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Final Submission
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based on shooting stars and piñatas
  • Extreme Speed, Double-Edge, Flare Blitz/Heat Crash - comets are speedy and hurt probably
  • Flamethrower, Fire Blast, Overheat - like a comet, it burns up to heat
  • U-Turn/Volt Switch/Parting Shot - comets move in elliptical orbits, after it hits an opponent it’ll bounce back (parting shot was the main idea here)
  • Fire Lash - the fire tongue
  • Bitter Blade - im doomed if this gets picked
Oh that is a pretty pretty pretty pretty pretty pretty boi


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Final Submission


Supporting Material

Assorted angles, attacks, etc.Full resolution image
+ transparent BG
Bitter BladeVisual association gag

Given our prompt this time around was to design a Pokémon with average stats, I wanted to come up with a design that struck the right balance between small but cool. I was inspired by Sunfished's CAP 30 design to create a small thing surrounded by a big thing. Originally, the design was a small pixie spinning fiery hula hoops. Eventually, it evolved into this.

Major inspirations
  • classic princess designs
  • rockets/spaceships (with a bonus touch of "maiden" voyages)
  • sun/solar system
Minor inspirations
  • biblically accurate angels
  • lava flows
  • Lunar Flag Assembly
  • Touhou Project (Clownpiece, Utsuho Reiuji)

Typing (Fire/Fairy): This design is archetypally Fire/Fairy. To justify Fire, I gave the design a sun-shaped crown, thrusters, and a ring of fire. To justify Fairy, I gave the design a body shape, themes, and colors associated with Fairy-type Pokémon (e.g. Diancie, Gardevoir, Magearna).

Ability (Pixilate): The canon Pokémon with Pixilate are Mega Altaria, Mega Gardevoir, and Sylveon. All three Pokémon were either not originally Fairy-type (in the case of Gardevoir) or evolved from a non-Fairy-type Pokémon. Compared to their other typing, these Pokémon strongly read Fairy. Likewise, this design focuses on traditional Fairy tropes instead of traditional Fire tropes. I.e., this design is cute, pink, and feminine. Additionally, all of canon Pokémon with Pixilate are white with red/pink accents and an additional secondary color. This design's color palette is an exact match for this trend.

Stats (90 HP / 99 Atk / 89 Def / 99 SpA / 97 SpD / 55 Spe):
  • BST: While brainstorming this design, I fought the urge to make it an epic design that would reflect of BST of 550 or so. I kept this design's stature fairly small, giving it similar proportions as 'mons like Vespiquen (474 BST), Alcremie (495 BST), or Gardevoir (518 BST).
  • Distribution: Look no further than Celesteela for stat comparisons; both designs are rocket girls with well-rounded stats and low speed. Other Pokémon with similar themes and low speed include Alcremie, Golurk, Magearna, and Vespiquen. The presence of Extreme Speed on CAP 32 justifies the active rocket emissions on this design.
  • Extreme Speed: This is the standout move this CAP cycle. The Japanese name of the attack literally translates to "godspeed" or "divine speed", and all Pokémon that receive the move are either Legendary/Mythical or are associated with myths (Arcanine, Dragonite, Lucario, Togekiss). Notably, just being fast does not seem to be a factor (e.g., Dragapult, Ninjask). This design's angelic appearance lends itself well to Extreme Speed. More literally, it's a rocket, so it can go zoom.
  • Boomburst: This one is harder to justify. The other rocket-themed 'mons in the game (Golurk, Celesteela) don't get this move, and despite how loud the sun is, no sun-themed 'mons get it. It doesn't really fit with existing precedence, but you could reason rockets make sonic booms as they launch.
  • Heat Crash: If we get this move, you can imagine this design as being a more fiery version of Celesteela, which sits at the weight cap. Additionally, you could reason it uses gravity to hold stars in an orbit like Cosmoem, which also sits at the weight cap.

  • shape language
    • heavy use of round shapes for celestial appearance (e.g. head, shoulders, torso, fireballs)
  • head
  • face
    • astronaut-like visor
    • lava-like visor
    • "sunspot" freckles
  • body
    • poofy princess shoulders
    • glowing-hot fingertips
    • torso resembles buttoned blouse
  • abdomen
    • resembles bustled dress + rocket thruster
    • "butterfly wings" in back to resemble bow
    • trim is scalloped for Fairy-like appearance
    • emission is long to imply velocity
    • emission resembles legs
  • rings
  • palette
    • stuck to classic Fairy-type colors
    • white looks angelic/space-themed

Good luck to everyone entering this time around!
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Yellow Paint

working as intended
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Final Submission

Tried my hand at drawing something. Not sure if it follows the prop rules, but it's supposed to be a tiny walking-globe acrobat vaguely based on the Sugarplum Fairy and the Little Match Girl. The bauble-bomb-ball thing was my starting point, and I wanted something that'd fit with it, so I added matchsticks and a bottlecap to emphasize smallness and scavenging. This took way too long, and I'm probably not making another version in time, so I guess this is the final submission?

edit: added outlines
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Final Submission

Satyr archer go! Glad to have finished this early, so I've had some time to ruminate on whether I should revise it some more, and I guess not. I tried out a different mouse design on discord but I never got to the point where I felt 100% confident with it. Well, good luck to everyone!​
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Final Submission

cap 32.png

Supporting Material

My take on CAP32 is inspired by the Celtic goddess of fire, wisdom, and poetry: Brigid. It is contested as to whether or not she represents more than one thing, but she is very much associated with them regardless. Either way, she is seen by many as a healer and a cathartic deity, especially as her ties to poetry are very much important in the context of Celtic history and by extension, the emotions and experiences in their ancestors' lives.

I wanted to do justice to Brigid's origins while also adding some flare (no pun intended), and to do that I gave CAP32 a scroll wand, inscribed with the words, thoughts, and feelings of spirits lost to time which are imbued in its fire and other attacks as a nod to her connection to poetry and wisdom. Scrolls were also very utilized throughout Celtic history. This also gives CAP32 more potential to be dynamic and interesting to look at.

Fire/Fairy is, flavorfully, a very fun typing, so I wanted to go all out for this! Fire/Fairy is essentially a personification of Brigid herself. Fire is an element that Brigid controls/presides over, while Fairy plays more to the spiritual, deity end of things. In terms of precedent, Tapus are all Fairy-type and recognized as deities.

  1. Bitter Blade: CAP32 can use the scroll to slash. Since the scroll is imbued with the emotions, thoughts, and feelings of many spirits, it makes sense that some of those would be negative and spiteful.
  2. Boomburst: Since its weapon is able to weaponize the energy and thoughts/words of spirits, CAP 32 can launch their reverberating, deafening voices forth to deal heavy damage.
  3. Extreme Speed: Quanyails mentioned that Extreme Speed translates to "Godspeed"/"Divine Speed" in Japan, and this is further supported by the move's distribution (Arceus, Togekiss, Lucario, Arcanine). This justification applies to my take on CAP32 as well since the inspiration is, in fact, from a deity.
  4. Fire Lash: I really don't have to explain this, right?
  5. U-turn: Since CAP32 is mobile by nature of how it uses its scroll wand, it stands to reason that could also include quick back-and-forth retreating blows.
  6. Parting Shot: Easily explained by the utility of emotions to attack.
  7. Volt Switch: Brigid's fire affinity is also comorbid with smithing, according to Celtic mythology. Volt Switch could be a possible extension of that.
Honestly the justification for this is really loose by nature, since Pixilate's distribution is given to... well, clearly Fairy-type Pokemon. If you somehow don't think my design could be representing a Fairy-type, you can further justify it by the conversion of emotion into power that CAP32 utilizes.

The image below consists of extra information regarding the nuances of this design (such as the scroll itself and CAP32's other angles). It also has depictions of CAP32's most noteworthy potential moves.

cap32 supporting.png
Final Submission


Finally made time to finish up this design of mine! It's largely based on opera singers, how various frogs use their inflated throat sac to vocalize and the Frog Prince from the fairy tale. Its throat sac doubles as a flame sac and is thus constantly glowing, especially so when it is about to unleash a loud, bellowing vocal attack.

Its glowing hot throat sac and crown, and its fiery "attire" are indicative of the Fire type. The Fairy type here is admittedly a bit more of a loose interpretation, with the main justification is its basis on the Frog Prince from the similarily named fairy tale. Also, it's pink so it must be Fairy type?

- Boomburst / Hyper Voice / Torch Song: It's a frog. Have you heard how loud these creatures are?
- Fire Blast / Flamethrower / Torch Song: Its throat sac glows up bright, before it expels hot flame from its mouth.
- Extreme Speed: he's zoomin dude
- Parting Shot / U-Turn: After the proverbial curtains on its battle performance drop, it will bow and return to its Pokéball.
- Bitter Blade: If this somehow wins I might give it a conductor's baton to swing around?
- Armor Cannon / Heat Crash: uhh, damn

Supporting Art
CAP32_Supporting Art.jpg

(i wish this was more clear but my scanner doesn't like me)
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I did this colored sketch as supporting artwork for my mythology Sun Faerie design. Since the main design is intentionally light and happy and cute, I wanted to do a more physical pose in supporting art and show how it could do moves like Bitter Blade, etc.

Here is a linking thumbnail to the current version of the main design:

CAP smore frog.png

Well, I was struck with inspiration and decided to come up with these fellas.

It's a stack of frogs (see attached meme) that are also an entire s'more. Much like poison dart frogs, the parent ferries its developing babies on its back, although in this case it's keeping its froglets nice and toasty on its fiery backside. Each froglet represents a different developmental stage, youngest to oldest, from top to bottom, hence the differing limbs and presence/absence of a tadpole tail. And yeah, obviously the top one and bottom one are the graham crackers, while the middle two are the chocolate and the marshmallow, although I chose to include pink to more overtly visually communicate the Fairy-typing.

I figured something "sillier" would be more fitting for something with "lower" base stats, and moves like U-turn, Parting Shot, Hyper Voice, Torch Song, Extreme Speed, and Boomburst would make sense for a frog (or multiple frogs) to have. Fire Lash can be covered by its tongue, since Lickitung and Seismitoad in gen 8 learn Power Whip for the same reason.

Also, although I primarily based it on rain frogs, I figured Pixilate could be justified by saying that it's a... pixie frog.

Modedit: Changing oversized image to thumbnail.


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Final Submission
CAP 32 Final.png

A feverish hound is my new design. Wanted to take a different approach to the fire type, with a design that is feeling hot rather than has visible flames.

Wish I’d had more time for polish but my days are rapidly getting consumed by other stuff. May try to get some supporting art in here at some point
Final Submission
Final Fort Mon.png

Cute little brachiosaurus based on a little kid's interpretation of castles, pillow forts, and knights. For Boomburst it would let out a gigantic roar, for Bitter Blade it would slash with the fire on its head, and for Extreme Speed it would bound forward with a child's energy. Normally it would walk on all fours, and the blankets would mimic the castle's doors, while the legs are the columns. Its head is like the watchtower, with a flag on top. The change in colour is meant to pull your eyes to the head.
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Final Submission

Since this time round the CAP is meant to have unimpressive or mediocre stats, I figured I'd go with something more low-key - a mon that can appear anywhere within a game rather than being of any particular importance to the plot. To that end I created a Pinata-Bomb, as that was the most well-liked of my original designs, that has evolved into a sort of mimic-like creature with a giant flaming mouth/tongue along the neck.

Inspirations include:
  • Bombs/Explosives
  • Pinatas
  • Donkeys
  • Party Poppers
  • Mimics


A fairy/fire type CAP, this design leans more heavily into the idea of a fairy with a fire aspect to them, rather than a fire-first approach. Fairy types are associated with parties, colour, and positive emotions, which reflect the idea of a Pinata perfectly, but many also are tricksters or have ulterior motives which is where the idea of it being a mimic/explosive comes in. It appears as a fun pinata (fairy), but is actually a trickster (also fairy) and is full of fire and explosions (fire).


As a pinata creature, any actions it would perform 'normally' would be impacted by this - its whole body is made of colourful paper after all - making the mechanical impact of Pixellate a logical reach. Similarly, it's outward appearance matches the other pokemon who have the ability, Mega Altaria, Mega Gardeviour, and Sylveon, who all have cutesy and soft appearances.


Being a pokemon with mediocre/underwhelming base stats, I sought for this design to appear similarly 'standard'. It lacks the impressive size and/or elegant/badass features that legendary or pseudo legendary pokemon have, as well as the more human characteristics modern starter pokemon possess. It seeks to appear as a mon you could encounter on a random route in a game, rather than an important piece of the plotline.


The intentionally chaotic and energized design/pose is intended to reflect its pivoting playstyle with the use of moves such as U-Turn or Volt Switch. Similarly, it works as a physical or special attacker, as it's body is clearly made of a weaker material (if it were made of pinata stuff) filled with 'energy' that supports special attacks, but the shape-language and huge jaw of the design can also be used to communicate physical power if needed. The reason an explosive mon would work for Boomburst need not be said.

Smogon Mirror
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I did another supporting art sketch of my mythology Sun Faerie design, showing it blasting away with a big special attack:

I don't plan to do any more supporting art, other than the normal design progression animation that I make for all my CAP art submissions. Now I will start putting together my final submission post and wrap this thing up!

Here is a linking thumbnail to the current version of the main design:


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Final Submission

A teapot elephant! Based on shape association between teapots and elephants, as well as the fact that kettles and elephants are known for making loud noises. Also based on a slight association between “grandmotherly” traits and elephant matriarchies.

Full-Sized Image
Final Submission
CAP 32 Final Small.png

Be our guest! Or...don't.

Here's my design for CAP 32, a Candlewax-clad Kobold Witch, taking design elements from Trick Candles, Fireworks, and more!

Primary Inspiration - Kobolds
According to folklore, Kobolds were originally creatures associated with fire, and who could turn into a flame or a candle in order to disguise themselves. If given food, these creatures would help with chores around the house. However, if they were not properly compensated for their work, the accusing party would be subject to tricks and curses!
Secondary Inspirations
  • Candles/Trick Candles - Seeing as Kobolds were known to transform into flames and candles in folklore, the connnection to candles as a whole works quite well. In particular, the candlestick it holds is based on trick birthday candles that relight themselves even after being blown out.
  • Witches - The connection between witches and spreading tricks and curses is obvious, but the witch motif also helps with bringing design elements together. For example, the trick candle now doubles as a broomstick and staff, and the melted candle on the Pokemon's head brings to mind a witches hat!
Tertiary Inspirations
  • Fireworks - This design pulls many inspirations from different types of fireworks, such as sparklers, cone fountains, bottle rockets, and roman candles, with the last being the inspiration for how the mon would attack.
  • Disgruntled Employees - As a final, somewhat comedic design piece, this design is inspired parrtially by the trope of a disgruntled, tired employee, who hates their job and is forced to wear a tacky overlybright costume for it. I felt that this personality melded well with both the witch and Kobold inspirations, with the Kobold in particular bringing to mind a tired employee simply doing the job for the pay.

Full Image
CAP 32 FINAL.png
Final Submission
CAP 32 final submission.png

Flatwoods monster that is also shooting star, the flame coming out of its dress allows it to float.


Fairy types have a few moves associated with the moon and space such as moon blast and moonlight, hence why the mon is based off an alien. Its fire typing comes from its head being shaped like a candle and the thruster under its dress that allows it to fly through the sky like its a shooting star. Its arms are made from a firey plasma aswell. Stars are also hot.


Extreme speed - Its thruster allows it to move insanely fast.
Hyper voice/Torch song - The sound from its thruster?
Boomburst - It flying can create a sonic boom, like a jet.
Heat crash - The mon shoots up into the sky and comes crashing down onto the opponent like a meteor.
Flamethrower/Fire blast - Its dress also functions as a canon, unleashing blasts of fire upon the opponent.
Bitter Blade - Its arms are made of a firey plasma that can be reshaped into various things, in this case, a flaming sword.
Recover - Beheeyem learns it, another alien pokemon.
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Final Submission

CAP32 final.png

Tiny surfin' soot sprite is here and ready to fight for the CAP 32 crown!

It is essentially based on Ukobach, a minor devil from the 1818 Dictionnaire Infernal; i.e. a little devil man with a big nose and a pan full of coals - I've gone even smaller, with this design toting around a tablespoon that it has stolen to use as a focus for its fey magic. The fire in the bowl is an expression of this magic power that appears when it flies around or attacks. While it can use ordinary spoons, it prefers to obtain spoons that have been used by psychic Pokemon, as it's easier to conduct magic potential through them.
There is also a small but significant inspiration in character designs from The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker and Snufkin from the Moomins franchise. I have a type, I guess!

Supporting Material

Best of luck to everyone! man, the sub list gets bigger every time, doesn't it? We'll be at a hundred subs before we reach CAP 40! :P
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Final Submission

Iron Final Submission CAP 32.png

At first I was struggling to find a concept for Fire/Fairy. I eventually chose to depict a brownie; a goblinlike British fairy which lives in people's houses, especially hearths. They do various chores, clean up, that sorta thing. However, should they become agitated, such as if you don't leave some food (usually milk or sweets) by the hearth, they transform into boggarts, and become hostile. I like the idea of this charming little thing just getting mad and burning the house down. The dress was partly inspired by Victorian fashion, as I wanted to include elements of desserts that reached popularity at the time, such as meringue (especially baked Alaska) or trifle. Not to mention the urban legend of spontaneous combustion emerging in this era

Justification: I thought a small lady would be excellent for depicting low but unexpectedly effective stats. She looks small, but she can do some incredible things
Typing: The basis was from a creature associated with fire in 1 way or another. Whether it’s the hearth it calls home or its fiery attitude when disturbed, I think I managed that well. I also had some minor basis with baked Alaska, a dessert that can be flambé

Ability: The ability does not concern me very much. I could easily see it having Pixilate as much as any Fairy

Stats: This design would favour speed and could then be focused on either physical or special. I justify this due to her tiny stature

Moveset: Again, just about all the moves could be justified, especially Boomburst (unrelenting rage) and Extreme Speed (gotta move so the people don’t see). I could also see Torch Song, but I don’t think you’d appreciate her singing
Very glad to be a part of this process, and I cannot wait for the next one. Thanks to everyone for all their support!
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Final Submission

Goin all in on the Smore Red Mage Witch Fencer whathaveyou.
I may edit this post if I manage to finish up my attack references to add to the supporting material. Just.. don't hold your breath on that.

Edit: Fixed thumbnail size and added a really unclear bitter blade rough lol.

Supporting Material
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So while everyone else final submits, I have a new idea! I know the lantern wont work with the stat spreads, weight, etc, so I made a magical fireplace instead. I think it needs to tone-down with how detailed the fireplace is but its off to an ok start

Here is a rough sketch to show what I've got and I might be able to final submit something in time. Im imagining the following moves:
Bitter Blade- sticks em with its fireplace poker
Heat Crash- fireplaces are heavy af
Extremespeed- its ultra stretchy soot arms reach out to attack
Strength Sap- uses its will-o-wisp tie-ins to drain life force
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