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Hey guys,

This is just a message to let everyone know that owing to time restraints, I'm not going to be making a final sub for my movepool. Unfortunately, the VGM counts aren't adding up and I have no where near enough reasoning and there simply isn't/wasn't the time to sort it all out. But that's ok. I'm perfectly happy with pretty much all the other movepools and I've learnt a lot about the process while attempting to make my own. Thanks to anyone who took the time to look at mine and good luck to everyone in the voting stages.


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Make sure you include all the required TMs: Facade/Return/Frustration/Double Team/Toxic/Swagger/Substitute/Round/Hidden Power I believe is the full list. Also, basically Hyper Beam/Giga Impact.
All right, I've been in kind of a funk lately, so I'm sorry that I was silent for a while. I thought about how to go about slating when I could, and this is what I have come up with:

Deck Knight
Vann Accessible

First of all, Korski had a weird way of responding to my last post, but in any case, my post seems to have served its purpose. I used Deck Knight, erisia, Korski and Nyktos as a base slate, the former two due to their apparent popularity (plus they weren't really offensive in the flavour department in the end...), and really all of them because of their well-reasoned approaches to their submissions. My initial list was generated in a very basic way, and I'd be the first to say it was flawed if it hadn't been implied already (though that was intentional because I'm not looking for a specific movepool). So it was nice for these people to explain their flavour (and competitive!!!) reasoning in cohesive ways.

The other four I guess didn't necessarily have blow-us-away descriptions of their movepools, but they also didn't really go outside the bounds of the lists in my posts or the base slate. So I suppose if their explanations weren't as deep in the flavour department, it was because it wasn't needed so much. This is unlike submissions that aren't in the slate, which included or excluded certain moves without much in the way of strong explanation. If there was explanation, it came off as pretty "meh" or wasn't enough to justify a move that Grass-types and Dark-types tend not to have.

I'm actually not entirely sure if every competitive option in the whole set of final submissions is represented in this slate, but I figure, if a position wasn't explained very strongly, it isn't really worth acknowledging.

The TL post still needs to happen, but I'm not sure how much longer I'll be around. It's probably best to close this thread, anyway.


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Let me start off with this: while the movepool stage is a mix of both flavor and competitiveness, the Topic Leader themselves are all about the concept, and as such, when it came to making a decision, I didn't spend any time on the flavor side of things. There are two things I really want: to have a variety of competitive choices, and to have all movepools show a good amount of reasoning on their competitive moves. The second of these things I find especially important, because while I cannot objectively judge which movepools are the best without getting into my personal opinions of moves, it is easy to tell if something explained its important decisions thoroughly. While I cannot control why people vote what they vote, I can at least help make sure the information is there for a informed decision to be made.

Now, I think that all of the movepools on the slate show good reasoning, and I don't have a problem with any of them. So, that brings me back to the first criteria. While I feel we have a variety of options on most of the highly debated competitive moves, I was surprised to notice the complete lack of Baton Pass. This move was a big talking point during the discussions, and there were many people who fealt that the ability to break balloons when switching was undesirable. As such, I don't think it would really be fair to take that option away.

So, with that said, I would like to add ganj4lF's movepool to the slate. I think it is very well reasoned and takes a unique, minimalistic approach that is not really represented on the slate currently.
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