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Name: Forbidden Fruit

Description: This Pokémon is permitted access to a singular move from the prohibited moves list.

Justification: In most projects, we are barred from including these mechanics because they are considered some of the strongest options available in-game. Even with the addition of the clause allowing TL and Movepool SL to approve these moves, it is unlikely to ever be implemented given how late into the project this decision is made. This target concept aims to expand the project toolbox and explore how an immediate power spike in the project impacts subsequent design choices.

  • While the prohibited moves list is dominated by many high base power moves, are there any lower base power or status moves worth considering over them?
  • How important should STAB be if we select a damaging move?
  • Should we aim to build a Pokémon that maximizes the potential of our move within the context of the CAP meta or that simply uses it as an additional tool in its kit?
  • What type of roles are enabled best by the inclusion of these moves compared to our basic toolbox?
  • Will selecting a powerful move early negatively impact the selection of stat limits or does it allow us to reprioritize the way we build stats?
  • Given the general distaste for the oversaturation of offensive threats in the meta, how will this external factor influence our decisions when faced with a move from the prohibited move list
  • Should this concept be expanded to all signature moves and not just the legend exclusive moves since they are often considered taboo to include?
  • How important should distinguishing our Pokémon from the original user be?
Concept Move: Diamond Storm
Type: Ground
Primary Ability: Water Absorb

Edit: Gonna make a list of each category so we have what we discussed visualized. There's not going to be a lot here, because we're still very open ended, but this is a nice way to have a glimpse of what we're dealing with.

Switch Ins: :zeraora: :tapu-koko: :toxapex: :magnezone:

Pressures: :landorus-therian: :zapdos: :tornadus-therian: :tapu-lele:

C&C: :equilibra: :skarmory: :corviknight: :ferrothorn:
Defining Moves:
Required Moves: Diamond Storm, Earthquake
Optional Moves: One of (Milk Drink/Soft-Boiled/Recover/Slack Off), Pain Split, Grass-type coverage, special Fire-type coverage, Taunt, Thunder Wave, one of (Swords Dance/Dragon Dance/Shift Gear), Rapid Spin
Stats: 70 HP / 120 Atk / 105 Def / 65 SpA / 130 SpD / 90 Spe

Secondary Ability: Serene Grace

Art Design (by NoahIOTJ)


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