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In case you missed it, we held the inaugural match for Jumbao last night in Pokemon Showdown! reachzero's rain team squared off against mxmts's Trick Room team, in a match that went down to the wire! Find out who won by watching the replay here!

Another moderator will put up playtest tournament details soon. In the meantime, you may use this thread to post your experiences using Jumbao. Feel free to share movesets, analyses, replays, and other commentary!
I really like what Jumbao can do. I think the standout set from the ones I used so far has to be the scarf set:

One Cool Guy (Jumbao) @ Choice Scarf
Ability: Drought
EVs: 252 SpA / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Timid Nature
IVs: 0 Atk
- Moonblast
- Flame Burst
- Solar Beam
- Hidden Power [Ground] / Focus Blast

Thanks to its combination of team support, bulk, speed and damage/coverage, this mon had a much easier time having an impact every game. In practice Specs felt a bit awkward and I would prefer Grassium for sure- so I think Grassium, Fightinium, and Firium should/could also see some good play.

And here are the mons which I found to be nice teammates so far:

Should come as no surprise, Heatran has a near perfect type synergy with Jumbao, and traps or kills walls that might make scarf sets less impactful, such as Toxapex. Also appreciates the boost in its nuking power.
With its ability to lay tspikes and take some poison/fire type attacks and switch into Heatran, it has good typing synergy and bothers walls that might cause Bao some slight problems. Jumbao can find switch-ins on Knock offs or Dragon type attacks. This pairs well with a non-scarf Bao, and appreciates Wishpassing if Bao goes that route.

Tyranitars also has nice typing paired with Bao, appreciates a wishpass, and traps Poison types or Fire types. It cancels out the momentum that Fire types might get from Jumbaos sun setting, and stops problematic mons like Volcarona. On the flip side, Jumbao wont be chipped by Ttar's sand.

Volcarona has been putting in lots of work in and out of Sun for me, and they make a strong offensive pairing. Its immediately threatening in Sun which allows it to force more switches, and Bao can lure things like Toxapex or Heatran with the right set, or Volcarona can lure Heatrans with hp Ground. Firium is a ridiculous nuke in sun that can delete even resists- in Sun, you can hit resists like Mega Latios for up to 87% without a quiver dance. Its also a good mon for the playtest because its a handy switchin to any Bao even with stealth rocks up.

While they share a Fire weakness, Kartana is one of the few speedy switchins to Crucibelle (which Jumbao invites in for almost free), and can provide a lot of positive things for a team like scarfer, defogger, sweeper in one slot- a few fields that Jumbao teammates dont fit very easily. It also loves that Jumbao can destroy Tomohawk. Similarly to Volcarona its another mon that has different checks to different sets, and together with Bao there is a lot of pressure from range of potential sets.

Im super interested to see what sets develop- just from the first day Im definitely interested in all of its Z sets, as well as Veil once Overcoat becomes available.
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I'll have a write-up done after having the opportunity to play through / spectate the test tour :psyduck:
I’ve found the following to be quite useful:

Jumbao @ Heat Rock
Ability: Drought
EVs: 252 SpA / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Timid Nature
IVs: 0 Atk
- Solar Beam
- Moonblast
- Flame Burst
- Shadow Ball

While rarely a stand-alone sweeper, I’ve found that sun support from Jumbao combined with its offensive capacities put it in a really good position.

My Teammates:<br />
<br />
Blacephalon: Being a long time fan of hyper offense, seeing a hyper offense Pokémon get yet stronger was a wonderful sight, and boy does it get stronger. Trick is mandatory however, as many special fire counters have risen in popularity like Krillowatt and Chanse, neither of which enjoy Choice Scarf.

Beedrill-Mega: A naturally good Pokémon, it is quite successful against many traditional Jumbao walls with Drill Run coverage. U-Turn helps keep momentum.

Cawmadore: A god amongst man- if you can counter Jumbao, you likely can’t counter Cawmadore. Handling fire types is necessary through other aspects of the team, but getting free switches into poison attacks and being able to force out many Pokémon is wonderful.

Honorable mentions:<br />
Leavanny: Swords Dance and Sticky Web under Chlorophyll to spam.
Syclant: Starting with FSash Tail Glow surprises teams that expected Jumbao lead
Chandelure: Laugh at Fire/Poison counterattacking as you kill stuff
I also had the idea to combine Jumbao with Trick Room, as the play style often has a weakness to Ash Greninja (Water Shuriken stops a lot of sweeps) and Ground Type moves, plus Drought can support Marowak A, Mega Camerupt or Stakataka.

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