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WIP 3/3


Hierophant (an old word usually meaning priest [or Pope]) + gastropoda, the snail genus

WIP 3:


From "viceroy" and "sui" (a Japanese word for water, also found in Suicune's name)

Pronunciation: Vie-Swee-Roy
WIP #2


"Shell" + "Elegant"

Alludes to its distinct shell and elegant appearance.

Pronounced: "Shell-Uh-Gunt "
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This thread is now open for Final Submissions.

Please read the OP formatting rules very carefully. Any final submission that does not EXACTLY follow the prescribed format will be disqualified without warning.


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Final Submission


"Joy" + "Buoyant"

Pronounced: "joy-ant"

Regardless of how it looks at first glance, I wanted a name that was more than one word + another word. While doing research, i discovered that in pre Columbian America, snails were considered a symbol of joy. They are also seen as a symbol of enjoying life at a slower pace. This seemed fitting as 25w seems to always have a joyful disposition about itself.

Next, I looked for synonyms of joy as I wasn't sold on the word at the time. I ended up at the phrase joie de vivre hoping to incorporate some French element because "snails." I then noticed that buoyancy was a synonym of joyful. It was nice because it incorporated a "water" word but maintained a connection with the original.

Buoyant -
1. able or apt to stay afloat or rise to the top of a liquid or gas
2. cheerful and optimistic

I originally tried Joyancy as a name but It sounded too much like Chansey. I ended up with going with Joyant instead. I also avoided spelling it "Juoy" to avoid the Ju since Jumbao was last CAP.
Final Submission


A combination of "regalia" (formal, royal clothing) and "snail"

Pronounced: "Ree-SNAIL-yah"
IPA: ɹəˈsneɪl.i.ə
Final Submission


A combination of "Escargot" and "Carrion," which means rotting flesh in reference to Poison Heal and what Toxapex tastes like.

Pronounced: "es-CARE-ia"


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Final Submission


"Atoll", which is reminiscent of 25w's reef-like back, combined with "Mollusc".

Pronounced: "Ay - Tol - Usk"
Final Submission


A combination of “reef" + "Charonia".

Pronounced: "ree-FOE-nee-uh"
IPA: riːfoʊnɪjə

Charonia is the genus of the giant triton, the animal it’s based on, and it has a mini reef on its back.
Final Submission


Coral + Cay (A low bank of coral or sand) + Triton (Referring to the Triton snail or Greek god)

Pronounced: "cor - CAY - ton"
Final Submission


Mix of 'hierophant' (a priest or Pope) and 'Gastropoda' (snail genus)

Pronounced: high-row-poe-dah


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Final Submission


Made up from the words Triton and Tonne (because it's big and heavy).

Pronounced: Tri-tuhn
Final Submission:


Combing "despot" with "escargot", we clearly have a royal snail, one who seeks to maintain absolute control over his matchups.

Pronunciation: DES-car-go
IPA: <ˈdeskaʁɡo>
Final Submission


From "Tyrian purple" (a pigment derived from a type of sea snail) + "whelk" (a type of sea snail)--also sounds like "tyrant"

Pronounced: TIH-ree-ALL-kuh

As a bonus, the end of this name echoes names that end with -lka (e.g. Olka, Jelka, Homolka).
Final Submission


From "abyssal" (second deepest layer of the ocean) and "shell".

Pronounced: "Ah-BIS-shell"
Final Submission


Comes from Reef, Defender, and Endure; the latter two referring to its bulk.

Pronounced: "Reef-end-yoor"


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Final Submission


“Acanthinucella punctulata (a snail species)” + “Leptopsammia (coral species)”

Pronunciation: “ac-ap-TOP-sa”

IPA: /akaptäpsa/


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Final Submission


"Slug" (or Sluggard) + "Guard"

Pronounced: "SLUG-GARD"
IPA: /sləˈɡard/

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Final Submission


Abalone (type of snail, letters corrupted) + Abba (cleric/father) + Alabaster (quality material) + Bastion (fortress)

Pronounced: "Al-ab-BAS-tee-uhn"
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