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Two. I think Grav's Design is perfect for a pseudo, so i think it should get 2 pre evos. However, i certainly wouldn't mind if it was a legendary/mythical as well, that would be cool too
None; Doesn't need it, looks like a straight up legendary and only other Color Change mon is also a single stage mon. Additional Meta reasoning; Lowering its BST would also make it less appealing in LC CAP then it is in standard CAP so I doubt it would be even worth the effort to make it for that.


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  • The only official mon with color change doesn't evolve.
  • It has similar energy to the gen 6 mythicals (hoopa, magearna, volcanion).
None or One. For me it doesn't look like a three stage pokemon. But, althought I could see it as mythical like Magearna, Heatran or Zarude, I can't help but feel like it needs some pre-evo like Urshifu or Melmetal could have. I don't know why, without one something feel out of the place, empty. (Or maybe because I subconsciently want to see a cute painting kitten). :bloblul:
Furthermore, most legendaries typically have abstract or natural concepts that they're based on; [...] Landorus is based on Harvest [...] paint is a very literal and human-made thing. Now obviously there are exceptions to this (the glaring ones being Volcanion and Magearna), but its safe to say that the majority of the legendary concepts are either abstract or nature-based.
Harvest, while dependent on natural rhythms, is a human action. There also already exists an explicitly art-based mythical, as Meloetta is based on singing and dancing. A deeper backstory can also be defined now that the design has been chosen.

I would have no strong opposition to Two pre-evolutions thus creating another pseudo-legendary, but considering the CAP project already has "standard" roles filled with starters and one pseudo-legendary I think this is a good opportunity to keep going with an actual mythical. None.


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100% a Mythical and fulfilling this quota in CAP (with a sorta sig ability to boot) would be awesome! Save the pre-evos for another concept.
None or One

Mythical, legendary or otherwise, I don't think this really needs more than a single prevo. Of all the existing feline mons, only two lines (Incineroar and Luxray) consist of a three-stage evolution. And as much as I would love to see this thing get a lion cub prevo in the same vein as something like Cubfu, the vast majority of users so far seem to agree on 29 being a standalone design.

As has been said many times before, I feel like this mon could work as a proper legendary or mythical in the same vein as Heatran, Zarude or Volcanion.
I think it should have two because it has starter vibes and if this WAS real, gamefreak would make prevos to get you very attached to the pokemon. it just makes sense to me. It also looks like a legendary, maybe it can guard a important legendary?

Every time I look at this design, I keep thinking it grows from a cub that looks decidedly more juvenile than it - and does not have an awkward intermediate adolescent stage messing it up. I can't see this being a legendary/mythical, and this doesn't look like a pseudo-legendary to me, either.


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The design screams mythical. Especially among the lines of a Hoopa, and its art theme reminds me a lot of Meloetta which is heavily based around the idea of singing in both its ability and moveset. Also in concept, it being based partially on chimeras says something of its power as chimeras are nearly exclusively used as powerful and rare creatures so it being a mythical here would also be fitting to exemplify that it is a powerful rare Pokemon. Pseudos have never had a theme in their design concept unless you count dragapult having its dreepys in its head, while it's fairly common for mythicals to be entirely built around their concept(like hoopa, meloetta, genesect, darkrai, volcanion, and magearna are perfect examples of that).


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None or Two

I am heavily on the None side for two major reasons: Stats, and Design. The stats being a whopping 600 bst pulls it further from being a "regular" Pokemon, and its design being more on the simple side makes it weirder to make derivatives of, (designing prevos). I'm usually on the side to give prevos to CAPmons but this is a rare case where I believe it just fits better as a standalone, non-evolving legendary/mythical Pokemon similar to Heatran and the Regi's.

However, I still think that it would be neat for it to have Two prevos, as many have stated that it could work extremely well as a psuedo.

I am very Against One, because it just feels a bit weird to have a single mon move straight into a 600 bst evolution. The only Pokemon to do this is Meltan, which feels very much like an outlier considering its lore and extremely unique evolution method.


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Just a reminder that this is the discussion thread--if you want to post here, please make sure that you're contributing something to the discussion!

As for my thoughts: I could see this going any of the three options, given that we have precedence in all cases with Pokemon with a BST of 600. However, I feel like it doesn't fit the exact mold of a pseudo-legendary. All of the pseudo-legendaries seem to focus more designing a "cool monster" (or cute, as Goodra is), and the ability isn't a defining trait of the Pokemon. Meanwhile, this design puts heavy attention on the art motif, and its ability is a defining trait. I agree with Tenshi that these traits make it match something like Meloetta more in how thematic it is. In addition, while this is mainly opinion, I think the design seems like a "unique encounter" rather than an entire species, which also tips it towards legendary/mythical flavor.
Honestly the arguments based on design seem weak to me as they are all based on personal opinion. "Looks legendary" is awfully subjective, as legendaries don't share any design characteristics. We do have the 600 BST which is decidedly characteristic of a pseudo-legendary. Most of the legendaries also come in groups, which is not true of CAP29. It might be fun to develop a CAP legendary trio, but that's not what we are doing. Legendaries also tend to be high-powered but CAP29 has an impairing ability that will keep it from being so powerful.
I agree with the (also subjective) opinion that it would be fun to develop to pre-evos, that could play off the art theme. How about a Dali and a Rothko early form? How would color change be leveraged in the LC metagame? Or the NFE? The pre-evo process could explore those questions.
Two pre-evos is what I would go for.
As Quanyails points out, their abilities don't tend to be a defining trait for pseudo-legendaries, but the same is true for legendaries. So it doesn't seem like the centrality of the ability argues in either direction.
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Many people here have said that it should be a pseudo due to its stats, but I disagree. Every pseudo has very uneven stats, and every but one (Metagross) has one stat significantly higher than the others. Cap 29 only has 3 unique values, and 115 is very low for the highest stat.

As for the design, while it does appear large and bulky like many other pseudos, I'd counter in that it shares this quality with the mythical Volcanion. These points may be nitpicks, but I wanted to bring up how its stats don't lend themselves to a pseudo as many have said so far.

All in all, I think CAP 29 resembles a mythical Pokemon more than a pseudo, and should not have any pre-evolutions.

Pseudo-legendary time, go. Okay, but seriously, this thing looks like a very fun pseudo-legendary Pokemon and I think its general size and majesty should be built up to. Also, how often do we have three-stage cat lines in Pokemon? Not often, as far as I recall.
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