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Alright pals, you know what time it is. With post-play lookback for CAP 30 coming to a close, it's time to open up applications for CAP 31's leadership positions!


This is the thread for people to announce their desire to become either the Topic Leader (TL) or a member of the Topic Leadership Team (TLT) for this creation project. Do not suggest other users. If someone wants to become the TL or a TLT member, they will post on their own, and if they don't have a strong urge to be it then they shouldn't be signing up anyway. The CAP project requires the utmost dedication and a substantial amount of free time, especially to lead, meaning that only those who have carefully considered the magnitude of their application will apply at all. If you are not prepared to fulfill all of the responsibilities to the very end, then do not throw your hat into the ring.

Before applying it is important to read and understand the following posts
Topic Leadership
CAP 5 - Policy Review Summary

We are looking to fill the following five positions to help us lead the creation of this new Pokemon:

  • Topic Leader: In the public's eyes, this is the leader of the project. Unlike past Topic Leaders, they now only make the slate for Concept Submissions. Overall, the goal of the TL is "quality control", not "project control". The responsibilities of the TL include running Concept Assessment, Threats Discussion, and finalizing the slates of TLT members.
  • Topic Leadership Team: The TLT will be leading the four major competitive aspects of creating a Pokemon. They will make slates for their respective threads and provide meaningful discussion points to their specific area. Note that TLT members are allowed to make submissions during stages of the CAP process that they are not actively leading. We are looking to fill the following four positions:
    • Typing Leader
    • Ability Leader
    • Stats Leader
    • Movepool Leader
When making your application, please indicate which position(s) you are applying for. You must identify whether you're applying for TL or TLT (you are allowed to apply for both). You are allowed to specific which position you'd like to fill on the TLT, but it is not required. Topic leaders and TLT members should have the following qualifications:

  • Deep knowledge of the game of Pokemon
  • Familiarity with competitive Pokemon concepts, strategy and philosophy, as practiced within Smogon
  • Willing to voice opinions and lead others
  • Open-minded to new ideas
  • Creative, "outside-of-the-box" thinker
  • Good writing skills
  • Level-headed when resolving disputes
  • Liked and respected by the CAP community
Once this CAP starts, the Topic Leader and the Topic Leadership Team will be the most important, most visible members of the CAP community, and they are expected to be a strong guiding force throughout the creation process. If you are selected for any of these positions, you will have a great deal of power to influence the project. But you also have a responsibility to stay on top of things. You will have forum moderators to help you, but you need to be regularly active on the project until it is complete. All potential candidates should look through both the Topic Leadership Guide and the CAP Process Archive, to get an idea of what will be expected of you, if you are selected to be the CAP 31 Topic Leader or TLT member.

This thread is strictly for candidacy posts and posts supporting those candidates. Please stay on topic. Below are the guidelines for posting in this thread:
  • Candidates must have been actively involved through the entire duration of the most recent CAP project. Involvement in multiple CAP projects is strongly preferred.
  • Do not suggest other people. If you want you encourage someone else to run, then send them a PM or talk to them on IRC.
  • If you are new to the CAP project, do not sign up in this thread. Instead, spend a project or two lurking, learning, and participating first.
  • Include a summary of your involvement in the CAP project.
  • Make a pitch for why you should be selected. If you can't present and defend yourself, then you can't expect to lead a project whose primary function is discussion and debate. Convince us that you are a good choice.
  • Poor spelling, punctuation, and grammar are great ways to look as though you don't know what you're talking about. A thoughtful and intelligent community leader should be capable of typing at a level above typical internet banter.
  • Even if you don't think you are better qualified than certain other candidates, you still should consider posting your application. Candidates not selected as TL or TLT for this project will be on the watch list by the PRC for next time around. Don't post your name if you don't intend to be active in the project, even if you are not selected, since people will be scrutinizing your involvement more closely.
  • Feel free to post support for any candidates already named.
  • Do not post disparaging remarks about any candidates.
If these rules are not followed, the offending user will be subject to moderation.
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It's that time again isnt it? Hey everyone, I'm SHSP, and I'm gonna be throwing my name in for Solely TL this time around.

I last ran for TLT and won for Chromera's process, leading moves- and the first edition of Defining Moves- in the process. I've also been TLT for Jumbao's typing back in Gen 7, and of course was the TL for Equilibra at the tail end of Gen 7. I've been active in most processes since entering the community proper in Kerfluffle's process, and have had two periods of being a CAP mod including the present day. I'd like to think my experience with the process and associated aspects like PRC is high in both quality and quantity, and that I've shown good leadership skills doing so.

From a metagame perspective, I was a qualifier for CAP Championships- placing 5th in points overall in the season. I've had consistent tournament success dating back to when SM was the current gen, and have results across ORAS, SM, and SS. I'm a member of the CAP SS and SM Viability Rankings, a former member of the SM Meta Council, and have held numerous other leadership roles in metagames since I've been playing CAP, including leading and assistant managing several teams in our team tours.

If I'm elected TL, I hope to replicate the success I've had in the past in process and metagame leadership roles, run an effective leadership team, explore something interesting and have a great time doing it. I'll continue to be active in CAP's discord and CAP's Showdown room. I'll continue to be an active and vocal member throughout CAP 31, and I'm sure we're going to have a great time doing it. Thank you for your time!


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Heyo, I'm dex, and I am applying for any of the TLT positions.

I've been around CAP since the start of Miasmaw, heavily contributing to each section of every process since. My suggestions and posts have consistently performed well across multiple sections, including Tinted Lens winning for CAP30i's ability stage and getting second place for both CAP30i and CAP30b's stats stages. CAP has been my go-to place to contribute on Smogon.

Outside the process, I am all over CAP. I have participated in every official tournament, qualifying for CAP Champions in the process with a last minute deep run in the CAP 30 playtest. I am also a voice in the Showdown! room. I'm a member of the CAP QC team and the CAP Monotype Council. I also am a member of the BDSP CAP Council, for which I created many of the movesets for the BDSP CAPs. Currently, I am leading the Brazy Breezis in CAPCL (let's go team). I'm known for being a big fan of metagame experimentation, and I consistently post in the CAP Viability Rankings with my takes on the state of the metagame. I also just led the most recent Flash CAP: Shrimpanzee! I've also hosted a number of CAP tournaments: the CAP Ghosting Tournament, the Inaugural BDSP CAP Tournament, and the CAP Ladder Tournament.

Outside of CAP, I am a GP checker. I qualified for the Contributor badge mainly due to my contributions to CAP, but my Social Media Contributor badge came from my contributions mainly to OU and BDSP OU spotlights.

This would be my first time on TLT, and while it is definitely a big step up in terms of contribution and leadership, I feel more than prepared to take on the task. I'm quite active in the CAP Discord and PS room, and I don't see myself slowing down anytime soon. Hope I've made a good impact!
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What's up, it's Astra, and I'll be applying for any of the TLT positions, with a preference leaning towards either Typing or Abilities.

For the most part, my experience with CAP has mostly been just me lurking up until the start of CAP 30, where I was active for almost its entirety. I've made many posts throughout that process detailing possible options and path we had on the table, commenting and critiquing on other users' comments, and overall trying to provide as much of my own opinions and insight as possible, often always being a fairly detailed post. Such extensive activity even allowed me to get involved to one of inaugural games for CAP 30.

I haven't been as active as my other fellow candidates in CAP outside of the process, though I do plan on trying to get more involved in metagame activities. Regardless, I do think I have a decent amount of metagame knowledge; additionally, I am part of the BDSP CAP metagame council and essentially lead the operations there.

Besides CAP, my other contributions on Smogon have mostly been done in the C&C section as GPTL, from GP checking to managing parts of the GP process itself. I believe that my leadership and willingness to communicate with others as GPTL could prove to be strong as a TLT.

If I'm elected to be a TLT, my main focuses would be reaching a conclusion that healthy for the metagame while still being a creative path we chose. While a streamlined path would most likely end up being effective easier for us to reach, such process lacks the "think outside the box" mentality CAP should strive to have. Quoting my sign-up post to be Buff Leader of the last buffing process, "A successful project in terms of quality doesn't entirely mean that it's successful in terms of our own enjoyment and satisfaction; a balance between both scales would be one of my priorities if I'm chosen."

Thank you for your time, and hope I have your consideration!
Howdy doody gamers, I'm Darek and I'm running for any of the TLT positions.

I began my involvement in CAP lurking during the back end of CAP27, and have been active in both the CAP process and metagame alike ever since. Although I've never been on TLT before, I've been a frequent poster in CAP process threads since CAP28 and have earned a Ladybug badge for my contributions. Notably, I submitted Miasmaw's Bug/Dragon typing and had my concept for CAP29, "Boosting and Blasting", my framework for CAP30 "Weak Status Move Ability", and my Pyroak buff package "Grass Volcanion" slated. On the flavor side of things, I've made art submissions for CAP27, 28, in addition to making banger submissions for Venomicon's name and Pokedex entries. Overall, I'd describe my approach towards the CAP process as one that attempts to explore less intuitive routes but still maintains what is reasonable from a metagame perspective.

I've been similarly involved with the CAP metagame alongside the CAP process. I am a member of the CAP VR Team and a frequent player in CAP tours. Among other tour records, I made it to the semifinals of CAP28 Playtest, went 5-1 in CAP Snake Draft as part of the Malicious Miasmaws, and went 3-1 in CAPPL VII as part of the Ol'Reliable Chromeras. Currently, I am the assistant manager for the Brazy Breezis in CAPCL(which we hopefully win!). Otherwise I'm best known for being CAP's resident Miasmaw user.

Outside of CAP I don't really do anything else on Smogon but am nonetheless very dedicated to CAP. I feel more than prepared to take on the role of TLT. Thank you for your consideration!
Hello fellow Cappers!
I’m Amamama and I’m applying for a TLT position, preferably as Typing or Stats leader.

My interest in CAP first sparked through the art competition for Pajantom:Pajantom:, where I worked on a design, which I never ended up posting, because I was in awe with all the talent demonstrated during that stage.
My first contribution must have been art for Equilibra:Equilibra:.
After that I was hooked.
While I entered mostly for art for Astrolotl :Astrolotl:, I also started participating in the competitive discussion and got more interested in actually playing CAP.
Since Astro I contributed in almost all stages of all following CAPs, with numerous posts on the forum and discussions on the discord.
My most lasting submission are the winning STAT spread for Miasmaw and now the nerf for Ebook.
While I’m not as accomplished in official Metagame Tours (yet), I really enjoy playing and building with our creations and actively play ladder and participate in CAP Tournaments anyway.
Even if I first came for the art, I enjoy all aspects of CAP now (except for movepools, I do not understand how they work )

Aside from the art contest, I definitely like the competitive discussions most though.
Any new Concept holds so much possibilities and I really enjoy discussing which way to go.
Exploring ideas, defending, expanding, refuting and sometimes abandoning them is, what makes this process so fun.
I love the CAPs, that aren’t straightforward, that have flaws but nevertheless or maybe even because of it are unique and fun to use.
We should not be afraid of making mistakes along the way. We can fix those anyway and we might learn more through our failings, than through our victories
I think I’d be perfect for a TLT position, because of my excitement over exactly this aspect of CAP.
I don’t come here to make the perfect CAP.
I come here to explore ideas, to discuss and to slowly but steadily chip away at the concept until we shape something, that both helps us understand competitive Pokémon better through its process of creation, as well as being fun to use in battle.


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hello! I'm Zephyri, and I'm applying for all of the TLT positions, bar stats.

My participation in CAP began with Astrolotl, and I've taken part in every CAP process since, progressively becoming a better and more informed contributor to the process. Some notable achievements of mine within CAP include near-single-handedly getting Perish Body slated for CAP29's ability, having my submission (Young God) slated for CAP30's concept poll, and earning a Ladybug badge for my contributions to CAP. As a member of the TLT, I'd push for routes that make the most sense in the context of the metagame and the concept at hand; considering how large CAP's metagame has gotten, I think it's important to make sure that our creations act as viable and valuable elements of the metagame, whilst also being as relevant to their concepts as possible.

I've participated in CAP beyond the main process as well; I've signed up for every tournament in the CAP circuit since its inception, in which I've achieved mixed success, and have been drafted in every CAP team tournament since CAPPL VI. A notable achievement of mine with respect to the CAP metagame would be the fact that I've won both Cyclohm Cups, with 2-2 and 4-0 records respectively. I've also played a large part in the increased participation of the Indian Smogon community in CAP tournaments and the CAP metagame. With regards to further metagame involvement, I take part in metagame discussions in the CAP discord fairly frequently, started the VOTW project, and have pushed for the popularization of certain underrated Pokemon in the CAP metagame with my use of them (namely Reuniclus, and to a lesser extent, Naviathan).

Outside of CAP, I'm a recently-appointed Smeargle's Studio mod/top artist that actively participates in the NatDex and LC circuits, with mixed success in both. The CAP community has helped me become more insightful, thoughtful, and nuanced in my thinking, not just with Pokemon, but in my personal life as well. I'm hoping to repay the community with that same insight, thoughtfulness, and nuanced thinking as a member of the TLT. Thanks for reading, and I hope I've won your consideration!
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GP & NU Leader
Hi, it's me Rabia, and I'm looking to be TLT for typing or moves stage :)

I got into CAP as a result of quziel wanting me to play in CAPPL back in 2019 and have been a mainstay of the metagame ever since, turning in strong tournament performances across multiple team tours and the single seasonal I played last year. Despite recent performances of mine being less than stellar, I still regard myself as one of the most in-tune players with the metagame and believe my knowledge to be of high value for this project.

In terms of the process itself, I first got started with Miasmaw and have had concepts of mine pretty consistently... get slated at the least. I pride myself in being willing to entertain most ideas and opinions shared even if I vehemently disagree with them. I also led the buff process for Voodoom, and although I believe it could have gone much more smoothly, I believe 1) it was useful still as a way to gauge what works and doesn't work going forward for future buff processes and 2) it gave me firsthand experience with being in a position similar to TLT.

Outside of CAP, I'm most known for leading GP, being a room owner in the PS! NU room, and being a council member for NU. In my view, my vast experience in leadership positions, solid metagame experience in CAP, and history of good posts in previous CAP process threads make me an ideal candidate for TLT :)


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Applying for TLT.

I have been actively contributing to CAP since February 2018 with Jumbao’s typing. Before that, I have lurked since CAP 21: Crucibelle.

When it comes to leadership experience in CAP, I previously TLed for Venomicon’s project and SLed for Astrolotl’s typing during CAP 27. Both experiences have given me newfound appreciation for the users that have led projects in the past, and I respect users that feel ready to step up into these positions. The most challenging part of leading is trying to identify community consensus. From my experience TLing, it is the most labor-intensive part of the discussion since you want to try to reflect each person’s opinion while avoiding muddying the water by overextending ourselves. It is a difficult balancing act, and it is never perfect. This is why I am particularly fond of projects where the TLT works together during each stage of the project as opposed to solely on their stage. It enables quality discussion and alleviates some of the difficulty with identifying ICC. It makes for a more cohesive project. Beyond project leadership, I comanaged the Thundering Caribolts and won CAPPL VII with Spoo (plus a lot of helpful advice from Quziel).

I have been following the metagame since the Equalibra playtest. I consider this the point I started understanding CAP with greater competence and getting involved with CAP tournaments. I have played in multiple solo tournaments and 3 team tours since then. Snake Draft is my most successful performance having gone 3-1 and guaranteeing the win for our team in finals.

As of late, my schedule has been overwhelmingly turbulent. This forced me to distance myself from the project for several weeks and not sign up for the most recent team tour. Thankfully, my schedule is getting ready to lighten up and I feel comfortable to apply for a TLT position.
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Hey friends, I'm Brian Geniouse, and I'd like to work as part of the TLT for this next project. I will be comfortable with any stage.

In CAP, I have been lurking in the forums since Equilibra, and was an active contributor during Miasmaw and Venomicon. It was, and is, important to me that my posts meet a high standard; I put a lot of care into evaluating clarifying my points, and often reread threads multiple times over in order to better understand everything that was said. This is because the depth and quality of discussion is the CAP project's #1 appeal for me, moreso than even the final products. I'd love to help contribute to it in a more significant way.

Outside of CAP specifically, I live and breathe competitive Pokemon, and have been since Black and White. Though I tend to keep to myself - don't expect to find me at many tournaments - I enjoy keeping up with the myriad metagame threads and watch a frankly ridiculous amount of replays. The machinations of competitive mons is deeply fascinating to me, and I'd likely still be thinking about it even if Smogon didn't exist.

Outside of Pokemon, while this would be my first time as TLT specifically, IRL the broader skills involved in being TLT - synchronizing a group of creatives, clarifying consensus, identifying what people mean to say but can't quite find the words for - are, professionally, quite familiar to me. Leadership is not about imposing your own will on others, but rather identifying and articulating the collective vision of others. I won't claim to be the best at it, but it is work I take very, very seriously.

Also - getting more into object-level TLT campaign promises, I guess - I have a few ideas relating to section management that I'd like to experiment with. Stuff like a more iterative and transparent slating process, to ensure each slated option gets thoroughly discussed; or more explicitly organizing submissions to help later submitters identify unexplored territory or refinements. At each point, my goal would be to guide discussion such that each voter is able to feel maximally informed, and each submitter, whether they get slated or not, is able to feel they meaningfully contributed.

Not to say I think of myself as some giga brain who's going to waltz in and fix everything. I always try to keep aware of my flaws and knowledge gaps, and consider myself very open to criticism, even - or especially - if it makes me uncomfortable. I learned a ton from contributing to these last projects, and, TLT or not, I plan to continue that going into the future. CAP is collaborative process, and I want to embody that spirit.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. Best of luck to everyone. :)
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