CAP 5 Pre-Evo - Part 5.1 - Name Poll 1

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After four grueling days of intense, life-altering debate, we now have to decide what our little snake will be called. Remember, civilizations thousands of years from now will judge us for our creative talents, so make sure you think your vote through or else humanity's legacy will be tarnished forever.

Every legal submission as outlined in the Name Submissions OP will be placed on the slate.
The following Final Submissions were disqualified for rules violations:

Anguile (Submitted by Darth Missingno.): Illegal format. Description exceeded 25 words and was not condensed to one line. Also, did not include the word "Pronounced" at the beginning of the fourth line.

Edenate (Submitted by SubwayJ.): Illegal format. There was a dashed line between the name and the etymology. Comments were listed between the etymology and pronunciation rather than after the pronunciation.

Other than the above names, every Final Submission will be on the slate.


This poll will be a Multiple Bold Vote, meaning that voters may vote for as many of the names as they please. Order does not matter in the voting.

Here is an example of a legal ballot to demonstrate how to vote legally.
First Entry I Like
Second Entry I Like
Third Entry I Like

If the voter wishes, he may post comments on his vote below the actual vote. As with IRV or normal bold voting, only the votes themselves should be bold and none of the supplementary text should be bold.
Make sure to use the names of the Pokemon, not the names of the submitters in your vote.

Here is the slate of names along with the person who submitted the name in no particular order:

Malishus Submitted by CJorex
Maladasp Submitted by Deck Knight
Pipython Submitted by Eagle4
Maltot Submitted by Blue Frog
Vipruse Submitted by Svenwill
Temptail Submitted by Base Speed
Anaconeda Submitted by srk1214
Mallure Submitted by Quanyails
Hiscious Submitted by Hollymon
Slython Submitted by P2X7
Visper Submitted by GoldenBanana
Slyther Submitted by Quickster
Bradder Submitted by GingerbreadCactus
Brattler Submitted by Spork
Miniconda Submitted by DHR-107
Neoconda Submitted by Seed
Trikrait Submitted by senshidenshi
Nayghton Submitted by Sgt.Moose
Serpinceit Submitted by DeathCapsule


If your submission was disqualified, do not post why in this thread. I explained the two disqualifications in this post and will be happy to answer questions through VM or PM.

This poll will be open for 24 Hours and will close at 10:00 PM CST on July 24th, 2013.

Our Prevo So Far:


Type: Grass/Dark
Abilities: Harvest/Infiltrator
Stats: 80/70/40/20/90/30


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I think some of these names are way too over the top for a prevo. Too much hidden or disguised meanings in a lot of them.
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