CaP 19 Pre-Evo - Part 3 - Art Submissions

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Orange Islands

You guys have 24 hours to finish up any designs that are lingering! I can see a fair few have already Final Subbed which is OK!
Final Submission

Ugh... I didn't really get the chance to work on this too much, so here it is D:

I'll definitely put lots more effort into CAP 20!
Final submission
I though it would be fun to refer to the Benjamin Franklin experiment (the kite) so that it would evolve when struck by lightning.

Sunfished: Cute! I like the concept but the ribbed ledge between the blue and the yellow look a bit strange to me.
Yilx: I think it looks great. The pose is nice too. I also like the concept but i think you overdone it a bit with the omega's. Maybe a little bit less omega's would make the design more subtle.
The unseen potato & D4rk3r & PixelMoniac_ & Scorpio : all 3 the designs look nice, but they resemble a bit too much like Plasmanta for my taste.
GoldNinja: The design looks a bit strange to me. I do'nt really get why there is a spike on the tail.
Quanyails: I'm curious how it will turn out, it looks promising. I would go for the left design.
Integar Mova: I like the idea of making a fish. It is very octilery-like, which I think is great. But the side-view doesn't really show much of the design. A different angle would work better I think.
I know it's a little late for this, but If this is the pre-evo, then it should evolve by thunderstone. Very good drawing!
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