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Name: Giratina-style Forms

Description: This CAP has an out-of-battle form change like Giratina- the form change is only accessible through holding an unremovable custom item like Griseous Orb.

-The mons, like Giratina, will share its typing, and movepool.
-The abilities can be completely different between forms.
-The stats can be different between forms, while maintaining the same base total. Note that this does not need to swap offenses and defenses like Giratina's forms, though this is not to exclude that option either. The way that stats differ between these two mons should be decided at the stats stage.
Name - Optimized Ability

Description - This CAP would seek to utilize one or more Abilities which are, at face value, competitively viable, but which are only found on unviable or excessively niche Pokémon, or are paired with objectively better Abilities. The goal is to explore how these Abilities could impact the metagame if they were properly utilized.

Justification- Archetype: This CAP seeks to explore one or more underutilized Abilities which could have a meaningful impact on the metagame, but are rarely or never seen because of the Pokémon they are found on, or the other Abilities they have to compete with. With two Forms we can explore the same Ability from two differant angles, or explore two differant Abilities, providing us with greater insight into how these traditionally neglected Abilities could function.

Questions To Be Answered-
  • Why are some Abilities seen as better or more viable than others? Is it strictly a function of the Ability itself, or are other factors involved? What are those factors?
  • What new strategies become available with optimized Abilities? Are these strategies competitively viable, or just gimmicks?
  • Are there Abilities that may have been overlooked or disregarded because of poor utilization? Are some worth a second look, even if they lack immediate competitive merit?
CAP30i Primary Ability: Tinted Lens
CAP30i Role: Utility Wallbreaker
Typing: Poison / Flying
CAP30b Primary Ability: Stamina
CAP30b Role: Tank

(safe) :hippowdon: :jumbao:
(situational) :buzzwole: :garchomp: :landorus-therian: defensive)
(shaky) :astrolotl: :clefable: :rillaboom: :tapu fini: :tornadus-therian
(stretch/optional): :dragapult: :heatran:

:dragapult: :kyurem: :syclant: :tapu koko: :tapu lele: :urshifu-rapid-strike: :weavile: :zeraora:

:Arctozolt: (in hail) :syclant: :tapu koko: :tapu lele: : :weavile: :zeraora:

:toxapex: Steel-types
(if physical 30i) :slowbro:
(if special 30i) :blissey: :slowking: :slowking-galar:
(safe) :arghonaut: :clefable: :colossoil:(utility) :hippowdon: :jumbao: :landorus-therian:(defensive) :rillaboom:
(shaky) :slowking: :slowking-galar: :tapu fini: :toxapex:

:dragapult: :kyurem: :syclant: :tapu koko: :tapu lele: :urshifu-rapid-strike: :weavile: :zeraora:
(if physical 30i) :heatran:
(if special 30i) :melmetal:

:Arctozolt: (in hail) :syclant: :tapu koko: :tapu lele: :weavile: :zeraora: Steel-types w/o recovery

(if physical 30i) :skarmory: :slowbro: :toxapex:(physdef)
(if special 30i) :blissey: :slowking: :slowking-galar: :toxapex:(spdef)
Defining Moves:
Required: At least one of (Gunk Shot / Poison Jab / Sludge Bomb), at least one of (Brave Bird / Drill Peck / Hurricane / Air Slash), at least one of (Roost / Recover), Body Press
Optional: Taunt, Knock Off, Rapid Spin, Thunder Wave, Toxic, Ice coverage (at least one of Triple Axel / Ice Punch / Ice Beam), Fire coverage (at least one of Flare Blitz / Blaze Kick / Fire Blast / Heat Wave), Swords Dance, Nasty Plot, Acid Armor, Coil
CAP 30b Stats: 85 HP / 70 Atk / 113 Def / 118 SpA / 90 SpD / 64 Spe | 540 BST
CAP 30i Stats: 85 HP / 110 Atk / 85 Def / 55 SpA / 85 SpD / 120 Spe | 540 BST

CAP 30b Main Design

CAP 30i Main Design

Name: Venomicon
Item Name: Vile Vial
Movepool: [link]
Hidden ability: Power of Alchemy

Dex entries:

Venomicon, the Cursed Tome Pokémon

Sword: A living relic from a dark, bygone era, this Pokémon is said to have been created by a vengeful sorcerer.

Shield: Each solstice and equinox, this Pokémon appears during the night at an ancient library deep within the Crown Tundra. Its cries are eerily human.


: After plunging its pen-like head into a forbidden inkwell, it darts about the skies in a berserk rage. When not flying, it shudders violently.

Shield: Venomicon’s vision has been enhanced beyond the material plane, but its ink distorts everything into moving targets. If it spots you, there is no escape.
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