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Final Submission

It's a movie raptor made of literal film. It's designed after an inaccurate depiction of deinonychosaurs popularized by Jurassic Park, but this variant has been used in various media.


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With the possible inclusion of Coil in the movepool, I wanted to explore a more sinuous design. I took inspiration from the Jurassic Park franchise's Dilophosaurus. I made a quick gif to highlight the dynamism of the design that won't be present in my final sub if I proceed with this design. The erratic color shifting would be similar to how Aurorus' sails change colors with its animations.

This chromatic carnivore dazes its foes with flashing colors before dousing them with debilitating toxins from its gullet. When not agitated, its frill folds up and it adapts a more neutral color palette.


We have the technology.
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Hello again, artists! I'm back again to give you an update from this post from over a month ago. We're at a place in the CAP29 process where we can safely predict some general dates on when the next few parts of the process will take place. Take a look:

Stat Limits Discussion: March 19th (Friday)​
Stat Spread Submissions: March 29th (Monday)​
Stat Spread Poll 2: March 31th (Wednesday)​
Art Submissions: April 4th (Sunday)​

We've just ended Stat Limits Discussion today, and we'll be having stat spread submissions for roughly a week. Between the Topic Leadership Team and the moderators, we decided to give stat spreads a few more days than a normal process to accommodate for both them and you;(Equilibra also had 10 days of submitting stats, but both Astrolotl and Miasmaw were around 7 days). That means polling for these stats will end approximately on Wednesday, March 31st. Since CAP29 is likely to not have a secondary ability at all (Tadasuke (our Ability TL) and I have been monitoring this together), that means y'all will have a complete picture of what CAP29 looks like competitively at that time, sans movepool.

We've also decided to preemptively stretch the art submission deadline past the typical 48 hour recommendation to Sunday, April 4th, giving artists a few weekdays and an entire weekend to get their submissions finalized (96 hours). If you feel this is still not enough time, please contact a CAP moderator and let them know about your request for more time. We felt that this would be enough time to allocate to artists without delaying the process too much. Thank you all for your time!

As a final comment, I was chatting with some of the Topic Leadership Team casually about art yesterday. We are all super impressed with your contributions; it is a great feeling when a CAP has a healthy smattering of amazing designs to choose from. Many of these encapsulate the unique competitive niche of CAP29 and Color Change, and I couldn't be more proud of your hard work. Keep it up!


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Temporary File.png

  • Simplified pattern on throat sac
  • Made pink "splatters" on body 3D instead of a 2D pattern
  • Added preliminary "real" shading
  • Made the eyes more "interesting"
  • Cleaned up the "drips" around its feet to look less messy (but still drippy)
  • Tilted the head to make it look more 3D
  • Exaggerated the arm proportions ("gorilla arms")
  • Made it chew on a stick to look "cool" :P
  • Tweaked hair "dye" pattern above eye
We seem to be getting big stats (lowest BST submitted as of yet is 575, median is 600), so I feel like I'd either need to make this more of a Zeraora/Zarude or change my design entirely. .3.

Thanks to feedback from: AmamamA, Anacrusis, Darquezze306, KoA, Mos-Quitoxe, MrDollSteak, Pipotchi, Psy The Psychic Boss, stall guy

Edit: Made the stick less lopsided in shape after feedback from: golurkyourself, kjnjkmjk1, Mos-Quitoxe. Might change it more or remove it entirely.
Edit 2: It seems like people are divided on what, if anything, to put into this design's mouth, so I'll leave it up to a poll HERE. Thank you for any feedback you leave on this design!
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Seriously, a Pokemon with a Poison/Dark type and Color Change is just screaming to have a mad scientist aesthetic going on. The idea of this is that the design in question has a weird, luminous cloak (that acts somewhat similar to Hawlucha's wings in how they're attached to the edges of its arms) which rapidly changes in colors to signify the Color Change idea behind it. I also threw in some hypnotic symbols both in its eyes, hands, and tail shape, and am trying to utilize more rounded, bulging shapes for the design to sort of create a feeling of discombobulation and a sort of mania.

I will probably try to get some angles that show what's underneath the cloak as well as I continue to work on this, but I almost like the idea of it keeping its main body a secret and using its cloak as a sort of "mad scientist's grand invention for combat" kind of thing. I'll figure that out! Anyway here's this for now!


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Final Submission

chameleon harlequin :)
kind of a stretch but clowns are dark type in real life and chameleons can be poisonous i think. clowns can also change color which is why color change is appropriate.

thanks to everyone over at discord for helping me shape the design and its colors!
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Okay a new direction given how stats are going. Punkupine is now.. a glam rocker/anime villain who absorbs and turns an opponents power against them. Also still rainbow scratch paper oh and some tanuki features for a bit more shapeshiftery.

Edit: adjusted colors/hands and feet
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DATE: MARCH 31, 2021
TIME: 13:50
On March 16th 16:00 Standard Galar Time, local law enforcement received a call from a private security company reporting a failure to respond from one of their contracted officers. The officer was assigned to an unlicensed Pokemon research laboratory located on the outskirts of the Crown Tundra. The nature of the research at the facility was not declassified at this time. Local law enforcement were sent to investigate and arrived on the scene at 17:11 SGT.

Upon arrival, law enforcement found the perimeter fence and automatic door severely damaged. A section of the fence and the entire door appear to have been corroded away, creating a gap large enough for a medium-sized Pokemon or person to fit through. Footprints of an unknown Pokemon and multiple sets of human footprints were found in the snow around the corroded openings. The International Police Investigative Department was contacted at 17:40 SGT. Agents “Salon Maiden” and “Looker” were posted in Galar at the time and reassigned to inspect the situation. Law enforcement sheltered in vehicles during this time. Interpol Agents arrived on the scene at 18:50 SGT.

“Salon Maiden” and “Looker” entered the facility alongside local law enforcement. Power was out in the building; damage from a Pokemon battle was present on the walls and ceilings of the central hallway and lobby area. Puddles of noxious Acid were present throughout the hallway. The electrical and storage room door was open. A large spill of unknown liquid was found in the middle of the room. The liquid was highly viscous and shifted in color when exposed to light. Agents tried to collect a sample, but the sampling container quickly corroded upon contact with the liquid. Fabrics from a lab uniform were found around the spill, appearing partially melted. All restrooms, personal quarters, and kitchen did not appear to have been disturbed.

The primary research laboratory door was open. The room contained a large machine of unknown nature that appeared to be severely damaged. Attached to the machine were fluid-filled glass cylinders containing several embryonic Tyrunt and Archen. Adjacent to the machine intact fossils were located on a shelf behind a broken glass window; the catalog of fossils included several fossils that appeared to be from undiscovered species of Pokemon. Fossils were confiscated by law enforcement. Interpol agents investigated nearby documents and confirmed the facility to be a fossil Pokemon resurrection lab. Life support to the resurrection machine was disrupted due to hardware damage. One glass cylinder appeared to have been broken from the inside; a light green fluid and broken glass formed a large puddle around the base.

Given the state of the laboratory, damage to the building and surrounding area, and information from documents in the facility, agents determined that the incident classifies as a GNE-SCT 2.4.22: Genetic Modification of Extinct Pokemon for Malicious Purposes. An International Red Alert has been issued for the Galar Region indicating the presence of an unknown dangerous Pokemon. “Salon Maiden” and “Looker” were immediately reassigned to Case G8-21C7. The unknown Pokemon has been given the temporary code name of "CAP29."

End Summary.

I am leaning hard into that 600 BST to give my design that mythical/legendary vibe, although pseudo-legendary wouldn't be out of the question either. My design is sort of a love letter to Jurassic Park, from the genetic modification to the dangerous dinosaur escape to the Dilophosaurus frill itself. I think it can lend itself to the stats pretty well, as that scaly skin provide ample defense! I am undecided admittedly on the frill's ability to collapse; I think that would be a bridge to cross at 3D modeling.
The background is that a new fossil was discovered by some not-so-wholesome scientist and used as a test for genetic modification of extinct Pokemon, kind of similar to good ol' Genesect. The Poison-typing is something of a callback to Jurassic Park using the DNA of a frog to modify the genetic code of its dinosaurs, and who is a better frog than Croagunk??

The long neck and curly tail help feed into the idea of it using Coil, and the reflective multicolor frill is clearly for Color Change. The eerie flashing eyes and smile are meant to invoke discomfort and sinister intent, to really capture the Dark-type flavor.

Thank you for everyone who helped me out with feedback! This was a fun design to do and I am looking forward to the next one.
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Final Submission


Supporting Material

. . . .
General Info/Flavor | Dealing w/ Counters | Full Image (3000×3000)
When it was decided that CAP 29 would be a Poison/Dark setup sweeper with Color Change and the possibility of having Calm Mind and/or Coil, I initially had trouble coming up with a design that fit the criteria we had up until that point. While I already had four completely distinct designs on the table, none of them matched every parameter we had set for CAP 29. As luck would have it, I was explaining the CAP process to my mom of all people, and she ended up scribbling what might possibly be the crudest source of inspiration to ever grace the Fakemon community: A formless, faceless entity with a bulky upper body and a thin, serpentine lower half. By all accounts, a sane person would consider this some vain attempt at artistry, the result of decades of neglect for one's innate creativity.

But you see, you're not dealing with the average sane person anymore.

It was in this seemingly uninterpretable mess of lines that I came up with the perfect design for CAP29: A belly-dancing nagi/lamia with mood ring crystals adorning its body. Since no one up until that point had thought to integrate mood rings into their design, I felt that it had untapped potential for a Color Change 'mon. And the transition from shoddy sketch to Sugimori-style sublimity couldn't be more drastic.
Much of the aforementioned bulk of its upper body takes the form of an enormous mood crystal on the back of its cobra hood, which, in conjunction with the gem on its forehead, simultaneously invokes the image of a large turban, as well as various long-haired Middle Eastern/Indian royalty figures and entertainers wearing hair ornaments (characters such as Jasmine from Disney's Aladdin and Shantae from the eponymous game series come to mind). Additionally, this draws some parallels to Pokémon like Orbeetle and Beheeyem, who sport similarly large craniums and have quite the defensive stat spread. Of course, Pokémon is also no stranger to designs with gems or orbs somewhere on them, and many of these designs tend to be inclined towards special or mixed attacking.

Meanwhile, its serpentine lower half easily gets across its high Speed stat, and justifies the potential of learning Coil. Long, clawed fingers, large forearms and a whip-like tail also help to portray the use of more physically oriented moves such as Knock Off. The design's mystical and exotic nature also lends itself well to moves like Calm Mind, as well as recovery options such as... well, Recovery, which is learned naturally by similar Pokémon like Alakazam, Starmie, Milotic and Medicham.
Overall, I think this is one of my strongest CAP designs thus far, and I can't wait to see what competitive insanity CAP cooks up in the future to inspire more potential designs.

As always, a big, BIG thanks to the people over on the CAP Discord! Also, huge shoutout to my brother for getting me access to Photoshop/Illustrator for this project (as well as future projects outside of CAP), and of course, my mom and her handiwork for the initial brainstorm!

Best of luck, all! May the best 'mon win! ;)
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Final Submission

Challenging as this CAP was, I think my art concept this time came out the smoothest. There haven't been many changes since the project moved onto the typing and this guy's motif was confirmed, so let's move onto the parts that everyone came here for!

Supporting Material


The initial idea was a lizard/chameleon with a focus on artistic talent, represented by the extended tongue with a drip of paint on a brush-shaped tip. Following the Dark/Poison-type, its theme was changed to that of a tattoo artist, with a somewhat brutish build that supported the "bulky" setup approach that the project was turned towards for CAP 29 to succeed, despite the potential detriments of its ability. Its claws drip with the same fluid as its tongue, shaped like needles to inject ink with, indicating a need for careful precision on top of its physical build. Tattoos are used as a medium of change to indicate its type switching, while spikes sell the Dark typing, using a distribution of long spines and short studs to give a menacing appearance without overcomplicating or exaggerating it for most Pokemon designs. Given the stat spreads leaning towards a high BST, this guy's slightly musclebound appearance is also meant to allude to pseudo-legends or Mythicals like Zarude or Kommo-o, also allowing for flexibility between physical sets involving Coil or special sets with Calm Mind.

Supporting Art

How I imagine CAP 29's Colour Changing works
- inasmuch as it's not practical for models, the tattoos morphing seem like the most interesting way for the ability to work​

Please don't sue me Alice Cooper
or, as KoA put it, "lizard and toxitricity woul totally either be stage bros or arch rivals"​

Final Thoughts
This is my 3rd CAP process contributing to art and it's a sharp reminder of how steep the competition is - and at the same time, how supportive the competition is too. I'll just say that if you haven't already popped on the CAP Discord server, you really should! You'll find a group of folks who not only want the best out of you, but also work with you to make that happen. Thanks to everyone who's had their fun with this concept and we'll see you after "Polls Day, my dudes".
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WIP (more like RIP lol)

Hey y’all. It’s been a while. Got pretty busy with school for a while there, but I’m 100% planning to send in a final submission Thanks for all the kind comments as always. Y’all are so helpful. I’m loving a lot of these other designs being posted as well!!

Anyway, I’m really down to a final decision for the design concept itself and then I’ll grind away at the final sub. I just keep going back and forth between the owl and the lizard, so (like others) I made a poll! These are obviously just sketches for now, I promise the final versions will be a lot more polished.


Any other feedback will be extremely appreciated as well!! Thanks!


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This is a reminder that you have a little under one week to make your final submissions! Please make sure to format your final submission post correctly as described in the opening post to avoid being disqualified.
Final Submission

The fog throne pokemon!
It's based on an Ōgama, a frog yokai that breathes rainbows, and the "hippie stoner" stereotype, along with psychedelic print.

Supporting Material

The design seems pretty mixed stat-appearance-wise, as both the cloud and frog are large, solid shapes, indicating Def, and it has a kind of "mystical" energy that works for SpD/SpA, but the sharp spear-tongue gives credence to physical attacks. Because he's large, slow speeds make some sense, but the cloud zipping around also makes some sense. As for color change, the clouds themselves are the changing aspect, and the frog breathes out a large type-based cloud each time it is hit, to add to its throne.
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I say WIP, but this is pretty much finished. Just posting a WIP and finalizing tomorrow after I add more supplemental work. Vampire bat was cool, but the stats were not favoring him well at all.

In any case, this lil goo-ster is a beastie based off of Gelatinous Cubes in concept, with physical cues taken from the Devil series of robots from the Megaman franchise, specifically the Rainbow Devil from Megaman Zero 1 and 2. The inspiration for the design overall was Doug's old Mollux submission, Hazmutt.

The idea behind this guy is that its gelatinous body refracts light so perfectly that it is virtually invisible even in broad daylight. This makes it the ultimate ambush predator, for it can choose to either lie in wait and strike, or merely lay in a location where prey will eventually walk inside its body, becoming trapped within its mass and slowly being digested by the acids that build up its body. Oftentimes, prey doesn't completely break down and pieces of indigestible bits remain lodged within the body for so long. In fact, the presence of floating body parts is often all that gives the beast's position away if one pays attention.

Do not think yourself safe from a direct confrontation either though. While preferring to save energy by lying in wait for prey, it is perfectly capable of chasing down meals itself, often using parts of its own body as projectiles, acting as a sticky bomb of sorts. By being gelatinous, this Pokemon is capable of changing its size and form at will, furthering its hunting capabilities. It has even been observed using the body parts within itself for attack as well.

The Pokemon's true form is literally nothing but a pile of gelatinous ooze. The skull is there to give it a sense of body definition and to give a cohesive design to the beast overall. It fits flavor well too that it uses remains from its victims to further add to its mass too. While the color scheme could be technically anything, I settled on the green and blue because it shows off poison typing well, but the blue also adds to its ability to appear transparent too. The Dark typing is emphasized through the nature of how this monster hunts and uses the bodies from its victims after. Also I can't imagine anything more Dark then being slowly digested by gelatinous acid that you can't break free from. Finally, the ability is justified through the way the body can become completely invisible, as well as being able to shift hues on a whim.

I was working on this off and on for a few weeks, but since we decided to make this cap a more legendarily touched mon than normal, I figure this design could fit well no matter what BST gets decided, because this Pokemon can cheat and make its body change to whatever stat spread you want lol.

Thanks for bearing with me as I attempt to wrap this cap up. I enjoyed working out of my comfort zone with this guy and am wholeheartedly pleased with the result!
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Gravity Monkey

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Final Submission

Painting lion! This mon is (loosely) based on cubist imagery and on the greek chimera, borrowing elements from a lion, a snake and a goat (the pseudo-horns).

Supporting Material

Poison/Dark: idk I think it looks like it lol
Color Change: It's a painting, and like painting are associated with colors and can be changed
600 BST: Dude looks like a legendary
High Spa: Game Freak has established that lions have high Spa with pyroar so oop
High Bulk: idk its imposing
Coil: snake tail
Scald: ????

Doodles & stuff for 3D
Full res
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Final Submission

Temporary File.png

This is my cartoon greaser frog. :) Its constantly secretes ink from its body, and it can stretch like rubber!

  • Reposed this to make it easier to draw with Zeraora/Zarude-like proportions.
  • Reposed this to make the pose a lot more energetic.
  • Made spots on throat rings instead of circles.
  • Gave the eye ridge an additional spike.
I'd still like to make some edits to the ink dripping off the arms and the shape of the legs, but I want to make this post before I forget.

Thanks to: Golurk (for suggestion on posing), Mos-Quitoxe (for feedback on posing the head to show off the shape of the pompadour), and everyone who voted in the last post!

Supporting Material

Dynamic PunchPrevious Version
Temporary File 4.png
Temporary File 1.png

  • 20's cartoon aesthetic:
    • Steamboat Willie (Pete)
    • Cuphead (Ribby and Croaks)
    • Epic Mickey (Mickey Mouse, specifically this concept art)
    • Steven Universe (Spinel)
  • greasers (50's, Grease in particular)
  • Psychedelic art (60's)
  • "Mascot with Attitude" (90's)
  • Poisonous frogs (poison dart frog, fire-bellied toad)
  • StephXPM's Skemur
  • Apparently I made a Jojo character!
  • Head
    • Hair
      • Originally designed as a mane/paintbrush (see post), turned into a greasy pompadour
      • Doesn't make sense since the animal the design was based on was switched to a frog. :P
      • Patterns on hair styled after greased hair/hair dye/brush with paint on it
    • Eye
      • Shape inspired by Greninja, Kamina glasses
      • Turned that into the eye shape of a horned toad + ink splatter
      • Iris is shaped like like the "pie with slice taken out" eye from old cartoons
    • Mouth/throat
      • Cartoony, calarts style teeth
      • Throat resembles the trope of the giant manly chin
      • Spots inspired by frog patterns
      • Spots resemble blotchy skin/facial hair
      • Spots resemble leopard spots, which are a pattern found in fabrics
  • Body
    • Arms
      • Styled after the "Rubber Hose Limbs" of 20's cartoon characters
      • Has white, bulbous hands that resemble white cartoon gloves
      • Has ink drips coming off the arms resembling those things that hang off ruffled shirts
    • Torso
      • Patterns inspired by ink splatters
      • Bright underside inspired by frog patterns
    • Legs
      • Rubber hose legs
      • Feet resemble big cartoon shoes
      • Has ink dripping down the bottom of the feet
  • Colors
    • Black/white inspired by inkblot cartoons
    • Yellow/red are classic Mickey Mouse colors, but the red became hot pink, as it's more poisonous and punk
    • Lime green is bright yet signals poison (both as in acid and how poisonous frogs are bright)
    • Purple is an inky, poisonous color
    • Shading uses a green tint to give it a grungy feel
  • Pose
    • Exaggeratedly cool "finger gun" pose
    • Inspired by the choreography of "Grease Lightning" :P
Other thoughts: I thought that Dark/Poison with Color Change lent well to ink-inspired designs, and potential moves like Coil and Scald would lend itself well to a squid sort of thing, but I ended up on the platform of "not another CAP with tentacles". ^^;

Dark/Poison typing
  • Poison dart frogs are naturally poisonous
  • Ink is dark and "pollutes" water
  • The greaser subculture is considered rebellious and tough
  • A "greasy" personality alludes well to a Dark typing
Color Change
  • Inks are often used to color something in
  • Early cartoons often had inconsistent designs/inking
  • Psychedelic art tends to evoke this
Required Moves
  • Calm Mind: Greasers are often seen as "cool" and laid-back.
  • 50% recovery: Recover is probably the best fit? While no other frog Pokemon get the move, Kecleon, the other Color Change Pokemon, gets the move, and it gets distributed to melt-y creatures like Magcargo and Alcremie.
  • Sludge Bomb: Universal on Poison-types.
  • Dark Pulse: Near-universal on Dark-types.
Optional Moves:
  • Coil: Rubber hose cartoons can bend in all manners of crazy shapes (see the example image in the TV Tropes link above), and this guy can stretch the same way. Alternatively, if we don't get Coil, it doesn't look too out of place if it's not granted.
  • Strength Sap: This is a pretty hard fit, since all of the existing Pokemon who get it are Grass- or Ghost-type, which thematically can drain an opponent's strength. Maybe as a Dark-type, it could do so by being a bully?
  • Gunk Shot: This is a pretty widespread move, where 'mons like Greninja get it. At the same time, it's not universal among Poison-types, so it doesn't look out of place without it.
  • Knock Off: It has the limbs to slap down an opponent's item. '3'
  • Scald: Scald has been given out to aquatic Pokemon even if they're not Water-types, like Crabrawler, Pinchurchin, and Stunfisk, and frogs being amphibious can fit that trait.
  • Ice Beam: This is also a bit of a hard fit by typing alone. Very few Poison- and Dark-type Pokemon get Ice Beam without being Ice- or Water-typing as well, and there's nothing in the design that suggests Ice. There are some frogs out there that freeze themselves in the winter, but I don't think this one is one of those.
  • The stats that we got have a BST of 600, which suggests a Pseudo-Legendary, Legendary, or Mythical Pokemon. As described above, the Pokemon's build is designed after Pokemon like Zeraora or Zarude, which are Mythical Pokemon with the same BST. You can imagine his design like a specially-leaning Zarude that's a little slower.
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A psychedelic deer. Based on decomposing, Chronic Wasting Disease (aka zombie deer disease), and how deer will intentionally seek out psychedelic mushrooms.
Might post supporting art if I get around to it before the deadline.
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Final Submission

It’s a shapeshifter owl that uses masks to change its type. It’s based on barn owls and great horned owls, drawing inspiration from theater masks, ancient animal masks from various cultures (and, in earlier phases of the process, masked assassins and hitmen). Also probably ink/sludge, vultures, vampires, and the phantom of the opera.

For flavor purposes, there’d be 18 masks to choose from and they would change the entire appearance of the mon when applied, but in general it only chooses to display a few.

If I get time between all my schoolwork...


Sorry, I thought anteaters were real
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Final Submission

Supporting Material

Saw the stats wanted a legendary, so I decided to attempt a mon to try to fit in with the other 600bst pixies we have. This mon is a combination of both of my earlier submissions; The cloak and "job" of assassin from the vampire bat, and the gelatinous body from the crawling slime. The main body is a gelatinous acid that is highly corrosive and malleable, yet refracts light so well that it remains invisible even in broad daylight, with only the cloak giving away her position. Unfortunately, by the time the fabric is noticed, the prey has either already walked inside the body of this Pokémon, or it has gotten close enough for her to spring to form and swiftly deliver comeuppance.

Being gelatinous, she has the ability to shift form and color at will. This Pokémon is content either waiting for prey, or chasing it down. If enveloped within its body, the acids within the body slowly digest whatever poor victim they've caught, adding to its biomass and granting strength.

I don't usually do designs like this, so this was a fun change of pace. I know it probably will draw some parallels with Crucibelle, but hopefully the differences between the two are strong enough to not matter. Honestly, gelatin was such a fun texture to paint and I think being transparent gives a new dimension to the body type and also offers a nice chance to watch your favorite Pokémon be dissolved alive, slowly.
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