CAP 23 Playtest Tournament Sign Ups

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Welcome to the CAP23 Playtest Tournament sign ups!

In the past, CAP playtests have been primarily done via a ladder competition. However, throughout Gen6 CAP, we've been slowly transitioning away from ladder-only formats via integrating ladder and tournaments together. Due to the overall success of the tournament functions, we've decided that this playtest we will try a forum tour and not include a playtest ladder at all. CAP23 Pajantom will be immediately put into the CAP metagame after the inaugural match, and this Playtest Tournament on the forums will be how we will crown our Playtest Champion. Since CAP23 Pajantom was designed for the CAP metagame, and not OU, the need for a separate playtest ladder has diminished, allowing us to have this forum based tour.

The format of the tournament will be BO3 Single Elimination. Each round will last a week, with each week starting on Monday and ending Sunday night. During the competition phase, if you do not complete your matches before Sunday night Eastern time, you will risk an activity call. Each match must be played in the CAP Metagame format and all replays must be submitted. You are allowed and encouraged to use different teams in your battles. Don't Ghost and follow standard Smogon tournament etiquette.

If you want to join, reply below and explicitly express your interest to join. Feel free to practice on the CAP metagame ladder on an alt in order to get in shape for your tournament matches c: Sign ups will close Sunday night December 10th. Sign ups have been extended a bit to compensate for Smogon's downtime.


If you missed the inaugural match, you can watch the replay by clicking the image below.

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holy fuck we're doing a playtest tournament instead of this ladder bullshit

i've been begging for this for like five caps

in in in you're all doomed

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I both explicitly, implicitly, and emphatically express interest in further crushing snek this tournament.

Yes, I used both for an expression greater than two. I'm THAT explicit.

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I'm in, and unlike last time since I played I learnt to actually stick through tournaments I have to know how if I want to play in a YCS
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