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Final Submission


A combination of "Fey" and "Baobab".

Pronounced: "Fey-Oh-Bab"
IPA: 'feɪəʊbæb
Final Submission


Bomba- references bombs (for drought) and the Baobab subfamily name, and -Beau plays on "bow" for Fairy-typing and "beau" for CAP24's boyish figure.

Pronounced: Bahm-buh-bow


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Final Submission


A combination of "Divinity" + "Tree".

Pronounced: "Deeveenee-tree"
IPA: dɪ vɪ nɪ trɪ

This name gives focus on the shimenawa roped around the trunk of the baobab, which is hung on sacred trees in japanese folklore. So as it is a sacred tree, "Divinitree" sounds fitting!
Final Submission


A portmanteau of "dryad" and "Sahara". Also includes "dry", and "Dhara" (Indian Earth God)

Pronounced: "DRY-ad-hair-ah"
IPA: draɪædhɛrɑ
Final Submission


From "Baobab" and "Batsu" (Drought-causing creature from Chinese mythology); also sounds like "Babassu" a Brazilian tree used for cosmetics.

Pronounced: bay-oh-BAH-tsu

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Final Submission


"Baobab" + "Bazooka" a heavy, tube shaped anti-artillery rocket launcher.

Pronounced: bey-oh-zoo-kuh
IPA: beɪoʊzukə
Final Submission


Combination of Baobob and Capoeira, the Afro-Brazilian martial art that fuses fighting with music and dance. Cap 24 looks like it’s up for a dance battle!!

pronounced baey-oh-BWAIR-uh.
Final Submission


"Baobab" + "Animism"

Baobab is the tree. Animism is the belief that the tree has a spiritual presence.

Pronounced: bay-OH-bah-nim
Final Submission


"Baobab" + "Obeah"

Obeah is a system of sorcery and religious practices developed in Africa, which is one of the countries the Baobab tree is native to. This is relevant to the cultural symbols in CAP 24's design (shimenawa around waist, mask-like face) and its fairy-typing, which is often associated with magic.

Pronounced: BAY-oh-BEE-ah


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Final Submission


Baobab + Bow (the act of bowing, the bow tied in its shimenawa, and bough, the limb of a tree).

Pronounced: "BAY-oh-baow"
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Final Submission


A combination of "Rikishi" + "Tiki".

Pronounced: "re-key-tea-key"
IPA: r aɪ k ɪ t aɪ k ɪ

Supported in a combination geared towards rolling off the tongue in 'Rikishi' and 'Tiki'. Rikishi referring to the sumo wrestling nature 24's design carries, and tiki referring to the mask element[Though not specifically a "tiki mask" in this situation, hand-carved wooden masks that, in their original intent, were used to stand in for deities, protect their users from evil spirits or even increase the maskwearers' fertility and luck].
Final Submission


"Gadawon" + "Wonder"

Pronounced: "Jyahda-one-durr"
IPA: ʏædəwʌndər

Gadawon is one of many nicknames the baobab tree has garnered over time, and it pertains specifically to the species Adansonia Gregorii which, of the known kinds of Baobab Tree, I think looks most like Pip's design. For as integral as I believe the Japanese inspiration behind this design is, I couldn't figure out a way to incorporate it into a name that I liked as much as this one without the attempt looking ham-fisted. The legacy and history behind the Baobab tree are what I associate this CAP with most and what I believe this name communicates.
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Final Submission


This name is a combination of 'bwana' (the African title for 'master'), and Baobab (which is obvious).

Pronounced: b-WA-bao-na
IPA: bhwbɔːnɑː

When choosing this name, I had a choice between 'Baobwana', and 'Bwabaona'. I chose the latter because it has a strong accent behind it (and names starting with 'Bao' are getting too common). Of course, the African title of 'bwana' was chosen because of the baobab, which originates from the said place among others, and also happens to be the subject the design is based on. Nevertheless, good luck to all!
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Final Submission


A comination of “Baobab” and “Kabuki”.

Pronunciation: Bay-oh-boo-kee

The design of this jolly looking fellow, to me, just seems to demand a Japanese sounding name. Well, his mask reminds me a of Kabuki mask, and seems to implicate the Trace ability, as our mischievous tree sprite enjoys imitating others, just like an actor in a Kabuki play! Of course the baobab tree is already known to inhabit arid regions, so the sun and tree themes are covered as well.
Final Submission


From "haboob" and "baobab"

Pronounced: "ao-bao"

"Haboob" is a dust storm, and "baobab" the tree CAP is based upon, plus alliteration to make it more catchy.

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Final Submission


Contraction of "Taiyō" (Japanese for sun) and "Baobab"

Pronounced: TAH-Yo-Bab

Sun becuase, well, it can summon it. Baobab because it's the tree it's based off. Finally, since pipotchi's desing seems to have a big japanese influence, I prefered using a japanese word. It also fits better with baobab than the word sun.
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Final Submission


"Baobab" + "Shimenawa" (The rope around its waist, worn by sumo grand champions).

Pronounced: "BAY-oh-BAH-wa"
Final Submission


A combination of "Dicotyledon" + "Drought."

Pronounced: "DIE-drot-EE-lay-dawn"
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Final Submission


a combination of "Yumboes" and "Baobab."

Pronounced: Yum-Bay-Oh

Yumboes are a kind of fairy-like creature from African mythology.

In the Harry Potter series, they are described as African house-elves
Final Submission


A combination of Dryad, a nymph that lives in trees, and Baobab, the tree this pokemon is based on.

Pronounced: Dry-oh-bab
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Final Submission


Pronunciation: Bam-bo-bay-oh
IPA: bæmbaʊbeɪəʊ

Based around the Gipsy King's song; Bamboleo; evocative of the "dancing" design in the artwork, and the hot, dry conditions the concept refers to.


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Final Submission


A combination of "baobab," the tree CAP24 is based on, and "belli," a prefix meaning "war" that sounds like "belly," alluding to sumo wrestlers.

Pronounced: BAY-oh-BELL-ee
Final Submission


a combination of Hachiman + Kan

Pronounced: ha-chi-kan

Hachiman is a traditional japanese god, more specifically the god of agriculture. Kan is the "sixth sense" that a Sumo wrestler possesses, specifically one who has sat out for some time, but is trying to get a feel for competition again. just like sun
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