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Can I point out that the actual tree and mask are African in design, and that the only Japanese influence at all in this design is the sash?

I'm a bit uncomfortable with all the full blown Japanese being touted when the design is clearly African inspired. I think the amount of Japanese-related submissions compared to African-related is totally disproportionate.


Baobab + Sprite
I wanted to work the Fairy aspect into the name, and this ties Drought in pretty well. Not really sure how to incorporate Sand at all without creating an abomination of a name.

Pronunciation: Bay-oh-bright


Baobab + bask/mask
I was looking for a way to get the sun/drought and the mask/trace aspect into the name so I was looking up synonyms of mask and sun in a thesaurus. I couldn't find any good mask synonyms so I looked up ones for sun and "bask" caught my eye because its one letter off from mask. Then I realized it fits right on the end of baobab (It's a baobab tree!) and that's how I got this name :P

Pronounced "Bey-oh-bask"


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"Baobab" + "Yokozuna"

Pronounced: "BAY-oh-koh-ZUNE-uh"

This is pretty obvious (maybe even a little too obvious), and I was a little surprised it hasn't been submitted already. I searched through the thread and didn't find it, so I'll put it out there as a WIP.

With the proper pronunciation of "Bao", it fits perfectly in with the sumo "Yokozuna".



Extremely simple and self explanatory, but it rolls well off the tongue and sounds cute!




Combo makes reference to common fighting terminology relating to multiple strikes in succession, while baobab is the tree species that inspired the design.
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"Baobab" + "Bloom"

Pronounced: "BUH-BLOOM"

Baobab obviously references the inspiration for the tree. Bloom is used synonymously with the word "Flourish," where this mon is supposed to thrive and prosper in many different environments, henceforth referencing its calling as the Tree of Life. Unintentionally, the Baobab tree has multiple names, one being the "Monkey Bread Tree," and ironically find that the name is similar to that of another primate; a baboon, referencing its pronunciation.


"Baobab" + "Zambezi"

Pronounced: bay-oh-BEE-zee

Baobabs tend to grow along the Zambezi River (bordering around Zambia, Zimbabwe, and Mozambique) and (possibly ironically, in our case!) around that area, there is a legend that picking up its flowers will cause one to be killed by a lion (the Dandelion!)



"Dohyo" + "baboab" ('baobab' backwards)

Pronounced: DOE-yo-ab

Dohyo is the term for the ring in which sumo matches occur- and the reverse of "baobab"- alluding to the tree's nickname as the upside-down tree.


"Hachiman" + "Kan"

Pronounced: ha-chi-kan

Hachiman is a traditional japanese god, more specifically the god of agriculture. Kan is the "sixth sense" that a Sumo wrestler possesses, specifically one who has sat out for some time, but is trying to get a feel for competition again. just like sun
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Final Submission


Baobab + Kichimbakazi

Pronounced: BAY-oh-BA-ka-zee

A combination of "baobab" and "kichimbakazi". Kichimbakazi in Swahili (one of the most spoken languages in Africa) can mean fairy, or more literally, messenger spirit. In Japan, the shimenawa tied around CAP24's waist are often used around yoshiro (objects that can attract spirits, such as - you guessed it, trees) which the spirits are then named kodama. This would make CAP24 a kodama possessing a baobab, perhaps capable of sending messages from the spirit realm to humans.
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WIP [2]


Pronounced: Bay - Oh - Bay - Nah

Combining "Baobab" and "Aina", which is the Malagasy (Madagascar's Language, home of the Baobabs) word for "Life".

(Yeah, I'm coming up empty on this one still)


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Yumbao (Yum-Bat-Oh)

a combination of "Yumboes" and "Baobab"

Yumboes are a kind of fairy-like creature from African mythology.

In the Harry Potter series, they are described as African house-elves
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"Baobab" + "Shimenawa"

Pronounced: BAY - Oh - BAH - Wa

Pretty simple, but I think it flows nicely. Plus, the shimenawa is adorned by yokozuna sumo fighters, so not only does it reference the spiritual side of it, but also how its this beefy grand master sumo guy.


Baobab + Obeah

Pronounced: BAY-oh-BEE-ah

"Obeah" is a system of sorcery and religious practices developed in Africa, which is one of the countries the Baobab tree is native to. This is relevant to the cultural symbols in CAP 24's design (shimenawa around waist, mask-like face) and its fairy-typing, which is often associated with magic.


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WIP (final/third one)


A combination of "Baobab" + "Bowlegged".

Pronounced: "bay-oh-leg-id"
IPA: /ˈbāōˌlɛgid/

I just think the design looks a little bowlegged :p Also fairies should have cute names most imo


Baobab + Arboreta (p. Arboretum, a tree-based botanical garden)

Pronounced: Bay-oh-NET-uh

That no one has mentioned this is beyond me.


Kiinushii + Kentze + Boabab

Looking at the design I saw 3 very distinct inspirations from it, being Japanese kami (spirits/gods), West African culture, and the ever mentioned baobab tree. Knowing this, I tried to get a name that referenced all 3 inspirations, as well as relating somewhat to the actual Pokemon being made.
"Kiin" comes from Kiinushii, the Okanawan name for Japanese tree spirits, which makes too much sense for a Grass + Fairy typing. It is also a reference to the supposed origin of sumo, with the first match of sumo reportedly being against a kami (Japanese spirit).
"Tze" comes out of Kentze, the sun god of the Nyanga people who reside in the DRC (Central Africa), and seeing as this mon sets up Drought, a sun god makes so much sense as an etymological base. As a side note if anyone has time, look up "Epic of Mwindo" on YouTube and listen to either Overly Sarcastic Productions or Crash Course's videos on it, it's a fascinating story.
Finally "bab" comes from the baobab tree, which the art is based off of.

Pronounced: Keen-Tsee-Bab

IPA pronunciation: kʰinziːbɑːb

If anyone has any notes or suggestions please let me know and I'll be happy to make adjustments to the name.

"Baobab" + "djembe"


djembe are drums traditionally played during native African celebratory and ritualistic dances. Because CAP 24 appears to be gayly dancing and 8 of the 9known baobab species reside in Southern Africa (6 in Madagascar alone), the combination seemed perfect.

Baodjadjiskloof (I know it's more than 12 but we're not at final subs yet so I threw this in for fun)

"Baobab" + "Modjadjiskloof"


Modjadjiskloof is home to the world's largest Baobab tree, which is so big that it has been turned into a bar.

Mr. Haobao

"Mr." because sumo is a male-only sport (and because it sounds funny), "Haobao" because haboob (as in sandstorm) and baobab plus alliteration.

I wanted "Mr. Hao Bao" but it was against the rules.


A combination of "Dryad" + "Sahara".

Pronounced: "DRY-add-HAIR-ah"

Dryads are wood sprites said to inhabit trees (suitable for a tree-faerie), and 'Sahara' (desert) and 'dry' both heavily imply the weather outlined in the concept for CAP24. 'Dhara' is a hindu earth god. The name's got layers.


Portmanteau of 'arid' + 'Baobab' + 'bow'

Pronounced: "AIRY - bay - O - boh"

I saw other people using 'bow' and I really like it as a double reference to CAP24's belt and the fact that it's a fairy. 'Baobab' for design reasons. 'Arid' because it's a desert tree with drought for SUN and SAND. Strung together I think they have a nice bouncy pronunciation that's fun to say.
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Combination of “gombey”, a type of Afro-Bermudan drum as well as an identically-named genre of music that typically uses said drum, and baobab.


This rad dude looks like he can take someone in a fight. Hence, Tussletree.


Combination of Sahara, due to the sand, and sumo, due to the shape.


Arbor is one of my favorite words for tree, and I am a big fan of the alliteration in this one.
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