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Been watching the CAP project for quite a while, but generally kept a low profile due to me preferring to lurk for a while in newish forums to avoid getting a terrible reputation. Voodoom was prolly when I first started, and I have gradually followed the CAP projects with more interest. I started bringing in opinions around mollux, so I guess I am still relatively new to many that are also applying, but I am keen to help, or assist, or just contribute I guess.

I personally prefer focus on the competitive aspect of the CAP, such as its counters and movepool. Whether that is a strength or flaw is open to interpretation, but either way I am keen to assist CAP regardless of the status of this application.

References available on request

I'm applying to PRC because I've been following the Policy Review Subforum pretty heavily and feel like I might have some input there in the coming discussions. In terms of CAP involvement I've been aware of the CAP forum since Krillowatt, and have been heavily following it with Necturna. I generally restrict my posting to poll voting, but I lend support to a submission if I feel it has particular merit. At this point in my career I find myself becoming more invested in CAP and may begin to post submissions in competitive threads over the coming CAP.


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Hello dear friends,

uhhh I think doug/wyv/birkal/deck all know me/my relationship with cap?? I registered to vote in the fidgit polls but couldn't get activated until Strata. I used to be one of the most prolific CaP battlers on the old shoddybattle server. Now, I vote in polls when I remember to and make submissions on the rare occasion I have it. I will be upfront in saying: I only really want PRC permission to be allowed to post in the thread Doug just posted, but I think I know enough about CaP's history and the history of its policies that I could make myself useful in other ways if I wanted


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hi its me macle.

i actively participated in cap from arg up to the last 4th gen one. I was also involved in the cap revamps of pyroak, and the others. I was a mod (or maybe just driver, I can't remember) on the old cap server. I'm interested in making cap more user friendly.
Why not?

Hey. It's the depressed blue donkey again.

I've been reading smogon forums (especially for CAP) for a long time-- 2 or 3 years, and thought just because I had an account on Pokemon Showdown that that qualified me

So I haven't been a smogon account member long, but I playtested Aurumoth, and want to help out. So it can't hurt to apply. That's all I got =]
Oh man, I did NOT want to follow the apps of (almost) four people with over 2,000 posts.

I'll apply. I've been on Smogon for about 18 months, but lurked Smogon even longer, so I've been "on Smogon" for about 2 years. I mostly hang out on Orange Islands and Rate My Team, but I've poked around CAP for a long time, about a year and a half. I participated in Necturna's prevo, trying to help with the theme of her dying when she evolved, and tried to get my foot in the door with the Aurumoth project, trying to cut down on sheer number of options with Aurumoth by defending either a lack of a tertiary ability or a useless one at least.

I'm a decent writer as well, and am usually online a lot.


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I'd like to be on CAP5's PRC because I enjoy being a part of the CAP community, have PRC experience, and participate in every part of CAP. Though I left Smogon during Aurumoth's process, I actively participated in all of the past four or five CAPs and was on two different PRCs (Aurumoth and Mollux). I participated actively in both of those PRCs, posting in well over half of the topics. Though I am not on the PRC at the moment, I still debate policy matters on #cap, and am in the top 5 active users in terms of line count.

I've been posting in the pre-evo threads ever since I returned about a week and a half ago, and plan to actively participate in CAP from now until who-knows-when, lol. I would love to return to the PRC so I can contribute my ideas and comment on the ideas of others.


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I would like to apply for PRC. I have been an active CAP member since mollux and have lurked since Necturna. I mainly landed my voice during the ability and movepool stages, where I personally feel most comfortable. I was a big part of the push for Multiscale and Dragon Dance without quiver dance in this past CAP, for example. I mainly have some thoughts on the most recent PRC thread that I would like to share, but I will probably post in other threads as I feel necessary
I would like to apply. CAP was the main reason I joined these forums, and although I haven't been very active lately, I can promise that I will be far more active in the CAP community here from now on regardless of whether my application is accepted this time around.

On the plus side for my credentials, I've played a lot of CAP on PS since Aurumoth's playtest finished. I'm currently ranked 5th on the ladder under the name Spiffykins and I'm hoping to at least tap my nose on 1st sooner or later. I've battled a lot of the top players there and I have a really good grasp on how the CAP metagame functions in practice. Hopefully this will translate to insightful contribution to future CAP-related discussions.
My name is afromann21, but please call me afro. I'm new to the forums obviously and I want to get a lot more involved in smogon. And since I love CAP I though the PRC would be a great place to get started. You have my full garantee that I will be a lot more active on the forums and will try to apply helpful criticism on anything which you require me to. I'm not at all a bad writer (and have won a couple of writing contests, ranging from creative writing to formal essays, at my school) and also am willing to give it my all what ever it is you ask from me. I like to focus mainly on the creation of a CAP. Things like name, sprites, stats, etc. I am very willing to help out with any aspect of the CAP you need me for.
Thank you very much for reading!


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I'm Dracoyoshi8. I'm active on #cap, have been around since Cyclohm, was a moderator on the CAP server and have certain issues with a number of CAP policies that I would like to voice, and I need to be on the PRC to do so. That is all.


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Kadew the awful person, art your service. I've been watching this project for ~4 years, been present since Aurumoth. I'm active on #cap, somehow enough to even be voiced, and am perhaps best known as that artist who turned the kitchen into a fanart thread and spammed it up with sassy mollux. Though I'm just an artist who draws stupid things, I have a keen interest in the rest of the project too, and would like to have a voice in its continued goings-on through the PRC.


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Hello! I'm Qwilphish and I am wanting to apply for the CAP5 PRC in order to become more active in the community and to be able to participate in the discussion of CAP policy. I have been lurking the project since Mollux but only starting participating in the project during Malaconda. Despite my low experience, I have started to become active in #cap, participating in nearly every competitive discussion of Malaconda that I was online for. Thank you for reading my application and considering allowing me to be a part of this discussion.


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Before people start piling in with nominations for the Policy Review Committee, I am going to nip this in the bud. Expect applications for the CAP 6 PRC shortly after the playtest. All current members and applicants will need to reapply at that time.
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