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Hello everyone. My PS name is Stall Guy. Ive been a member of Showdown since Mar 2013.

So a little about my background. Ive played a wide variety of metas and spent some time with the development of OM's such as Cross Evolution, Frantic Fusions, Frantic Fusions CAP, and I started playing CAP back in Gen 5 (Mollux is my fave CAP to this day).
Ive starting getting back into CAP and I am currently on the leader board. I want to get more active in the community beyond playing on PS and discussing in the CAP room.

Thank you so much for considering me!
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Hello, I am quziel.

I participated a fair amount in CAP26, helping to provide context to Future Sight usage in my home tier, NU, as well as posting on several of the competitive stages. I was also a starting SM slot for many of the weeks in the past CAPTT as a member of the CB Revenankhs.

In terms of other competitive knowledge, I have played NU for a fair while, and am currently part of the NU Viability Rankings Council, Quality Control team, and Room Staff. I have participated in the past three NUPLs.

Please tell me if there is anything I am missing.
Hello, I'm Blackdrakon30, also probably better known as Anima (Animaignis). I started participating in the CAP project during Crucibelle's process, and was honestly a fairly new player in the Pokemon Game as a whole, so I was pretty misinformed. But from CAP 21 to CAP 23, I became solid player and was able to evolve my knowledge of competitive Pokemon quite a bit. I was an extremely active user in the Pokemon Showdown CAP room for several years, and generally a fairly positive influence. I gained a decent reputation as a fairly strong player in terms of skills in-battle, and used to be fairly regularly on ladder, peaking pretty high with my Northern Blizzard account, though I don't remember the extact point where I capped. I was on the PRC for CAP 23, and was one of the main proponents of doing the CAP Update processes to update the situations of the older CAP Pokemon, to give them new tricks (or take some away).

I eventually had to leave because of Pokemon Showdown getting blocked on a school's internet, but in college now I'm interested in hopping back in a little more. We'll have to see about how much time commitment I can put in, but I figure I might as well put my name down at the very least.
Gday! I'm againa, I've been a consistent partaker in Create-A-Pokemon tournaments since early last year with some notable performances in the CAP 24 and CAP 26 playtest tournaments, being a semi finalist and finalist in the two respectively. In addition to competitive involvement I have been a close observer of the CAP project since the beginning of CAP 23 following discussion and voting in polls, with occasional contributions including submitting art for Pajantom and actively engaging in discussion on discord for the creation of the starter trio, for example, bringing up and giving support for grass/flying during the secondary typing stage. I also took part in the discussion for Equilibras recent nerf, explaining why I considered the removal of toxic and phasing to be our best option. By joining the prc team I hope to continue to provide insight and discussion that can push the CAP project and metagame forward.

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