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Now we come to naming our awesome Rock/Poison creation!

If you are inspired by the winning art design and have come up with a good and unique name you'd like the CAP to be known by, please submit your idea here and we will put it up for a vote against all other users' ideas. Final submissions must conform to the submission rules, so please read them carefully. Breaking the posting rules can also result in disqualification.


Legal name submissions must meet the following standards
  • Names must start with a capital letter.
  • Names cannot be longer than 11 letters.
  • Names can only contain the following characters:
    • Letters A-Z
    • Numbers 1-9
    • Dash (-)
    • Apostrophe (')
    • Period (.)
    • Space
  • No more than two capital letters can be included in the name, and capital letters cannot be consecutive.
  • A maximum of two non-letters can be included in the name, and a maximum of one non-letter of each type can be included (ie. You can't have two numbers, or two apostrophes, but you could have one number and one apostrophe)

Names will not be slated if they are completely unrelated to the design, silly names (puns are fine), names based primarily on memes, or names meant to inflame, intimidate, or cause controversy.

Work In Progress (WIP) Names can be posted at any time for comments from the community.

No more than three WIP Names can be posted by any individual person through the entire course of the submission thread. This limit applies to ALL posts made by a single person, even if previous posts are edited or deleted. This limit is intended to curb the tendency for some submitters to spam the thread repeatedly with lists of Names. This detracts from other submissions and makes it difficult for commenters to survey the submission thread.

Do not bump your WIP names by posting them repeatedly, or making minor spelling changes of a letter or two. Bumping will result in the disqualification of all names by the offender. Editing or deleting bump posts will not prevent disqualification.

Final Submissions
Only ONE Final Submission can be made per person. Any Final Submission that does not follow the proper format will be disqualified.

Name Final Submissions can only be posted after a CAP Moderator posts in the thread announcing that final submissions are open. Any Final Submission posted prior to the Moderator announcement post will disqualify the submitter from the poll entirely. Even if the offending post is edited later or deleted, the submitter will still be disqualified for the remainder of the thread. This ensures that there is some time for discussion and that all submitters have equal opportunity to post Final Submissions without anyone unfairly "jumping the gun".

Please make a new post after the CAP moderator announcement for Final Submissions. Do not edit a previous post prior to the announcement to make it a Final Submission. All posts prior to the announcement post will be ignored for purposes of making the Name Poll.

Final submissions must provide one sentence (25 words maximum) explaining the etymology of the name.

Final submissions must provide a common English pronunciation. The common pronunciation can be made in whatever format you feel best conveys the pronunciation to most English speakers. (You may optionally also provide an IPA pronunciation. For information about IPA and processing words into IPA read this guide: IPA For English. There are also numerous phonetic translation tools online that can help.)

Name Final Submissions must be posted exactly in the following format and in the following exact order:
  • The first line of the post must have the words "Final Submission" in bold on its own line. No other text may be included before the bold heading.
  • A blank line
  • The Name submission in bold.
  • A blank line
  • A one line description of the etymology of the name or why it is appropriate for our Pokemon. (25 words maximum)
  • A blank line
  • "Pronounced: <common English pronunciation>"
  • "IPA: <IPA pronunciation>" (optional)
Below the Final Submission you can post other comments, explanations, etc.

Example final submission:
Final Submission


A combination of "Icicle" + "Ant".

Pronounced: "SICKLE-ant"
IPA: sɪkəlænt

This name was originally submitted by Lawman on the very first CAP project. It is simple, elegant, and easy to pronounce (even if you are pronouncing it wrong), which is why it was chosen as the official name for CAP1!


CAP21 so far:

Typing: Rock/Poison
Base - Regenerator / Mold Breaker
Mega - Magic Guard
106/105/65/75/85/104 > 106/135/75/85/125/114

Art Design:

Base Forme

Mega Evolution

Leadership Team:

jas61292 - Topic Leader
imanalt - Typing Leader
DetroitLolcat - Abilities Leader
sparktrain - Stats Leader
HeaLnDeaL - Movepool Leader

Name: Typing Underdog

General Description: A Pokémon which utilizes an undervalued typing to its full potential, by playing towards both its strengths and weaknesses.

Justification: Each typing possesses a unique set of characteristics, causing all of them to perform very differently in various aspects of battle. However, not every typing has been granted the opportunity to display this potential, being forced into suboptimal roles by virtue of stats, ability and movepool, and therefore often being labelled as “bad”.
This concept aims to do a detailed analysis on the primary function of such a typing along with its potentially unexplored capabilities, by creating a Pokémon that that emphasizes the typing’s most prominent traits and utilizes them effectively.
This approach will not only allow us to widen our understanding on the unique niche and preferred playstyle of the typing, but will also give us additional insight on the mechanics that lead to success and failure of the typing when comparing CAP to the wielders in the lower tiers.

Questions to be answered:
  • What are the most important traits the Pokémon gains from the chosen typing, both positive and negative?
  • Is quality or quantity of weaknesses/resistances/immunities more relevant to the chosen typing? What does this mean for the way it is played?
  • How significant is the niche provided by the typing in OU? Are there any striking flaws in the typing that can’t be played around and prevent the Pokémon from performing reliably?
  • How reliant is the typing on stats, ability and movepool in order to succeed in OU?
  • Are the unique characteristics granted by the typing enough to set the Pokemon apart, or does it face strong competition for its role from Pokémon of other types?
  • Is there any distinct playstyle that suits the chosen typing the best? Or can the same typing be utilized in an entirely different approach to similar success?
  • How important is a type’s versatility for its overall success?
  • Is a single Pokémon capable of portraying most relevant aspects of the entire type?
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A combination of "Urn" (a clay vase or pot with a lid) + "Elf"

Pronounced: ERN-elf
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Look at my shiny CT!

A combination and corruption of "Sludge" + "Ceramic" (which refers to the kind of pot it has)
(Miasma +Mystical+Miss)
Prounounced: My-ias-Miss


毒 (Poison in Japanese) + Terra Cotta
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Combination of "Mimic" (An animated chest or jar) and "Micrite" (A term to describe lime mud).

Pronounced: Me-MY-Crite



Combination of Ceramic, the spelling derived from the Arabic word "Syramik", and Mire, English word for icky, mucky, sludgey stuff.


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Combination of socrates, a greek philosopher who died to a sip of hemlock, and toxic.
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I combined vessel and the ending cide (denoting something that kills)
Pronounced: ves-sid-dia (Similar to Cecilia)
Tried to include a name for pot while still incorporating the poison typing. Hope you guys like it.
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A combination of ceramic, as it is in a pot, and cyanide, a poison.
Pronounced; Sir-am-ide


A combination of Pandora, who in the Greek myths opened a box/urn that sent many miseries across the world, and urn.
Pronounced; Pand-urn

Feedback would be greatly appreciated, I'm leaning towards using Ceramide, but I'm thinking of a third option.
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(Goo - Pot)
Pronounced: Goop-ot
Coming from a relatively simple combination of goo, what with it being made of a gooey substance and a pot since it has an urn/pot/jar in it's design
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Petrol (gasoline) + Petrify (to turn to stone) + Lolita (a young woman)

Pronounced: peh-TROL-ee-tuh
IPA: /ˈpɛtrəliːtə/

As petrol/gas or oil accumulates debris, it turns into a gunky sludge that forms a dark brown or black coating similar to clay when left in the open air in a very similar fashion to what's depicted in the artwork.


Arsenic + Imp

Arsenic is a very dangerous mineral and this 'Mon seriously reminds me of an imp like Midna from Twilight Princess. Stunningly creative, I know.

Pronounced: Ahr-Sehn-Emp



Noxious + Violet + Etta to make the name more feminine.

Well, she's noxious and violet, so I thought the two would pair well together in a name. The Etta is there to smooth things along, of course.

Pronounced: Nocks-Eh-Let-Tah
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Sly + Limestone + Slime

Pronounced: slahym
IPA: slaɪm

It's simple, but it works. We have a sly, swift slime. Limestone is also very porous rock, the kind our slime would live in.



Venom+Urn with the added benefit of Ven potentially deriving from Venus based on it's somewhat sexualized appearance.


sprite (fairy/elf) + vase + arsenic


vase + puella (girl in latin)
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A combination of Desolate + Lith.

Pronounced "Deh-so-lee-tha"
IPA: dɛ,sɔː'lɪ,thɑː

Quite long because it's a 4-syllable name, but personally it sounds good because it mentions all the factors of the design. Desolate which refers to its barren, corrupted/ruined appearance; Lith refers to its stony features, and the -a at the end is to round it up as a feminine name.

A combination of Gross + "Cera-" from "Ceramic"

Pronounced "Gro-seh-ra"
IPA: grɔː'sɛ,rɑː

Pretty simple to pronounce, and also sounds feminine because of the -sera at the end. The fact that it's a Spanish feminine word for "gross/rude/rough/brutal" might also be in its favor.


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Acid + Ceramic

Blackdrakon30 miasma seems a bit misleading because imo because it usually refers to crappy air, whereas this poison pot is more liquidy. I like the name though; it sounds really cool. xD


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Strychniña (if the accent is a problem, I'll fix it :) )
Pronounced: "Strick-neen-ya"

I wish I could've used French, but I couldn't pass this up.
"Strychnine" is an awful toxin that causes muscle spasms until the victim dies of asphyxia, directing to CAP21's Poison-type. "Niña" is "girl" in Spanish because waifu.
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Reclamation + mire

Reclamation for it ability of regeneration and mire for its almost muddy appearance

Alabastos + ooze

Alabastos an ancient greek word for jar made out of alabaster + ooze
(for those unaware alabaster has been used for sculptures and artworks(such as jars) since ancient days)
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