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Final Submission

Smokomodo, the Flame of Alola Pokémon

Sun: A primal Pokémon that evolved in Alola. In Melemele Island, these Pokémon are sometimes seen bombing the Iki Town festival and dancing within it.

Moon: This ancient Pokémon survived extinction by adapting to the volcanic environment. In Akala Island, they were once the Fire Trial's main dancers before Alolan Marowak came to be, thus being called ''The Flame of Alola''.

Ultra Sun: Scientists say that this was one of the first Fire-type Pokémon that came to be. In Ula'ula Island, their primary nest was Mount Lanakila before a severe snowstorm forced them to migrate.

Ultra Moon: A masterful pyromaniac. Although this theory is still in consideration, it was said that in the ancient island that became Poni Island today, this Pokémon worshipped the Altar of the Sunne, as they wait for their master, Solgaleo, to return.
Final Submission

Smokomodo, the Lava Vent Pokémon

Sun: This Pokémon can completely blend in with the volcanic terrain it resides in. When prey get within range of its flames, it roasts them alive.

Moon: Smokomodo can use the pressurized gas it builds up inside of its body for propulsion. It uses this trait to deliver powerful slashes to their foes.

Ultra Sun: The gas inside this Pokémon's body is extremely toxic. When in a pinch, it releases a huge stack of smoke and quickly hides among the terrain.

Ultra Moon: Smokomodo is extremely accurate when spitting balls of fire. It can even match the most skilled snipers in accuracy.
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Final Submission

Smokomodo, the Volcanic Lizard Pokemon

Sun: In battle, it conceals itself within the smoke that pours out of its back. Its eyes have developed a resistance to irritation, which allows it to use this strategy effectively.

Moon: Smokomodo have the capability to change its skin color to match its environment. They use this ability to hide from potential prey.

Ultra Sun: Smokomodo live in areas with high volcanic activity. The smoky air gives them more cover to stalk prey from, and they can easily climb over rocky surfaces to chase prey down.

Ultra Moon: Wild Smokomodo cloud the area they sleep with extremely hot smoke. This smoke makes it tough to breath for most Pokemon, but Smokomodo are unaffected by it.
Final Submission

Smokomodo, the Chameleon Pokémon

Sun: It can communicate to others by changing its colors, such as it turning red or yellow when angry or pale gray when it gives up. For this reason people call it lava Kecleon.

Moon: It often trains for battles by fighting other Pokémon in the area and when it is not fighting it will go near a hot area, look over its territory and be hostile to those who cross it.

Ultra Sun: Shop keepers use these Pokémon as shopping clerks, when someone steals an item from the shop it will alert all Smokomodos and Kecleon in the area to maul the thief.

Ultra Moon: These Pokémon have powerful eyes that can lock onto prey or opponent and move independently at will. This allows it to be technical with some of its moves.

Chameleon: Smokomodo is based on a Chameleon and so I decided to make it be the species. I got lazy with the species name didn't I?
Sun and Ultra Sun: Both make references to the Chameleon's ability to change colors and Kecleon being a chameleon. Ultra Sun references the Kecleon shops and the hordes of Kecleon that attack you if you steal.
Moon: The territorial part of it is a reference to Chameleons in real life being very territorial and the part where it rests near a hot area also being a reference on how Chameleons needing heat.
Ultra Moon: This references the powerful eyes of a Chameleon capable of locking onto prey and moving independently. The part that involves technicality references its Hidden Ability, Technician
Final Submission

Smokomodo, the Volcanic Pokémon

Sun: Smokomodo are hot-tempered Pokémon that tend to live alone. They specialize in taking down prey like Magcargo due to their resistance to extreme heat.

Moon: Smokomodo is feared by some tribes due to its ability to unleash a geyser of lava equivalent in power to a volcanic eruption at will.

Ultra Sun: Despite being a starter Pokémon, Smokomodo is not a good choice for a novice trainer due to their independent streak. Trainers that embrace this, however, have an unquestionably faithful ally.

Ultra Moon: The smoke Smokomodo emits is easily able to knock out Pokémon like Talonflame, which helps make Smokomodo the dominant predator in its volcanic environment.

Sun: For Sun I just decided to start off by defining Smokomodo's personality as well as its hunting capabilities.

Moon: For this I wanted to connect Smokomodo's lore with its eruption abilities, so I explained their power and gave Smokomodo a fear factor.

Ultra Sun: Like for Caribolt I made the connection to Smokomodo being a starter Pokemon by giving it an independent streak, yet still being fiercely loyal to Trainers that work with it.

Ultra Moon: And finally, I couldn't not include the smoke Smokomodo emits, so I allowed it to prey on Pokemon like Talonflame by using the smoke to shoot it down.
Final Submission

Smokomodo, the Lava Flow Pokémon

Sun: Smokomodo usually live near volcanos, where their camouflage allows them to sneak up on prey. The smoke they produce helps in the disguise.

Moon: Smokomodo are said to be distant relatives of the Legendary Pokémon Groudon. They naturally oppose Water Pokémon that approach their territory.

Ultra Sun: There is a rumor that long ago a group of Kecleon were once trapped on a volcanic island by a massive wave. They eventually adapted to their environment, becoming the first Smokomodo.

Ultra Moon: Smokomodo can sometimes be seen drinking from lava flows. The lava they drink is circulated throughout their body like blood.
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