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Final Submission


I took the snake "krait" and made it into a name one letter away from "traitor"; it also sounds like "creator" (aka creator of sin).

Pronounced: "krahyt-er"
IPA: 'kraɪtər

coincidentally, the krait seems to have similar markings to CAP 5!
Final Submission


A combination of mālum, mălum, hiss, and a corruption of delicious. All together sounds similar to Malicious.

Pronounced: mal-ISH-iss
IPA: məˈlɪʃˈɪs

mālum (apple)and mălum (misfortune) are the Latin words that carry the double meaning- the only difference is the stress on the 'a' (It is likely because of this similarity that the apple came to be associated with the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden). Hiss, because it's the sound a snake makes, and delicious refers to the Red delicious/Golden delicious apple, and also envokes the feeling that CAP5's apple tastes pretty damn good. Malicious, of course, emphasises the fact that the sanke is spiteful and maleovent.
Final Submission


A combination of "Malacoda" from Dante's Inferno and "Anaconda"

Pronounced: Ma-la-kon-duh

In Dante's Inferno the fifth bolgia (pocket) of the eighth circle of Hell is guarded by 13 demons called the Malebranche, and their leader is Malacoda, which roughly translates to "evil tail" from Italian to English. Adding the 'n' to make Malaconda includes a references to snakes ("Anaconda"). This name can also be seen as a combination of "Malicious" or "Malus" and "Anaconda."
Final Submission


A combination of Rattler and Apple.

Pronunced: rap-ler
IPA: ræplər

Rattler is a colloquial term for a Rattle Snake; apple is for obvious reasons. Simple, short, and sweet.
Final Submission


A combination of "Basilisk" + "Bulb", whilst also being a slant rhyme of "Beelzebub".

Pronounced: "bas-uhl-buhlb"
IPA: bæs
əl bʌlb

This name captures the three things I most wanted to illustrate in our CAPmon; it is a snake, its apple, and that it is a metaphor for the ultimate evil trickster, the Devil.
The legendary basilisk is not just any ordinary snake, but is the King of the Snakes, said to have the power to kill with a single glare.
'Bulb' obviously refers to the apple which hangs from its tail, tantalizing its prey.
Beelzebub is but one of the many names of the Devil, who, according to the Book of Genesis, tempted Eve in the Garden of Eden with the forbidden fruit of the Tree of Knowledge.
Final Submission


A combination of "Ignoble" and "Boa"

Pronounced: ig - no - bo - ah
IPA: ɪgnoɚboʊa

All the luring, tricking, and trapping that this Pokemon is described as doing are rather ignoble acts. Ignoboa is also just fun to pronounce.

Note: Sorry to Lster728 for the mishap.
Final Submission


Surripere + Serpent

Pronounced: "SUR-pehnt"

This clever combination of surripere(to snatch secretly) and serpent(type of snake) allows for the name to literally be pronounced "serpent" while having a meaning that is different than just a type of snake. It also is a lot less complex and less difficult to perceive as some of the other names I am seeing.


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Final Submission


From anguis (Latin for "snake") and "guile", meaning deceit or trickery.

English pronunciation: ANG-guyl
IPA: æŋ'gaɪɫ
Final Submission


A simple portmanteau of "satanic" + "coil".

Pronounced: "suh-TA-ni-koil"
IPA: sʌ.'tæ.nɪ.kɔɪl

They that eatest of the fruit of CaP 5 shalt, indeed, perish.
Final Submission


(Envy + Viper)

Pronounced: "en-VI-per"
IPA: ɛnvaɪpɜr

No hidden meanings, no anatology which you have to look up to work out, Envyper is simple, rolls off the tongue, and looks good as well as sounds good. Envy is one of the original seven sins, and a Viper is a venemous snake; the apple at the tip of the tail is very reminiscent of a rattlesnake, and a rattlesnake belongs to the Viper family.
Final Submission


'Vi' is from 'Viper' because CAP is a snake and 'pomme' is apple in French

"Pronounced: vye-pom"
"IPA: vaɪpɒm"

I have gotten a couple of comments that this was my best one and so I have decided to put it forward. I was going to put some kind of religious thing, since that is what CAP 5 is but I decided to instead use something simple so anyone of any age could work it out. If they really wanted to know the religous background of CAP they can go and search it up!
Final Submission


Etymology: Malus + Ouroboros.

Pronounced: "Ma-lu-bo-ros"
IPA: /mɑluˈbɔrɔːs/

Malus is the genus of the Apple's scientific name. Ouroboros is the snake that is destined to eat its own tail. Combining the two words would be quite the perfect fit for our CAP 5 since the snake eats its apple tail as a demonstration of its Harvest ability.
Final Submission


Nachash (נָחָשׁ) (Hebrew for "serpent"/"shine (brass)" / snake in Genesis story) + Hostile/Reptile

IPA: naˈhastajl

I feel like the biblical reference suits this well, while still keeping it simple.
Potential names for Snapple

I have a couple name ideas:


Slizana is a combination of the word slither and the spanish word for apple, Manzana.


Fruslanga is a combination of the word Fruit and the danish word for snake, Slange.


Serhuerta is a combination of the word Serpent and the spanish word for orchard, Huerta.
Final Submission


Con and/or Conniving + Naja, the genus name of cobras + h for style.

Pronounced: "CON-ja"
IPA: ˈkɒnʒə

Con and conniving are pretty self-explanatory for a tricky Dark-type like this one.
Naja is, as mentioned, the genus name of cobras. In addition, it is related to a couple of snake-related terms: Naga are snake deities in Hinduism and Buddhism while Nahash is the Hebrew word for snake (which was specifically used to refer to the Biblical serpent).
I have thrown "anaconda" in there too. If you factor in Infiltrator, "ninja" can be surmised from the name as well.
Final Submission


Derived from serpent and karos, the Greek word for fruit.

Pronunciation: SIR + ka + rose
IPA: sʌrkɑros

So sorry for submitting earlier, I got ahead of myself with excitement and didn't read the rules thoroughly enough. I like this because it sounds nicely hissing. The karos indicates the fruit on its tail that it is trying to lure you with.
Final Submission


Derived from 'constrict' as in 'boa constrictor' and 'trick' as in 'Trickster' - a mythological character archetype encompassing the Serpent in Eden and Eris.

Pronounced: kuhn-strikt
IPA: kənˈstrɪkt
Final Submission


Eden spelled in reverse, then vile misspelled, which means malicious or sinister, along with "evil" with a Y.

Pronounced: Nhee - day - vhile
IPA: Niːdʌvɪrl
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