (squids' phylum). This is intended to reflect both types and imply a certain juniority to Volkraken.

Pronounced: SMOLE-lusk

IPA: smoʊləsk
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