CAP 24 Playtest Tournament (Won by Rat With Wings)


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Calling activity as well, as I have contacted my opponent since the day the tournament started, and they have yet to reply, even though they had bern online since then. I also should be busy til Wednesday, so I was hoping they would show up. Proof here.


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Make that four of us. I contacted my opponent on Monday, and has yet to make any sort of response. Also to note, the in post for the playtest was literally the only post this dude ever made on his account, and has yet to do anything since the 24th of May. I consider it highly unlikely that he will respond by Sunday, so calling activity now.
Opp has been on smogon but has not replied to my contact all week, calling for act in case I get no reply


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Escoffier, DoW, Dj Breloominati♬, G-Luke, Rifou88, SHSP, Panther-T, Frostbiyt, and McBomba have all been awarded activity wins based off their in-thread request. In all cases, their opponent either failed to reply to the initial PM or hasn't been online since the round started.

I've also awarded activity to jas61292, Birkal, Granny Pie, EpicUmbreon29, Marjane, and Trace. In each case, the person I listed made initial contact and received no reply, and their opponent hasn't been on since the round started.

Jho and DeltaRuby, both of you scheduled a time for your matches through VMs, but neither of you posted. Seeing how the two of you made an effort to get your matches in, I'll grant you a one day extension to get your battles completed.

Everyone else made no discernible effort to schedule their matches, and have therefore had their matches decided through coinflips. In the future, please make a contact post with your opponent on their Smogon wall and get your matches in within the given deadline. Coinflips have been made using the !pick command on Pokemon Showdown, and are included below.

Round 2
Make sure you read the rules included in the OP if you haven't done so already. Please contact your opponent promptly via Smogon VMs, and get your matches done before the week's deadline. Remember, replays are required for this tournament. Good luck with your matches, and I hope you enjoy CAP 24, Jumbao!

This week's deadline is 11:59 PM PDT (GMT -7) on Sunday June 10. Get your matches in before then!

BoltSapphire vs Storephin8204 Activity
Endermagicain vs Birkal Activity
Granny Pie vs hoblaph TBD
(Moon) Angelo vs Diana_Anderson Coinflip
PokeMortal! vs Narusin12
Jucherz vs reachzero
Rat With Wings vs Snorlax in the way TBD
Trace vs SunMYSER
DoW vs joey0321
Raichu0965 vs LucarioOfLegends
Hys vs Dj Breloominati♬ Activity
Shbmrangera vs pqs Activity
Shotgun9090 vs Frat Dude Activity
McBomba vs Railola790 Activity
Rifou88 vs DetroitLolcat
Prototypetrainer vs SHSP
philiptsmithii vs againa
Deku Prince vs Cara95
KilerKont vs 11bug Activity
EpicUmbreon29 vs Cairill
Aj(m trainer) vs Airwind Activity
LREWDW vs Yodabomb113 Activity
Rainbowblazekin33 vs Animus Majulous Coinflip
Funbot28 vs AdamAsh123456
Jho vs DeltaRuby vs Zondice Activity
OliPlayzHD2 vs aegislasher681
G-Luke vs snake_rattler TBD
Escoffier vs Shamrock Dragon Activity
Marjane vs Panther-T
RatchetWeavile vs 319phoenix
the derpy garchomp vs Maverick Axl Coinflip
Frostbiyt vs jas61292

Bracket was randomly generated via challonge and can be seen here:

Round 2 ends at 11:59 PM PDT (GMT -7) on Sunday June 10
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Wow, no fewer than five matches I'm really looking forward to this week! Strong round two lineup.

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