CAP 5 Pre-Evo - Part 3.3 - Abilities Poll 3

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Let's finally get this step finished with one final showdown between the two abilities so popular they needed their own poll! Although all three ability sets fought valiantly in the previous poll, no ability earned the right to be paired with Harvest on Malaconda Lite!

And so it comes to this. A battle royale between Harvest/Prankster and Harvest/Infiltrator

The rules haven't changed from the previous thread. Here they are for your viewing pleasure.

This poll will be a Bold Vote, meaning that voters are only allowed to choose one of the three options. The format of this poll can't get much simpler; to vote, all you need to is post your choice in bold.

The rules for discussion have not changed from the Typing Poll. You may comment on your vote, talk about your vote, and provide justification for your vote. However, do not start or participate in a discussion in this thread. The time for ability discussion was in the previous thread entitled Abilities Discussion. If you would like to discuss which Abilities you like, please do so on IRC. This thread is only for votes and optional commentary.

Also, remember only to post your vote in bold. Post your entire vote in bold, but do not place anything in bold besides your vote.

Malaconda's abilities are Harvest/Infiltrator. Here is Malaconda's Final Product.

This great duel shall be decided in no fewer than 24 Hours.

Happy voting! Polls close at 3 PM CST on June 8th, 2013.

Prankster has precedence in the sense that whilst it's a fairly exclusive move, both Riolu and Murkrow have it, but lose it upon evolution.

Doesn't make much sense for just the secondary ability to change.

Just saying. Also Harvest/Prankster

CAP needs their riolu! Miniconda (haha geddit? geddit?) could pair brilliantly with Fidgit. As long as Miniconda learns copycat and roar. Come on guys, teach him Roar and Copycat is he's getting prankster! D:


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I have real issues with people bringing up the whole "infiltrator is for mean Pokemon" argument. The abilities should stay the same as most things with infiltrator keep it throughout their evo families.
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