CAP 29 - Part 2 - Primary Ability Poll 2

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Emergency Exit
Color Change

Defeatist is, in my opinion, the most incredibly boring of the bunch
It's just a flat stat penalty, so it doesn't really open up any new or different ways to play around with it.
It basically just closes off your options of attacking when you're too low on health
It's on-concept, but it's so binary in its effect that it sounds dull to me.

Color Change is one I'm dubious about whether it even can be made good, but would absolutely be interested in seeing an attempt.
"Can a pokemon with inconsistent power and defenses be made viable" is the question to answer here, and if nothing else the end result would be entirely unique.

Emergency Exit is my personal choice, and while there were concerns of making "Golisopod 2.0" in the thread, the more I thought about it the more I realize just how many options EE has that Golisopod doesn't typically use. A free negative priority switch, and one that potentially still allows for another attack earlier that turn can be a great benefit, but the fact that it's non-optional and primarily up to the opponent makes it unwieldy. It has the greatest potential of actually turning out a pokemon that is good not just in spite of its typically bad ability, but perhaps even because of it.
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