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Now that we have Dogfish44's movepool decided, we can determine if we want a flavor ability for Equilibra!


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Flower Gift
Full Metal Body
Fur Coat
Huge Power
Parental Bond
Power Construct
Primordial Sea
Prism Armor
Pure Power
RKS System
Shadow Shield
Shadow Tag
Shields Down
Slow Start
Soul Heart
Stance Change
Victory Star
Water Bubble
Wonder Guard
Zen Mode

Beast Boost
Electric Surge
Grassy Surge
Innards Out
Magic Bounce
Magic Guard
Misty Surge
Psychic Surge
Sand Stream
Snow Warning
Speed Boost


CAP 26 so far:

Dogfish44 said:
Name - The Future is Bright!

Description - A Pokemon that makes usage of the 'delayed-attack' moves - Future Sight and/or Doom Desire

Justification - Given we're attempting to create a Pokemon that uses one of two specific moves, this is an Actualisation concept. Future Sight and Doom Desire are incredibly unique moves, which see limited usage in spite of their high base power, and ability to have a target Pokemon struck twice in the same turn. In using CAP26, the aim is to create a Pokemon that inspires a feeling of being able to trap opponents, to establish win-win situations.

Questions To Be Answered -
One Pokemon which has been seen to fairly reliably use Future Sight is Slowking. What can we learn from Slowking about what makes a viable user of Future Sight? On the same token, what has led Jirachi to not be effective at using Doom Desire, and other Pokemon to not effectively use Future Sight?
What is the optimum usage of Future Sight/Doom Desire, both on the turn immediately after using the move, and the turn on which the move will land?
Should the user of Future Sight/Doom Desire be primarily helping itself, or other teammates. If helping itself, what is the aim? If helping teammates, then what types of teammate?
Are Z-Future Sight and Z-Doom Desire mandatory, or just useful tools?
Explantion - Doom Desire is almost one we've done before, as people from the era of Cawmodore probably remember. Whilst little has changed since then, we have seen Future Sight get another power level increase since then.

This isn't a case of using a move which we know can't be used - we can look to Slowking (Future Sight) or Dialga (Balanced Hackmons, Doom Desire) for inspiration on what makes these moves workable. At the same time, we know that they're not automatic locks in spite of their high base power, allowing us room to explore what makes these moves often fall flat.

The beauty of Future Sight and Doom Desire as concept leads is that they don't massively restrict our ability to choose a direction right from the gate - focussing on these moves for their ability to strike twice in a single turn likely produces a Pokemon that is very different from focussing on these moves for their ability to force specific Pokemon out for a teammate to switch in. Whether we create a Pokemon that breaks walls, or pivots around, or supports a very specific partner, or something else entirely, these moves make for a concept that should be both interesting to implement, and with many avenues to explore.
Topic Leader: SHSP

Topic Leadership Team:
Typing Leader: GMars
Ability Leader: Jordy
Stats Leader: Jho
Movepool Leader: G-Luke

Typing: Steel/Ground

SHSP said:
Switch Ins: Mega Crucibelle, Clefable, Tapu Koko, Most Tornadus-T, Magearna lacking Focus Blast

Counters: Celesteela, Rotom-Wash, Arghonaut, Chansey

Checks: Mega Latias and Latios, Ash Greninja, Volkraken, Mega Charizard X and Y, AV Tyranitar, Landorus-T, Ferrothorn
Primary Ability: Levitate

Stats: 102 HP / 50 Atk / 96 Def / 133 SpA / 118 SpD / 60 Spe

Secondary Ability: Bulletproof

Art Design:

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I think it is worth noting some interesting precedents in terms of how the combination of Levitate and other abilities on the same Pokemon are currently handled before making the decision to give Equilibra a flavour ability.

Of all of the canon pokemon to possess Levitate, only three have secondary abilities. Duskull who has a hidden ability, and Bronzor and Bronzong who both have a second ability and a hidden ability.

Considering that Duskull evolves out of Levitate, and that Equilibra has a pre evolution on the way, I think it is more appropriate to follow the example set by Bronzor and Bronzong. This is also appropriate in terms of the natural design similarities between Equilibra and Bronzong as animate object Pokemon.

As such I would recommend that yes, Equilibra have a flavour ability. I would also say that based on the fact that Bronzong's primary and secondary abilities are its immunities and its hidden ability albeit also somewhat of an immunity ability far less competitive, that Equilibra's flavour ability be its hidden ability.
Now that we have Dogfish44's movepool decided, we can determine if we want a flavor ability for Equilibra!

  • Flavor abilities do not have any place in this thread. Do not bring up flavor reasoning. Posts that rely on flavor reasoning will be deleted.
Isn’t this the flavor ability poll, though?

Anyways, the first thing that comes to mind for me is obviously Justified. It’s a scale using Doom Desire, it makes sense to me for it to get mad about Dark-type moves. And with a base 50 attack, and access to Levitate AND Bulletproof, there’s zero chance it will ever actually use it.


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I agree with both the above posts!

Justified is by far and away the best flavour ability choice. Not only is it associated with 'mystic' styled Pokemon (Absol, Lucario, Gallade, Musketeers), it also makes logical sense for a Pokémon defined by "Justice" to have the ability that is as close to Justice as you can get. I don't think there's really that much more to say beyond gushing over the appropriateness of the flavour, but honestly that's kind of sufficient ^^;
I have to say that I agree with all other posts here, I would have suggested Justified if nobody else did. Other options I could see being reasonable, though, would be Light Metal (already has Levitate), Illuminate (flavor is that it is the light of truth), and Inner Focus (being unflinching is a trait of absolute justice, I could see this being the route we go if we don't want to flavor Equilibra as embodying "heroic" justice).
I've liked the idea of Stall as the flavor ability. Stall makes the mon with the ability move last on the field. It reflects the idea of having the last say/final judgement for the turn.

I also think Pressure and Clear Body seem like ideal candidates for the flavor ability too.

Despite Equilibra not being close to a legendary BST, Doom Desire is a legendary exclusive move. I figured it would be appropriate to give Equilibra a fairly standard legendary ability that non-legendary Pokemon also have.

Clear Body also has similar reasoning. Equilibra reminds me a lot of the Regis.


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Furthering Justified. It fits so well with the theme of Equilibra's judge motif, and works as the entire point of law itself: rooting out evil. I also think Telepathy or Pressure could also do, with reading the testimony and the atmosphere of a courtroom respectively, but Justified is absolutely my frontrunner.
Justified is absolutely my favorite choice, just due to the strict sense of morality Equilibra has. I would like to raise concern regarding Pressure, however. While perhaps somewhat niche against Levitate, Pressure is an ability that I worry could outclass Bulletproof. Due to our bulk and ability to force opposing Pokémon into a bind as is, I worry Pressure might be a bit too competitive for a flavor ability.

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Everyone over here supporting Justified but I'm like this mon is literally a Keen Eye for justice. I mean, it is literally a keen eye.
First, I wanna say I agree totally with Justified as flavor ability, since I don't see another ability that fitting better with the Justice Pokémon.

Furthermore, I'd like to mention some abilities that I think worthy for discussion: Analytic (c'mon, it spends the day watching and analyzing and judging everything on its surroundings); Anticipation/Telepathy (Equilibra haves great prophetic and premonitory capabilities); Clear Body (keeps the Equilibra's stats balancing, preventing it to be impaired by maleficent 'mon); Early Bird/Insomnia (work with the idea that "the justice never sleeps", on the former "sleeps less"); Inner Focus/Steadfast (you can't stop the justice); Keen Eye/Sniper (the justice is accurate and it never fails); Light Metal (it's a slim lady and it doesn't seem a heavy 'mon anyway); Pressure/Unnerve (depicts the uncomfortable, tense atmosphere of judgements and courtrooms).

Lastly, I thought on add Magnet Pull and No Guard to the list, but I wasn't sure about them as they can, otherwise, outpass Bulletproof and, maybe, even Levitate.


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Yeah imma say Justified is looking the gucciest. Full support on that one. There's some weaker flavor abilities, but Justi just feels good
Furthermore, I'd like to mention some abilities that I think worthy for discussion: Analytic (c'mon, it spends the day watching and analyzing and judging everything on its surroundings);
This is a mon with 60 base Speed and with the Special Attack, stats, powerful attacks, and typing to force switches. No, I think Analytic is too powerful to be a flavour ability.


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Magnet Pull and Marvel Scale would both have enough utility on CAP26 to warrant them being used on competitive sets. The former would be very tempting to use on any Pokemon that has Ground-type STAB, while the latter gives a solid boost defensively that would impede some of our checks.

Justified seems like a great choice. Anger Point and Light Metal are good choices as well, especially the latter, which helps further cement that this is a Steel-type Pokemon.
I do like both Pressure and Unnerve, and I disagree that the former has any chance of viability. However I think Justified is by far the most flavorful option for a "scales of justice" mon.
Justified is the obvious choice. I would say Analytic would be a good possibility too, but I feel like it might actually be good competitively so it's probably not for the best.
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I definitely agree with Lectrys, Analytic would easily open up some wallbreaking sets because of Equilibra's 130+ Spatk and its ability to force switches.

I'm going to throw my support towards Justified too, its a harmless option that has lots of obvious great flavour.


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We think there's a clear consensus here, but we might as well do a big ol' poll, just to be safe :)
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