CAP 21 CAP 21 - 3D Model Render Submissions

^ posting the last version for reference :P

Mega Crucibelle Render WIP

  • removed the extra creases from the neck and front hair
  • tidied the pixels around the face and the "eyes" on his hat
  • fixed the broken lines on the upper back spike
  • increased the saturation of the texture lines
  • reduced the contrast of the outlines
  • tweaked the pot spinning animation.. the bug is still there but not as obvious now
Todo list:
  • edit the fade bubble effect
  • expand the bubbles before they pop
  • add patterns and shades on the textures (I forgot to do that before woops!)
  • shiny renders
  • compare it to the non-mega and tidy up

EDIT (03/17) - currently busy IRL and with another 3d project, which should be done in about two weeks. I should have the next Cruci and Mega Cruci update shortly after that. Sorry for being slow!
04/01 - will have an update soon! (not a april fools lie)
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I was gonna use my 200th post for something else but this has priority, so..

Crucibelle Render (WIP/Final?)

  • updated to DJTHED's latest animation (v4)
  • shifted the pupil to the left
  • flicker reduction on the mouth pixels
  • color correction on the shiny
  • ported over the new outline shaders (the one I showed on Mollux), so that fixes:
    • the pixel shenanigans at the bottom of the pot, and at the top near the ridge as well
    • the ugly lines at the bottom half of the pot
    • the eye pixels flickering
    • the outlines flickering on his left armpit
    • style inconsistency with the mega's render
    • the hair looking a bit like needles on the sides
    • the hair outlines not rendering properly (we used a plugin to get that working before but now it works by itself, so the hair alpha and sampleSpaceUV textures can be removed)

Mega Crucibelle Render WIP

  • added patterns and shades on the textures
  • made the base of the hat grey (purple was wrong)
  • added the missing cracks and holes on the hat
  • removed the black dot between the neck and chest
  • lightened the crease line on the shin guards
  • reposed and "unsharpened" the fingers so they don't look like claws as much
Todo list:
  • edit the fade bubble effect
  • shiny renders
Umm base forme is done I think. I can't make it final yet cause we have to submit the mega as well. If there's anything need to fixed please let me know :) I might be dead until June but idk, maybe I can still squeeze in a final sub before then. It dragged on because we're using such a small render size for such detailed models, so work had to be done to unclutter the pixels.

The base form looks perfect. The Mega form... doesn't. I dunno, the pot spinning with Crucibelle standing outside of it doesn't seem... right. I remember DJTHED saying something about the pot not looking stable, but I could easily imagine it wobbling around like Mega Slowbro while Crucibelle sits ON it, like in her artwork.


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Tbh I like the mega way more than the base. The way the hair falls on the eye on the base bothers me a bit... Not saying that it should necessarily be changed, but I guess this is more of me saying I really like the mega. Love all the work done here though, you guys are amazing :D
Hi guys thanks for the comments! I trimmed down Crucibelle's hair a bit but can't touch anything else, otherwise I have to redo the filters again. ^^; This would be easier done a while back, but for now...

idk the one before seems more mysterious I think. Any preference??

Oh and the mega's bubbles and shiny are done!
Pika Xreme I'll get him to sit later and see how that looks :) *searching toilet pics for reference*


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I definitely prefer the after on the base, since it doesn't have the pupil going inside the hair... the effect on the before is almost as if Crucibelle is looking up under its lid rather than out at the opponent. Just my two cents though.
Okay I think we're done!! If there's still something you want fixed, the last chance is now :P I'll make the final sub in a few days.
HeaLnDeaL since you said it and there's no objection, I'll be using the newer version. =)

Question about the pot the slower one better, or just keep the current speed?

And here's the sitting Mega Cruci which needs an animation rehaul to look good. But I hope it'll satisfy your curiosity :P
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I personally like the the slower pot speed rotation. I'm also pleased with the potential for the sitting pose... torn between if I like the standing or sitting one more :s

Also, keep in mind all my comments are just as an outside observer sharing his opinions. And most of my opinions are based on only personal taste... So don't give them too much heft in the overall scheme of things when technical aspects take precedence.


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:D Nicely done.

I personally prefer the standing Mega Crucibelle, the main reason being it conveys 114 Base Speed more. I'm inclined toward the slower-spinning pot, but only slightly. I could definitely see the sitting pose work with a few animation changes, though!
I really like all of them but I definitely prefer the sitting pose if it was worked on a bit.
I'm also inclined towards a slower pot.
Slower spin looks better to me. I had also suggested that before so maybe I am a bit biased but never the less it looks really good :) I still can't chose between standing or sitting but if I had to pick I wold choose the standing one it just looks less lazy :P but if you tweet the animation and make cruci hold the pot so it looks less awkward and more balanced then the sitting animation would work.
I do like the sitting idea, it isn't too much of a stretch of an imagination to imagine Crucibelle standing on the pot and using it a bit like the Spinner from Twilight Princess. Also the increase in height shows that Crucibelle is much more athletic and fit. I also think that if Crucibelle is facing slightly diagonally to the right, maybe with one foot on the floor showing it has the ability to leap out and fight without the pot could work well.
Also a slower spin if you go for the standing, it's easier to keep track of and less distracting, I find.


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This is just my personal opinion, but I actually don't particularly like the sitting pose.
Part of the reason I vote for the concept in the first place was because I imagined it almost working in tandem with the pot - Not standing beside it, mind you - just closer to how someone would fight on a skateboard.

Have you tried making an animation of it standing/balancing on top of the pot? I realize this might go into 'too tall to render well' territory, but it might be worth looking at.
WOAH thanks guys for your comments! I read and enjoyed every one of them. Alas I'm so busy right now I really need to get this out of the way. I'm gonna keep him standing cause DJTHED spent a LOT of time animating it, and I spent a lot of time importing it so let's not put that to waste. Since we got many votes on a sitting pose I made a note of it on the spreadsheet. If we get on to revamp the sprites again or maybe if gen 7 has a new rendering style, we might as well revamp the animations too :D Anyway I'm sure you can't wait to see Tomohawk and the others, so let's call this done for now~

Final Submission

Crucibelle Model

Credits (let me know if I messed up anything D: )
Mega Crucibelle Model



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When Crucibelle mega evolves, its body hardens, but some of the poison hardens on the inside of the pot and gets stuck. This explanation accounts for the pot's wobbliness.

Btw the models like amazing!


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Looks good to me! Maybe sometime in the future, probably around gen 7, we could work on this again and repose and reanimate it as it sitting on the pot if we can somehow go around the problem of the sprite potentially being too tall and too cluttered. Layell I'd say it's ready to be uploaded to PS!
Great job with the model! Exchange year caught up with me, making me have to drop offline. I'm glad someone caught onto the things I usually pointed out like base Cruci eye ^.^

I'm very excited to actually use Cruci in Shoddy with its rendered animation and all and it'll be a male Crucibelle. Because I can.

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