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CAP 28 So Far

Topic Leadership Team:

Topic Leader: Mx
Typing Leader: quziel
Ability Leader: -Voltage-
Stats Leader: MrDollSteak
Movepool Leader: LucarioOfLegends

  • Name - Roadblock

  • Description - A Pokemon that excels at slowing down, punishing or otherwise disrupting the opposing team's pivoting strategies.

  • Justification - This is a Target concept, we are looking to shut down Teleport, U-turn, Volt Switch strategies in the meta, as well as targeting the abilities and items that enable them. Right now, Teleport has come to dominate the metagame, and the advent of Heavy Duty Boots and new Regen pivots has taken U-turn/TP on certain mons to a new high. Kril is also just as frustrating as before, spamming Volt Switch among others. Furthermore, pivoting goes beyond just moves- Toxapex, Tomohawk and Equilibra are well-known pivots that act as a mid-ground between 2 pokemon, usually scouting and sponging a hit before switching to something more appropriate.

  • Questions To Be Answered -
    -In what way(s) does pivoting most commonly manifest in the CAP meta?
    -What typings, abilities and items allow specific mons to become the strongest pivots, and how can we target these?
    -What do our target Pokemon gain from pivoting? Are they focused more on scouting information, sponging attacks, or dealing damage?
    -Is it possible to dissuade or even block pivoting attacks like U-turn using reactionary methods?
    -What are the difference between the direct methods and indirect methods of preventing pivoting, and which is appropriate for each target?
    -Do offensive or defensive playstyles work best for preventing different styles of pivoting?
    -Is it better in the current to create a blanket check to pivots, or a more tailored response to a few key pivoting mons/strategies?
Typing: Bug/Dragon

And time's up! As no one has posted any objections, I haven't made any changes to the list showed above.

CAP 28 Threatlist:
  • Checks and Counters: :azumarill::togekiss::Kerfluffle::jumbao::tomohawk: (only against physical sets):toxapex::dragapult::Syclant::weavile::stratagem:
  • Pressure::hydreigon::dragapult::pajantom::kommo-o::kyurem::cyclohm:
    :zeraora::krillowatt::mandibuzz::tomohawk::equilibra::excadrill::reuniclus::mew::jumbao:(at least offensive sets):amoonguss::ferrothorn::syclant::smokomodo::volcarona::alakazam::colossoil:
  • Situational switch ins::blissey::Hippowdon:(Only against mixed/special sets):rillaboom::tangrowth::rotom-heat::rotom-wash:
  • Safe switch ins::slowbro::slowking:(Teleport/Scald/Future Sight/Slack Off sets)

A few notes regarding this list:
  1. This is supposed to represent how CAP 28 should be expected to perform based on concept and typing alone, later stages might alter this list drastically.
  2. Being capable of switching safely into Slowbro and Slowking, immediately forcing out Blissey, and pressuring Steel-types should be our main priorities in order to achieve our concept.
  3. Given that our current list of switch ins is very limited, adding more switch ins (either situational or safe) should be another main point of discussion on later stages.
  4. Lowering the number of checks and counters to CAP 28 should also be considered, but it's not required and should not take priority over the previous 2 points, as that list is already rather small.
Primary Ability: Neutralizing Gas
Stats: 85 HP / 135 Atk / 60 Def / 115 SpA / 85 SpD / 89 Spe
Secondary Ability: Compound Eyes



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