CAP 25 - Part 9 - CAP 25g Full Movepool Submissions

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Personal thoughts:

In general, I'm an adherent to starter flavor, so I'll be looking for all of the requirements listed here in the polls.

I'm not really fond of assuming moves exclusive to pre-evos. None of the Gen. VII starters have moves exclusive to pre-evos.

85 moves is a maximum, not a target. Incineroar has 83 moves, yes, but Primarina has a movepool size of only 60. I'll be looking for movepools that show constraint in flavor moves.

Madsi6: I encourage you remove Water Pulse and Aqua Tail from your moves. The only 'mons that get Water Pulse by level-up are Water types, and I would figure water would short-circuit that railgun.

Edit: Madsi6, cervid-based 'mons don't tend to have tail-based moves. E.g., Xerneas has a reasonably-sized tail, and despite its wide movepool, it doesn't get Iron Tail, Aqua Tail, etc.
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Madsi6: I encourage you remove Water Pulse and Aqua Tail from your moves. The only 'mons that get Water Pulse by level-up are Water types, and I would figure water would short-circuit that railgun.
May i ask why aqua tail then? It only affects the tail, and as far as i’m aware, it was never specified to be in its entire body (I removed it, but i just wanna know why you thought it didn’t fit)
May i ask why aqua tail then? It only affects the tail, and as far as i’m aware, it was never specified to be in its entire body (I removed it, but i just wanna know why you thought it didn’t fit)
Answering for Quanyails, water coverage feels like a really weird flavor fit for Caribolt, as absolutely nothing about its design screams "Water" or even "Has a big tail". It's a shame, as Water is basically the only type of coverage that Caribolt COULD safely carry, but I would need to see a lot of flavor justification for it.
Final Submission

Required moves bolded, repeats italicized

1 - Wild Charge
1 - Electric Terrain
1 - Me First
1 - Zap Cannon
1 - Tackle
1 - Vine Whip
1 - Leer
1 - Charge
Evo. - Wild Charge
4 - Leer
8 - Charge
11 - Spark
15 - Mega Drain
19 - Thunder Wave
24 - Take Down
28 - Synthesis
33 - Discharge
38 - Horn Leech
44 - Double-Edge
49 - Natural Gift
55 - Power Whip
60 - Swords Dance

19 Unique Moves, 3 Repeats

Caribolt's Level-Up moveset follows nearly the same exact pattern as Decidueye.
Flavor explanations:
- Learns Wild Charge upon evolving like the how Incineroar and Decidueye learn a move from their secondary STAB upon evolving
- Both Sawsbuck and Venusaur get Take Down and Double-Edge via Level-up, so Caribolt should too
- Learns Synthesis at the same level as Decidueye
- Learns Double-Edge by level-up like Venusaur does
- Learns Swords Dance at Level 60 like Decidueye learns Nasty Plot at Level 60
- Learns Me First via Level up like Stantler does
Egg Group: Field
It's an elk and isn't quite leafy enough to justify being in the Grass Egg Group (and Chesnaught and Decidueye aren't in the Grass Egg Group either)

(note that Caribolt can also get any of these moves from Smeargle)

Boomburst (Exploud, Smeargle)
Leech Seed (Chespin, Snivy, Pansage, etc.)
Body Slam (Hippopotas, Tepig, Litten, etc.)
Confuse Ray (Stantler, Umbreon, Scratchet, etc.)
Ion Deluge (Ampharos, Pachirisu, Emolga, etc.)
Rapid Spin (Komala, Torkoal, Sandshrew, etc.)
Grassy Terrain (Snivy, Seedot, Skiddo, etc.)
Quick Attack (Pikachu, Torchic, Riolu, etc.)

9 Unique Moves

Has slightly more egg moves than Decidueye (9 > 6)
Most of the out of place required moves went here. All of the Grass starters that learn Grassy Terrain get it as an egg move, so this keeps the theme. Ion Deluge is a reference to Galvanize's effect, while Confuse Ray is there for comparison to Stantler.
01 - Work Up
05 - Roar
06 - Toxic
08 - Bulk Up
10 - Hidden Power
11 - Sunny Day
15 - Hyper Beam
16 - Light Screen
17 - Protect
20 - Safeguard
21 - Frustration
22 - Solar Beam
24 - Thunderbolt
25 - Thunder
27 - Return
30 - Shadow Ball
31 - Brick Break
32 - Double Team
40 - Aerial Ace
42 - Facade
44 - Rest
45 - Attract
48 - Round
53 - Energy Ball
57 - Charge Beam
66 - Payback
67 - Smart Strike
68 - Giga Impact
72 - Volt Switch
73 - Thunder Wave
75 - Swords Dance
86 - Grass Knot
87 - Swagger
88 - Sleep Talk
90 - Substitute
93 - Wild Charge
96 - Nature Power
100 - Confide

38 Moves, 3 Repeats

All of the required TM Moves are here, as well as Grass and Electric flavor moves like Thunder/bolt, Grass Knot, and Solar Beam. Smart Strike makes sense due to its antlers. Aerial Ace and Payback are more out there choices, though a number of quadruped Pokemon and Pokemon with over 100 Speed get Aerial Ace (Swords of Justice, Persian, Absol, Arceus), and I felt Payback fit as a generic retaliatory move. Light Screen and Safeguard are there as most Grass starters get those. Shadow Ball was included as a nod to its Druid flavor, as well as Sawsbuck and Stantler learning it.
Knock Off
Grass Pledge
Frenzy Plant

Giga Drain
Heal Bell
Hyper Voice
Laser Focus
Magnet Rise
Seed Bomb
Shock Wave
Worry Seed

14 Moves, 1 Repeat

The rest of the required moves go here, a couple general flavor moves (Magnet Rise, Shock Wave, Seed Bomb, etc), Hyper Voice due to it getting Boomburst, Laser Focus as it's a railgun and a lot of fully evolved Pokemon get it.
CAP 25 Celebration Starter Event
Caribolt @ Gold Bottle Cap
Level 50
Ability: Galvanize
Nature: Random
OT: Smogon
ID: 965813
Met: In a fateful encounter
- Celebrate
- Boomburst
- Horn Leech
- Hold Back

4 Moves, 2 Repeats

Two event exclusive moves, also (while it has nothing to do with flavor) Galvanize Hold Back helps in-game while catching/shiny hunting Ghost-types.
Aerial Ace
Body Slam
Brick Break
Bulk Up
Charge Beam
Confuse Ray
Double Team
Electric Terrain
Energy Ball
Frenzy Plant
Giga Drain
Giga Impact
Grass Knot
Grass Pledge
Grassy Terrain
Heal Bell
Hidden Power
Hold Back
Horn Leech
Hyper Beam
Hyper Voice
Ion Deluge
Knock Off
Laser Focus
Leech Seed
Light Screen
Magnet Rise
Me First
Mega Drain
Natural Gift
Nature Power
Power Whip
Quick Attack
Rapid Spin
Seed Bomb
Shadow Ball
Shock Wave
Sleep Talk
Smart Strike
Solar Beam
Sunny Day
Swords Dance
Take Down
Thunder Wave
Vine Whip
Volt Switch
Wild Charge
Work Up
Worry Seed
Zap Cannon

Total Move Count: 75 Moves
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Final Submission

Bold - Required moves
Italicize - repeated moves

Didn't have as much of an opportunity to work on this move set but I'm taking a stab anyway.

1 - Power Whip
1 - Double-Edge
1 - Swords Dance
1 - Horn Leech
EVO - Horn Leech

1 - Tackle
1 - Leafage
1 - Tail Whip
1 - Thunder Shock
4 - Tail Whip
8 - Thunder Shock

11 - Charge
14 - Razor Leaf
16 - Quick Attack
19 - Leech Seed

24 - Horn Attack
28 - Synthesis
33 - Stomp
38 - Wild Charge
44 - Energy Ball
49 - Charm
55 - Double-Edge
60 - Swords Dance

Unique Moves: 18

The level-up distribution is equivalent to Decidueye's and aims for a similar balance of utility and offensive moves. I wanted to focus on capitalising on the Deer like aspect of its design by taking inspiration from Sawsbuck and Zebstrika in terms of the types of Stab options that should feature in the level up set, as well as for when certain utility moves are typically learnt. Tail Whip is its early stat drop move to mirror Zebstrika's, and Thunder Shock is picked as its earliest Electric move because of its low power and special leaning (Zebstrika's is Shock Wave). Leafage and Razor Leaf are the designated early Physical Grass Stab moves. Leech Seed is learnt at Level 19 because Decidueye learns a utility move at that level, and Sawsbuck learns it at Level 13. I debated between Horn Leech and Wild Charge for the evolution move, but ultimately settled on Horn Leech to match the precedent set by Sawsbuck, and because I believe the Horns are the most impressive part of Caribolt's design. Horn Attack and Stomp are both innocuous Normal type moves that are flavorful amongst quadrupedal horned Pokemon (Sawsbuck being one of the exceptions). I gave Energy Ball to Caribolt at 44 to clock off its Grass stab as it seems fitting for a dual-type Electric Pokemon as well as being a precedent. I chose Charm as the 49 Stat drop because Sawsbuck learns it, and it brings to mind its Druidic nature. Double-Edge and Swords Dance close off the movepool being one of its strongest Stab options (with Galvanize) and being similar to Venusaur, and then Swords Dance being equivalent to Decidueye learning Nasty Plot as its final move. The Heart Scale moves are fairly straight forward, I chose Power Whip as the only unique Heart Scale move because there are currently no Pokemon in the Field Egg group to pass it on as an Egg Move.

TM01 - Work Up
TM06 - Toxic
TM08 - Bulk Up
TM10 - Hidden Power
TM11 - Sunny Day
TM12 - Taunt
TM15 - Hyper Beam
TM17 - Protect
TM18 - Rain Dance
TM21 - Frustration
TM22 - Solar Beam
TM24 - Thunderbolt
TM25 - Thunder
TM27 - Return
TM31 - Brick Break
TM32 - Double Team
TM42 - Facade
TM44 - Rest
TM45 - Attract
TM48 - Round
TM53 - Energy Ball
TM57 - Charge Beam
TM59 - Brutal Swing
TM67 - Smart Strike
TM68 - Giga Impact
TM72 - Volt Switch
TM73 - Thunder Wave
TM75 - Swords Dance
TM78 - Bulldoze
TM86 - Grass Knot
TM87 - Swagger
TM88 - Sleep Talk
TM90 - Substitute
TM93 - Wild Charge
TM96 - Nature Power
TM100 - Confide

Unique Moves: 32

A lot of the TMs that have been chosen either fit into one of its logical stab types as well as coverage that is required or weaker than directly stronger equivalents such as Brutal Swing (in comparison to Knock-Off). Smart Strike is a fairly harmless coverage option that doesn't threaten Jumbao with a 2HKO as it is exactly 70 BP, also having a relatively weak Z move, and is flavorful because Smart strike is available to all horned Pokemon. Nature Power fits with the theme of a Druidic pokemon, especially considering Natural Gift is required. Bulldoze makes sense for its trampling Hooves, and again doesn't creep over the BP threshold.

Natural Gift - Can be bred from Phanpy
Grassy Terrain - Can be bred from Manectric
Electric Terrain - Can be bred from Seedot or Snivy (as a second chain)
Body Slam - Can be bred from Miltank
Boomburst - Can be bred from Whismur
Rapid Spin - Can be bred from Sandshrew (as a second chain)
Wood Hammer - Can be bred from Chespin
Aromatherapy - Can be bred from Sawsbuck

Unique Moves: 8

I chose Field as its exclusive egg group to match the other Grass deer Sawsbuck, as well as being precedent set by Chespin as a mammalian starter. All of the listed Egg moves are required moves except for Wood Hammer, which could be run as an alternative to Power Whip for higher accuracy. Aromatherapy is also listed to make it feel more like a Druidic cleric, and because it will be bred from Sawsbuck.

Knock Off
Shock Wave
Worry Seed
Giga Drain
Seed Bomb
Signal Beam
Laser Focus
Magic Coat
Hyper Voice
Frenzy Plant
Grass Pledge

Unique Moves: 14

Considering that Caribolt gets Boomburst I thought it somewhat appropriate to give it Uproar and Hyper Voice to suggest that it's got a nice set of lungs that can belt out a hefty bellow like a lot of Deers and Stags do. Block seems like an interesting flavor option considering its large horns that could act as obstacles, especially considering a lot of the Grass starters do that. Laser Focus makes some sense considering its large antlers that are magnetic, the same goes for Signal Beam, I imagine them being able to be fired off from various spikes there. Magic Coat seemed interesting as a flavor option considering its spiky pelt and its Druidic inspiration.

25th Anniversary CAP
Level 50
Item: None
Ability: Galvanize
Nature: Random
OT: Magistrum
ID: 002507
Met: A Pokemon Centre (Fateful Encounter)
Ribbon: Birthday Ribbon
- Celebrate
- Boomburst
- Horn Leech
- Body Slam

Unique Moves: 1

I included both Boomburst and Body Slam to make them compatible with the Omniboosting set considering that they are Egg Moves. The OT goes to Magistrum who designed the artwork of course, and the ID is made up of 25, and the number 07 that responds to G the 7th letter of the alphabet. I will follow this pattern for my other submissions too.

Total Unique moves: 74
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Yo. Its been several days since my last post and I think we're at the point where we can put the 48 hour warning up for thread closure. Once that time is up I'll compile a slate consisting of every legal entry, and once our TL stamps it we'll move onto polling the submissions.

To have a legal entry a submittor must follow all the rules stated in the OP. This means that total move count cannot exceed 85, all mandatory moves must be included, and all banned moves must be omitted from the submission. In addition, each submittor must have Final Submission at the top of a single submission. The next part isn't exactly a rule, but I will be looking for some reasoning behind movepool choices and I know voters will be too.

I'll be spending my free time during the next 48 hours to do legality checks for final submissions so that this thread closes in a timely manner. This means I might not be able to post legality checks in all three threads until after the deadline is up, so do yourself a favor and check your submissions.

Tagging every submittor who hasn't posted a final sub yet: Frostbiyt Wugus Deck Knight Granny Pie Reiga

Granny Pie

Mafia Champion
Final Submission

Bold = required moves
Italics = repeated moves

1 Ion Deluge
1 Grassy Terrain
1 Electric Terrain
1 Horn Leech

1 Tackle
1 Leer
1 Leafage
1 Spark
Evo Horn Leech
4 Leer
6 Leafage
8 Spark

11 Double Kick
15 Razor Leaf
19 Icy Wind
24 Stomp
29 Aromatherapy
35 Bulk Up
41 Double Edge

48 Wild Charge
54 Wood Hammer
60 Synthesis

66 Energy Ball
72 Zap Cannon
78 Hyper Beam

Caribolt's level up moveset is reminiscent of the other two deer, Stantler and Sawsbuck, with several kick and hoof moves, as well as several recoil attacks, but, as a Grass/Electric type, has several other staples of those types. Caribolt typically uses its body and antlers for attacks, bulking up and tackling, slamming, or otherwise making physical contact with most of its moves, but as it gets older and wiser, it learns to use its railgun antlers for more special attacks, most notably Energy Ball, Zap Cannon, and Hyper Beam. As an arctic caribou, Caribolt also has some weak ice-type coverage, summoning cold winds for its favorite environment, allowing it to carry scents towards it in order to be aware of predators.

CAP25G-1 Quick Attack
CAP25G-1, Powder Snow
CAP25G-1, CAP25G-2, Take Down

Quick Attack is the faster, but weaker version of CAP25G-2's Stomp. Powder Snow is the weaker version of CAP25G-2's Icy Wind. Take Down is the weaker version of Double Edge.

Wood Hammer (Chesnaught)
Power Whip (Chain-breeding through Venusaur)
Leech Seed (Chain-breeding through Venusaur)
Body Slam (Meganium)
Natural Gift (Pansage)
Boomburst (Exploud)
Thrash (Tauros)
Mega Kick (Mudsdale)
Leaf Storm (Serperior)
Aromatherapy (Sawsbuck)
Nature Power (Sawsbuck)
Flash (Stantler)
Present (Delibird)

As Stantler and Sawsbuck share the majority of their movesets, I felt that Caribolt should do much of the same, getting important moves from each other deer. Egg Moves and Tutor Moves are also the place for moves I didn't feel like fit in with Caribolt's level up moveset, such as several vine and seed moves. And finally, I included Flash and from Stantler and Present from Delibird, Flash and for the Rudolph reference, Present because Caribolt definitely resembles Santa's reindeer.

CAP 25 Celebration

Caribolt @ Bottle Cap
Level 50
Ability: Galvanize
Nature: Random
OT: Doug
ID: 478414
Met: 2018 Celebration CAP (fateful encounter)
Ribbon: Souvenir Ribbon
- Celebrate
- Solar Beam
- Lock On
- Zap Cannon

Christmas 2018

Caribolt @ Lava Cookie
Level 50
Ability: Galvanize
Nature: Jolly
OT: Santa
ID: 122518
Met: North Pole (fateful encounter)
Ribbon: Special Ribbon
- Present
- Aerial Ace
- Powder Snow
- Flash

The two events I wanted to distribute Caribolt at are the standard CAP25 Celebration event, holding a Silver Bottle Cap to signify CAP's silver anniversary, and Christmas 2018, with several moves and even Caribolt's nature and item referencing the jolly fat man and his reindeer flying over the fresh-fallen snow.

Knock Off
Rapid Spin

Hyper Voice
Shock Wave
Leech Seed
Seed Bomb
Worry Seed

Frenzy Plant
Grass Pledge

TM01 Work Up
TM05 Roar
TM06 Toxic
TM07 Hail
TM08 Bulk Up
TM10 Hidden Power
TM11 Sunny Day
TM15 Hyper Beam
TM17 Protect
TM21 Frustration

TM22 Solar Beam
TM24 Thunderbolt
TM25 Thunder
TM27 Return
TM32 Double Team
TM42 Facade
TM44 Rest
TM45 Attract

TM48 Round
TM49 Echoed Voice
TM53 Energy Ball
TM57 Charge Beam
TM59 Brutal Swing
TM68 Giga Impact
TM72 Volt Switch

TM73 Thunder Wave
TM75 Swords Dance
TM86 Grass Knot
TM87 Swagger
TM88 Sleep Talk
TM90 Substitute

TM91 Flash Cannon
TM93 Wild Charge
TM96 Nature Power
TM100 Confide

The TMs list also provides a few opportunities for ballistic or cannon-based flavor, Energy Ball, and Flash Cannon, some more physical-flavor, in Brutal Swing, some more moves to match vocal Hyper Voice, being Roar and Echoed Voice, while also rounding out Caribolt's typical Electric and Grass-type movepool. I've decided to remove Dazzling Gleam, however. I already have Rudolph flavor with Flash, I don't need SE coverage.

80 total moves

My movepool illustrates Caribolt as a growing elk, beginning his early days in physical conflicts of strength and brutality, but as he grows older and wiser, he begins to use his railgun antlers as more than just a means of physical attack, using them to blast powerful Special moves. Caribolt is a cold Pokemon, grown used to, intimately understanding, and thriving in his tough, unforgiving tundra environment, and I wanted his movepool to reflect that.
For fun, I've included some little reindeer and Christmas flavor, like Flash and Present, but still excluded things like Fly and Dazzling Gleam for being too competitive.
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First off, I'd like to thank everyone who's been involved with this thread. I'm extremely pleased with the number and quality of the submissions we've had, its clear that everyone put in a lot of work to make Caribolt as realistic as possible.

Getting onto business, our final slate consists of:
Granny Pie

Every submission that lacked Final Submission at the top of their post was disqualified. Roland le preaux's submission was disqualified because it lacked Leech Seed.

Once our TL reachzero gives his approval for this slate we'll move onto polling.
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