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Welp Water Absorb won. Regrettably I must scrap mah mole.

Moving on, we all know Pokemon is no stranger to using water-dwelling animals and turning them into monsters on land. The Land Shark. The Desert Croc. The Soil Crab. The Sand Hippo.


The Diamond Storm cue is more obvious this time around -- I mean, it's literally dangling there to jebait opponents into using Scald. I'm not yet that settled on the color scheme except for the brown areas, so I'm open for suggestions!

I'm not an artist at all- literally have never drawn anything but I've been lurking and watching CAP processes for a while now. Had the idea of a giant clam/buried treasure mon. Diamond Storm flavor obviously fits, and given that clams are marine creatures, and buried treasure is found on beaches, I figured that Water Absorb can make enough sense on a mon like this. Figured this art would be good enough, considering it's the 3D models that you see when you play, so I'll leave the burden to them lol
I like the idea of a clamshell treasure chest Pokemon, it fits the Ground typing, Diamond Storm, and Water Absorb really well. I have a couple of suggestions. For one, when I first saw it, I thought it was literally just a treasure chest, and it took me a second to see its eye. I would move its eyes to either the top of the clam shell (think about how the clam enemies from Mario games look), or to the interior of the shell. I also can't tell if you intended the sand to be a part of its design or if its just a surrounding environment. I'm honestly not sure how to fix this, but right now it looks more like its just on a beach. I think it's a good idea though, and I look forward to seeing how it develops.

I also agree with Zzuxon to an extent that I think non-aquatic animals can get away with having Water Absorb because I think desert themes work well too. That doesn't mean I'm opposed to aquatic animal designs though, as some of the ones posted so far are among my current favorites.
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Bru, why water absorb? Welcome to half of the artists remaking their designs... Okay, say goodbye to worm boi and welcome... Walking Upside-Down Pyramid With A Water Drain.... oh boy

Worm boi... you will be missed


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Well, with Water Absorb winning its back to the drawing board. I always wanted to kind of do a golem, something in the vibe of the Regirock or Golurk. And what Ground has more Water than the Earth itself?

So the influences were golems, robots, antique globes, and (since Diancie is basically a princess) Castle in the Sky.

Anyhoo, see you again after Secondary Ability.
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Made some adjustments to the proportions and nose shape, flipped the sphere so it became more clear which directions it was supposed to be rolling, and changed its center object to account for the new Water Absorption ability. Kept with the clay statue/pottery theme and replaced the crystal it was holding with a clay pot. When it would normally get hit by a super effective water type move, it instead catches the water in the pot to restore it's health.

Hopefully this can distinguish itself from the other entries here. Let me know if you guys have any ideas on how I could polish it or change it before my final entry. Otherwise, I'll just have to wait and see what the secondary ability entails.

development of my design. diamond fingers and spurs instead of putting it into the beard and body spikes. thorny devils have a fake head on their back which i added here. gave it a red chin to look like a bandana instead of a beard. thorny devils absorb water from sand which travels through its skin to its mouth which is water absorb flavor. pew pew


termite mound pokemon.jpg

I'm getting help from my much more artistically talented sister on producing a quality image for this concept, but I figured there wasn't harm in posting the basic sketch I sent her.

This is a pokemon based on termite mounds. Its body is formed of compressed dirt and inhabited by thousands of tiny, crystalline "termites." Diamond Storm is it launching a swarm of said termites to attack the opponent directly. As noted in the image, its eye is formed out of an arrangement of termites as well. Hailing from arid savannahs, it's often looking for water, which its termites can use to first soften and then repair and reinforce its structure.

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Change the body of the clam to look less like boxy, and changed the size of the eyes to make them more noticeable. Drew up a rough sketch of the back of the clam, which has a giant red X to indicate buried treasure.

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Hopefully this can distinguish itself from the other entries here. Let me know if you guys have any ideas on how I could polish it or change it before my final entry. Otherwise, I'll just have to wait and see what the secondary ability entails.
I think this is fantastic and certainly one of the top 5 distinguishing designs imo. Major things to point out, would be I feel there should be something more that makes the ground type a little more obvious and how it would create earthquakes.

Trying to come up with something I vibe with... left is a geoduck (clam) hand monster, and the right is a sandy gargoyle. If y'all have any thoughts or input I'd love to hear it. I don't usually have this hard of a time thinking stuff up.
I adore the geoduck. It's the kind of animal that's just incredibly well suited to being a pokemon from the start. It's also a great fit for being a ground type, one of many great reinterpretations of aquatic animals we've seen thus far.
One possible concern might be the design/conceptual similarities with Pyukumuku. I don't find this to be a problem personally, but I could easily understand others feeling that way. The fact that the hand part is omnipresent and is the "face" of the design already helps to differentiate them a great deal, but if you want to do so more, you might consider slightly deemphasizing the "hand" aspect by making the fingers a bit more like cephalopod tentacles. Bivalves and cephalopods are both mollusks, so it loosely works in that sense.

Also, if you're looking for more details/design elements, one thing that comes to mind is how clams have a bunch of tiny eyes lining their "mouth". Maybe your guy could have a bunch of tiny gems lining the shell opening, to evoke this? Just spitballing here.

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turns out i forgot when this phase ends. Here is my current WIP, sorry for the confusion, this is my first CAP.
Its based on a few things, mainly lion tailed macaques and miners. It stores its favorite gems in that silly mud beard.

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