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Alright everyone! Here are my seven concepts that I've chosen. I'm sorry to post this just a few minutes early, but I have to go soon. I had a good bit of trouble narrowing it down because there were lots of great concepts, but I picked concepts that had a pretty good amount of flexibility and that I would enjoy and feel qualified for leading. If you didn't get picked, don't worry! We have a long way to go with CAP23, so there are many more chances to participate. Without further ado, here is the slate, in order of submisssion:

Utility Counter 2.0 by gibygiby
Terrain - O - Saurus by Jho
Maximum Compression by reachzero and HeaLnDeaL
Scizor of the Sun by boxofkangaroos
Bravest of All by KrewlKat
Terrain Seed Abuser by sparktrain
New Toy Syndrome by G-Luke
Wait! It's a Trap Move! by Okamu

Utility Counter 2.0 - Though it's a repeat of Krilowatt's concept, gibygiby has adapted and modernized "Utility Counter" extremely well, and we can look at Krilowatt and figure out what wasn't so great about its process way back in Gen 4 and try to remedy that for CAP23. Additionally, we can adapt this concept for Generation 7. This project can be extremely flexible with what we want to do, and that's another plus I'm looking for.

Terrain - O - Saurus - Terrains are a big part of Generation 7, and this concept intends to address that. Whether it's to discourage the opponent from using them or having synergy with the Tapus, what I like about Jho's concept is that it tries to minimize the chances of this ending up being a "partner concept" by encouraging usefulness in multiple terrains.

Maximum Compression - In its own way, this concept is a decentralizer concept, but it address a very important issue in today's metagame, and it's important because not one, but two concepts around such a broad concept were proposed within the span of an hour. Though some proposed concepts have tried to reduce offensive teams' or certain Pokemon's reign in the metagame, the joint submission concept of reachzero and HeaLnDeaL would do the same and more. Every stage will be very specific in what we want, but overall, I think this is a very flexible project as well.

Scizor of the Sun - Sun is a very interesting prospect with Drought Malaconda. While I don't want this to become a "partner concept," I'd like to see if we can help Sun stand up to particularly threatening Rain teams. While boxofkangaroos' concept does dictate typing a little bit, I don't think it's too constricting. We can also look at rain teams and see what makes them particularly potent and try to apply it to Sun.

Bravest of All - Ability-based concepts are some of my favorites, as I've said before, the ability stage is where we give the Pokemon its personality. KrewlKat's concept allows us to see how much ability factors into a Pokemon's viability, and we have a few examples of Pokémon that would be completely unviable if not for their ability. A usual CAP process usually invests a lot into stats and sticks with weaker ability, but we can flip this one on its head.

Terrain Seed Abuser - While it's another a terrain based concept, it's not as focused on taking advantage of the terrains themselves. Rather, it's focusing on the presence of terrains, and obviously the underlining idea is around items, which don't have a dedicated stage. This concept's focus makes it very different from other Terrain concepts, which appealed to me as soon as I saw it. While it does mean we can focus on synergy or discouragement of the Tapus, sparktrain's concept lets us focus on the overall impact of terrains in a very unique way.

New Toy Syndrome - Again, I find ability-based concepts very interesting. While it is a little constricting on the ability stage because there's a limited list of abilities, the variety provided by this same list lets us have some flexibility. A stipulation I might add is that the primary ability be exclusively Gen 7, but secondary and hidden ability can be from any ability, but G-Luke's submission is a solid one.

Wait! It's a Trap Move! - Trapping moves have always interested me, and with the addition of reliable trapping moves, we have no better opportunity to explore it. A bulky trapper can stall out offensive threats, and an offensive trapper can muscle through defensive threats, so there's lots of different directions to explore with this concept despite a smallish list of trapping moves. Okamu has framed this concept very clearly, and this rounds off this slate with a concept with emphasis on moves.


With this, one of the biggest steps of CAP23's creation is over! Now, we figure out where we will be going. Thread is ready to be locked, and the poll to be loaded. See you guys on the next step!
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