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Today we held the inaugural match for Pajantom! snake_rattler faced off against Deck Knight in a match that pit 3 CAPS, a Magnezone and 1 Additional Steel vs 3 Caps, a Magnezone, and 2 Additional Steels! Find out who won by watching the replay!

Which means our Pajantom playtest has started in earnest! This playtest will have two elements, a playtest ladder which will crown a champion for the Ladder Playtest, and a tournament. The participants in the tournament will be the top 4 ranked individuals on the playtest ladder, as well as the winners of 4 pre-scheduled live tournaments we will be hosting on Pokemon Showdown!

12/01/17: Playtest will be on hiatus for a week to ensure proper staffing. Thank you for your patience. ~Deck Knight

The dates and times of these live tournaments are as follows:

Saturday 12/02/17 at 3 PM Eastern time [UTC -5:00]
Sunday 12/03/17 at 6 AM Eastern time [UTC -5:00]
Saturday 12/09/17 at 8 PM Eastern time [UTC -5:00]
Sunday 12/10/17 at 12 PM (noon) Eastern time [UTC -5:00]

As you can see, the time of day varies for each of the four tours; this is designed to allow contributors in different time zones to have the chance to participate. Each live tour will be double elimination.
Individuals can only participate in a maximum of 2 live tours, since being able to have free time and participate in all four would put a player at a huge advantage over others who have stricter time constraints.

If at all possible, players should participate in these live tours with the same name they have on the forums. If this is not possible due to your forum name already being taken by someone else on PS, then an additional verification stage will take place; if this applies to you, please PM a CAP moderator for assistance.

Once a player wins one tournament, he/she will have secured his/her spot in the finalist tournament and not be allowed to participate in another of the qualifying live tours. Additionally, if a player has won a tournament AND is in the top 4 of the ladder rankings, then the next ranked eligible ladder player will be bumped into the finalist tournament.

Don't forget, this thread is for general commentary on the playtest, sets, strategies, and reveling in our brand new CAP. Don't feel shy to post your experiences with Pajantom and the meta in general here!

Good luck, and happy battling!
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Here's a replay of my team versus Squawkerz. Pajantom played an integral role in securing my victory, as it blew Tomohawk away after trapping it. That gave room for my Cawmodore to set up and sweep his team. Of course, Gastrodon played a role in my victory, as it disabled the opposing Pajantom for me. All in all, I think this replay shows what Pajantom's role in the metagame is. :)


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We have decided to shift things around and follow a tournament playtest the mimics what we did for Kerfluffle. If you want to sign up for the playtest, you can do so here.
I always thought of Pajantom as another casual offensive pokemon, but then Reviloja753 did bring something up that I haven't thought about yet.
Here's a replay of my team versus Squawkerz. Pajantom played an integral role in securing my victory, as it blew Tomohawk away after trapping it. That gave room for my Cawmodore to set up and sweep his team.
You can pair Pajantom with a sweeper to trap certain threats that think they are safe and proceed to surprise them with an unsuspecting Z-Move. In this battle he used Z-Psychic Fangs to kill the Tomohawk, when usually Tomohawk would be safe in front of a Pajantom. This serious of events then allowed the Cawmodore to set up without getting phazed by the Tomohawk, and this was interesting to me. It just makes me think what other combinations of Z-Moves we could use to open up sweeping for other partners. Id like to see you guys send some ideas for this, as I am interested. I will come up with some ideas myself too, and expect some teams like this from me in the Playtest Tour.

Note: If you do want to use the Lure Tomohawk plan with Pajantom + Cawmodore core, I recommend Z-Brave Bird over Z-Psychic Fangs.
I've always thought and defended the idea that Paj was going to settle into a facilitator role that would allow things like Cawm/Naviathan to rampage over teams by removing most of the hard answers the metagame has to them. The Zone/Pajantom support core alongside a powerful sweeper had already been theorized, and Rev's replay (even with what I think was a massive mismanagement of the Cawmodore threat by Squawkerz during the Chansey play) showcases the power of that core. I'm also not 100% certain that Z-Psychic was necessary? At least not if Rev was running the Heal Block set.

However, I do think Paj can take a more primary role as a wallbreaker/trapper and just general attacker with different sets, due to the power of its neutral STAB. It's still going to be a facilitator, but a lot less targeted one.


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The easiest and most versatile way to kill Tomohawk and do other things similtaneously is to have Heal Block and Z Outrage.

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