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My concept submission ideas I had previously.
Ummm okay I don't think my actual art is all too good, but I think they have an interesting appearance. I'll edit my post with the Megas added later.

Concept 1 is a bear, with some mixed wombat-like and aardvark-like body shaping. He has crystals as claws. Bears seem kind of mountain-cave-ish, so I went for a bear. Poison claws? Idk. I thought probably Azurite or Chalcanthite, both copper related minerals. Imgur link below.

Then I have Con2, kind of just me going all out with a crystalline appearance. I don't love how it looks. Kind of a similar body shape to Darmanitan and gorrillas. Supposedly something very very very sturdy. But uh, yeah. Definetly not my fav. Based off of Galena, Abestos, Diamond, and maybe Chalcanthite again. Imgur link below.

Then I have Con3. Kind of bat like. Very bat like. I drew it with a mask like face so it would breath out toxic gasses, and has butterfly like designs on it's wings. I guess this would be for if it was able to fly. Mega would look far cooler, if someone wanted me to work on drawing it. Imgur link is below.

My Concept Submission (Mega added on this page later, within next few days)
Sub4. My concept submission is a crystal lizard. I gave it the legs in front that go back down after going up to be similar almost to that of a spider. I really like how this one turned out, even if it is kind of simple. Imgur link below. Mildly sulfuric. It looks fairly rocky, and has some sort of hard headgear of rock I guess, that now that I think about it looks vaguely like Carracosta. It's tail and back both have the blue shade of Galena or a similar stone to them.

I hope any of those are okay-ish. Sub4 will be the only one I draw a Mega for as of right now because it is my concept submission currently.

Edited Few Hours Later.....
Okay! Mega for CAP Submission is completed! The photo I took has both the base form and the Mega in one photo, and I am pretty happy with how it looks! It gets bigger, has larger crystals on it's back, has a far more pointed crystal on it's tail, crystal farms (I guess? Crystal rocks? Rocks with crystals? Armor? I don't really know!) on it's forearms. The mask loses the two lower points to get a slightly more streamlined appearance, and the crystals turn a darker purple. The sediment that the crystals are in turns more brown. The tail becomes longer, and finally, it gains a gradient purple base-blue top crystal on it's forehead, like a unicorn!!!! Imgur link below. Pretty psyched!

Lol Yveltal's description about it being "Cinnabar is also typically seem as a decorative piece, but if you handle it the wrong way, it'll expel Mercury. So it's something that's beautiful and strong-looking, and yet still fragile.". That sounds like Breloom. Decorative and nice looking, strong looking, but is a glass cannon.

Okay reviewing now so I can be more helpful.
My among my personal favorites besides mine own are probably:
Bummer, with the radioactive bull is just epic.
a Deer, with the Porcupine thing
Otter Power, with the scorpion.

Imma re-edit the Mega Design, and maybe draw the base form again in a better drawing.

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Stitch98 That's a cool virus you have there! I like the idea of the DNA strand being the only thing with color for now. I know it's a WIP, but still. :)

a deer You've mixed the design elements of the buffalo and porcupine very well. It doesn't particularly resemble either one, but I like that. The buffalo traits fit the Rock typing, while the pocrupine traits fit the Poison typing.

Slapperfish I really like how the forehead gem grows and moves away, with the gorgon Pokémon holding the giant gem in its Mega Evolution stage. Perhaps you could restrict the gem colors to red, green, and yellow? You're otherwise good to go.

Sgt.Moose Your mole with the illness has improved greatly compared to the oil spill! However, I suggest removing the extra finger on its right hand (left from our perspective), unless moles actually have six fingers.
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Okay I'm gonna post some feedback because I don't wanna be a selfish prick.
WPS Yours is an interesting and original design, but I'm not really into the overly cartoony style and the column he's holding. I never like it when pokémon hold stuff, but that's just my opinion.
Sgt.Moose Cute and awesome, but it looks too much like it still has to evolve (by that I don't mean a mega evolution).
Bummer Love it, in my opinion one of the best designs here.
Yilx Good designs, I like both a lot but the left one doesn't really look like a rock type. It's my favorite design of the two though, but the other is more rocky.
Stitch98 Great design, all I can think of is colour it and make a mega ;)

That's enough feedback for today.

So, here is my design idea:

add Facets to the pokemon, to show its rock typing more.
Give it parts some shine.
Add more shades of green (green rings) to the shoulder pads to show it is malachite
Redraw with more consistent lines
make the mega

(OK, I'm not the best with graphics design. Right, now a lot of you straight off see this as a Grass type, but it still needs extra stuff (Like facets added)). Read the thoughts and reasons to see why I chose it.
My thought process was straight to "Rose Quartz" (Watching steven universe a bit) and I took it literally, with the rose part being the poison typing (Like roserade) and the quartz as the rock typing. There are poisonous flowers and there are poisonous rocks, so it made sense. So, I looked into crystal flower designs, and thought it was possible. I investigates poisonous flowers and rocks, and got some really nice designs.

My current design combines A rose flower (Lower dress and the green shoulder guards) with a topical milkweed flower (Its poisonous too) (For the crown and red top). The Green Shoulder pads were mainly coloured like this to represent Malachite (A green rock that has beautiful green rings on it, that is toxic in water), whilst the main dress and red sections are based on Cinnibar (A deadly red coloured gemstone, based on mercury) and the crown is based off of Orpiment (A lovely yellow coloured gem, which is based off of arsenic and sulphur compounds).

How the gemstones affected the design:

- Cinnabar is a gem associated with wealth (Why I chose a royal design), and enhanced mental powers (Why it looks more like a special attacker)
- As Malachite is toxic in water, I made it look sharp, like thorns of a rose (Actually, they are based on the leaves around the rose head), and has more psychic abilities, hence the less physical look.
- The yellow colour of the Orpiment made a good striking head piece for the design. It gives the CAP a more striking look.

How it relates to current facts about CAP:

- Cinnibar, Orpiment and Malachite are toxic, for the posion typing
- Using gems to create the shape, giving rock typing
- Malachite is toxic in water, hence the threat to water types


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Apologies, friends! I mostly pay attention to new posts, so forgive me if you've edited a previous post, rather than making a new one.

Also, might as well post a mega idea concept for disco skeleton:

The idea is taken from LightningLord2 's suggestion as to incorporate an Elvis theme. When it mega evolves, it gains an exaggerated pompadour along with more bone-like shards in its appendages to act as tassels. Mostly everything else was made to shape more into the iconic clothing that Elvis wears.

Again, my main problem with my base and mega is that I'm having a hard time trying to make it more "natural", and now I notice that it has the problem of looking too humanoid. I would love feedback on some ideas!

(Also, here's the base for reference:
Final Submission

For this submission, I just went with something simple. This pokemon is a rock with venom inside its body. It oozes out of some holes in its body to make up its arms and legs. The mega is basically the same thing, but with more venom and even some spewing out of its head.


(updates will be under edits)

The first thing that I thought of when I saw 'Rock' was 'Fossil'. Then I tried to think of dinos that are currently not up for fossilization in the pokemon world...Which brings me to this oily, bouncy stegosaurus and his Godzilla inspired mega. I had originally thought of the JP dilophosaurus, including a neat biohazard sign for his famous frill, but wanted to give this guy a chance first.

Blackdrakon30 Thanks :) I did some work in him last night, and will update the pic later. Drawing with a track pad is hard, so I appreciate the kind words :)

Edit 2:
+Added some details to the base design, notably cracks
+Lightened orange stripe on the mega
+Overall tried to give it some more dimension
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Here's a completely different design. This is my second attempt at an art submission, but without the Mega. I will update with the Mega. The design is based on Smokey the Bear. Don't let your campfires turn into wildfires, campers of CAP 21!

He's a physical manifestation of wildfire smoke in the form of a bear... somehow. I think he gains a shovel upon Mega Evolving?

Blackdrakon30 It's supposed to be a hat. How should I make it look more like a hat, rather than a cork? Should I remove it entirely instead?
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Grassgem389 That looks like a coconut. I cannot unsee it. :P Sorry if that sounds mildly rude. It is most definitely not intended to be.

Largemoth I love that design looks really epic, especially the Mega. Maybe a little more detailing on the base design. Both look freaking epic, but especially the Mega.

Integer Mova U can probs make it larger, maybe slightly more a square than a trapezoid, or flip the trapezoid so the base is on is head. Having something there is good though. Ill take a deeper thought session on ideas later
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I like goo, what else can I say.

Honestly, I was at work and ended up doodling the base sketch for this, and I sorta just fell in love. It's sort of a goopy slime that eats gems for energy. I think it's the same consistency as grape jelly, but your hands won't sink in. You know when pudding sits out and gets like a skin? Think that.
Still working on a mega, but I'm leaning towards the gems moving to the outside of its form, acting like armor.

Okay, please reply if this does not fit with the rules. WIP
The idea is a staff that turns into a snake with a spearhead. The staff even has a gap to fit the CAP21ite.


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got around to coloring the base form, but would love some ideas as to how the colors look, from an aesthetic approach

Also, here are some comments for some people:
Bramblestein - I really like the idea of a Komodo Dragon being the basic structure, but all I'm seeing is a Komodo Dragon. The scales do give an impression that it is supposed to be a rock type, but beyond that, it seems hard to tell otherwise. I think if you tried giving it a bit more flare, such as playing around with its body structure a bit, this one could work out really well given what a real life komodo dragon is like!

Blackdrakon30 - The base form is very interesting, having interesting body parts and seems like a very fluid transition from its rock and poison typing. For the mega, I feel like it would be more aesthetically different if you played a bit more with the crystals, since right now it looks very similar to its base form.

Grassgem389 - While the mega has a unique looking body, the base form looks very simple. While I can't judge what a Pokemon is supposed to look like, I think if you played around a bit and add a bit more complexity, it would be able to stand out alongside its mega.

P3DS - I'm finding it hard to see a poison and rock typing in this one, probably due to the colors used. I think if you tried making it have more earth tones, the rock type would stand out better. As for the poison typing, try adding more elements to it that would make it more apparent it is poisonous.

Slapperfish - A very minor suggestion, but I think it would be more aesthetically pleasing to swap out the tails between the mega and base. That way, it would not only play into the "the more the better", but considering you said the mega's tail was "makeshift", it would fit the base more, seeing as it is less refined.

WPS - I really ike the mega form, but the base seems very awkward due to the posture it is defaulted to. Since real gargoyle structures are on top of whatever they're perched over, I think it would fit a bit better if it was sitting atop of the column, rather than hanging off of the side. If you're absolutely certain you want to keep it hanging over the side, then how about making the column taller? That way, it would be able to hit its opponents without having to do a looking-up motion.

Yiam - As some others have pointed out, this one is very well detailed, but with more detail adds more complexity. This makes some part of the design overlooked, which lures away from the design's more interesting parts. Also, some part of it, such as the mega's arm, have many spikes, some of which seem unnecesary. Suggestion-wise, if you tried removing a bit of the clutter, it would be able to let the viewer to focus more on what makes it interesting as a whole, rather than saturating it with too much detail that it gets lost. Remember, less is more!

Yilx - Out of the two, I find the right monster more aesthetically pleasing. Since the body is a rock with poisonous traits, it seems more natural than the left one, which more or less has the two typings as seperate entities.

Zepkhan - While I like the concept, it's hard to make it out given the simplicity you chose to work with. Since you mentioned it's based on a staff, why not try embezzling it with more decorations, or adding some protrusions? If you google around, you can find many type of magical staves, some of which seem to fit a lot with the theme you're going for.

If I didn't comment on yours, you can assume that I think it looks a-ok to me.
Also if you're an art room peep I pretty much gave feedback there :p
Blackdrakon30 - The base form is very interesting, having interesting body parts and seems like a very fluid transition from its rock and poison typing. For the mega, I feel like it would be more aesthetically different if you played a bit more with the crystals, since right now it looks very similar to its base form.
Yeah it does look pretty similar to the base form. I was planning to do a redesign but I was too lazy. I'm probably gonna take a hack at it now, and then I want to try and get it on my computer as well so I can have a neater more sprite-like drawing. Thanks for feedback!
First design entry, yay! WIP, will probably color and design the Mega when I get the time.

MOD EDIT: Changed to a link. Please read the OP rules regarding image posting.

I know somebody suggested a Dilophosaurus before, but nobody's actually drawn one for the contest - and after seeing Jurassic World (which I can't recommend enough, btw, it's just awesome), I just had to make one! Those two crests also reminded me of mohawks, so I decided to give this design a punk fashion twist with a leather greaser jacket with spiked armor plates. Hopefully, the Rock-type shows through with the armor, and maybe it'll be more evident in the colored version.

The other main influence is the mythical basilisk, which is part bird and part snake or reptile, kinda like a dinosaur, and is both venomous and has a gaze that turns people to stone in some myths (kinda like Magistrum's cockatrice, but whatevs). This is what led to the inclusion of the eyespots on the frill, the dragon-like tail tip, and the forked snake tongue. I imagine the mega will be even more serpentine, with a cobra-like hood instead of a frill, and maybe a rattlesnake influence for the end of its tail.
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Here I have an updated version of my gem-snail now with a more menacing look and different colours, with small details added, I might change the stuff on it's big gem when I start working on it's final art. Again, creative criticism, I needz them.
sure took me a hell of a long time to even come up with an idea that wasn't overly complicated or overdone, but I finally got something.

The poison sphinx/manticore/statue...guy thing whatsit

It's like a geode, but poisonous. And with tentacles. Not entirely sure how to work out the mega Evo, though—I was thinking it would have 6 tentacles, 4 each holding a section of rock to protect itself (ie mega Sableye, but more adaptable).
I'm like, miiiildly colourblind, so of course colouring is going to be absolutely irritating. But I'll press on. Here's my coloured CAP so far!

Body and crystals are dark to give it that cave-dweller feel, along with deathly yellow-and-red eyes to scare the crap out of trespassers. I hope they're not too saturated or contrast-y or stuff, it's hard for me to tell.
Bummer: really like your design in general, but I feel like the Mega doesn't really change enough to be noticeable, the only noteworthy changes being getting bigger and improving the radiation symbol. Even Megas that don't change much like Mega Charizard Y have a little more change than that (like a simple color scheme change), so I think the differences could be a bit more pronounced.

Well here's a first for me, sorry I'm not the best artist. I've decided to go with a pokemon based off of black mold, cause it's poisonous and can grow on rock. The design is based somewhat off of the Umibozu from Pikmin rumors.
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Here is my first contribution to CAP!!
(pic of the first drawing, I will scan when possible)

It's a very simple idea: just a big rock with eyes, and some poisonous mushrooms on top of it.
The mega just has bigger mushrooms, breaking the rock.

Let me know what you think of it and what could be improved!!

Edit: Fluke told me the link was broken, so here is another to the same image for the time being
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Bummer: I agree with Phione regarding the mega. It's fantastic as it is, but I too think it needs a few extra touches to stand out from the base form. Perhaps some additional motifs and glowy green bits on the body, like the radioactive material leaking out?

Anyway, Punkasaurus is colored, and I'll be starting on the Mega form soon!

I found out that someone already did some Rock-type punk dinos on dA before, but it was too late to back out and change the design, so I decided to make mine different in terms of the color scheme. Given the Rock/Poison typing, the fact that fossil Pokemon don't always have entirely rock-like color schemes (Aerodactyl doesn't have rocky elements, and Archeops is friggin' tropical colored), and the fact that there aren't any green fossil Pokemon yet, I gave Punkasaurus a sickly acid-green and toxic purple color scheme, with light brown spikes on dark brown-gray armor plating.

I also dug up with a second possible entry as well, which I originally made for a fakemon contest on Tumblr:

The base animal is a Smilodon/saber-tooth cat, and in a fit of inspiration I slapped tar on its body and stated that its fossils are found in tar pits, meaning that it imbibes the noxious qualities of the tar upon resurrection. Didn't think to give it any rock bits at the time, but the Mega will certainly have those once I get around to designing it (if I pick this one instead of Punkasaurus, that is).


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Bummer: I agree with Phione regarding the mega. It's fantastic as it is, but I too think it needs a few extra touches to stand out from the base form. Perhaps some additional motifs and glowy green bits on the body, like the radioactive material leaking out?
Since this is the second time someone gave me feedback on that area, I figured it's was time for a rebuttal and to share my own philosophy on what constitutes a good mega design. I will certainly admit that apart from turning its horns from a radioactive warning sign into a hazardous warning, I had no clear idea on what to do with it, so thus the rest of the time was spent altering its physiology so that it wouldn't be a copy of its regular form.

So while one could argue that that alone could mean that my design still has room for more decorations, I'd argue that's not necessarily the case. Most megas out there take the thing that the mon is renowned for and then puts extra emphasis on it. Slowbro has its shell engulfing it, Scizor has its pincers enlarged, Heracross horns became that of the Hercules beetle, Houndoom are clad in more bones, and Camerupt's volcanoes fuse into a large one. Point is, you don't always need to introduce a new element (like fuming gases, leaking material), you can just take an element that's already there and then emphasize it even more.

So a good mega in my eyes is:

- One significant change from the base, that's usually emphasizes its most prominent feature.
- Slight changes in other parts of its body, so that its appearance as a whole takes on a new style.
- Important features that makes us recognise parts of the base form, such as the eyes/face and overall body shape, shouldn't be too much changed. Doing so would make it close to a new stage than a new form.
- Slight color variations. Not always a requirement, but it's easy to implement.​

I've made some last edits to the mega, otherwise I'd say I'm done with it. But honestly? The changes from the base form are now so many that I wouldn't have much troubles accepting my mega as a whole new stage. So if I don't win this contest then that's what I'll catalogue it as in my own fakedex.

tl:dr - Saying that a design is "not mega enough" will probably be a common feedback this CAP, but it's a suggestion that can be dangerous to pursue if you only want to add more cool stuff to it since you'll then be dangerously close to making a new stage altogether.
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