CAP 5 Pre-Evo - Part 7.1 - Movepool Poll 1

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What shall our little snake be able to do? For the past four days, we have tirelessly debated just what Brattler should be capable of. Many friendships were formed and broken over contentious issues such as whether Brattler should evolve at Level 39 or Level 40.

Six people dared to submit movepools for our creation, and all six of them will be rewarded with a berth in the Movepoll Movepool Poll 1. Those six people are, in no particular order, (with links to the movepools)

vyomov, Vyomov's CAP 5 Pre-Evo Movepool Submission

Objection, Objection's CAP 5 Pre-Evo Movepool Submission

DHR-107, DHR-107's CAP 5 Pre-Evo Movepool Submission

Eagle4, Eagle4's CAP 5 Pre-Evo Movepool Submission

jas61292, jas61292's CAP 5 Pre-Evo Movepool Submissions

Quanyails, Quanyails' CAP 5 Pre-Evo Movepool Submission

This poll will be open for 24 Hours and will close at 10 PM Central Time on July 12th, 2013.

This will be an Instant-Runoff Vote. That means you may vote for as many submissions as you please and that order DOES matter in your vote. A typical vote may look like this
Most Preferred
Second Most Preferred
Third Most Preferred

If the voter wishes, he may post comments on his vote below the actual vote. Only the vote itself should be bold and none of the supplementary text should be bold.

Of course, you do not have to vote for three options. You may rank one, two, or even all six entries if you prefer. Use the name of the entrant when voting.

Our Prevo So Far:

Name: Brattler

Type: Grass/Dark
Abilities: Harvest/Infiltrator
Stats: 80/70/40/20/90/30 (Malaconda's Final Product thread!)

Happy voting! You all have 24 hours to vote!

Removing Rapid Spin seems right, but evolving at level 27 seems wrong for Gen 5.
Bizarre level-up methods seem wrong for this too.
Great work everyone :)
There have been 16 replies in this thread.
vyomov: 1
eagle4: 1
objection: 2
quanyails: 2
dhr-107: 3
jas61292: 7
objection: 2
quanyails: 3
dhr-107: 3
jas61292: 8

Going to make this a top 3. That means jas61292, dhr-107 and quanyails are moving on!
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