CAP 17 CAP 6 - Part 8 - Art Poll 2

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All the artists in this group made great drawings, and they all look amazing. I had a tough time ranking these, because all of the designs that made it through are my favorite in one way or another, and they all have some drawbacks. That's how it usually goes with CAP art -- we rarely get everything to fit perfectly in a design due to the nature of how the CAP develops while artists are working designs. So we all vote based on tradeoffs to a certain extent.

Mos got my top vote because I think it best fits the whole package of typing, stats and both abilities. Volt Absorb was a bit of a bummer for most designs, and I think Mos is the only design in this group that seems to fit having an electrical absorbtion ability. Mos also has a very Intimidating design, and the spaceship theme fits our huge speed stat perfectly. The only drawback for Mos is that Belly Drum doesn't look like a move I would give it naturally, just from looking at the design, and every other design in this round does better in that regard. But by a very slim margin, I'm going with Mos as my number one choice.

Magistrum's design is my favorite character in the entire poll. The frigate bird concept is probably the best incorporation of Belly Drum into any design without going for some of the very literal interpretations of some of the other designs. Frigate birds are known for their inflatable belly pouch, and the anchor beak/maritime metallic accents bring Steel typing into the design beautifully. I don't see this design as being particularly fast or intimidating, but it's passable in that regard. I think Volt Absorb is way out of bounds for the frigate bird. Like many real pokemon designs that have an implied "third typing", my guess is that Frigate Bird would have an implied third typing of Water, just based on the seagoing aspects of the character. And in pokemon terms, I have a hard time seeing a maritime bird absorbing electricity in any way. With that said, almost every design was thrown a curveball with the Volt Absorb thing, and it was decided very late in the process, so I'm not letting Volt Absorb weigh too heavily on my opinion of these designs. Magistrum's design makes up for the little drawbacks by having such a great concept, execution, and personality.

Kadew is my favorite design for the typing. Spartan bird is perfect for Steel/Flying. For many designs, including Steel components is hard to do organically and natural, because Steel is inherently inorganic. I think Kadew did the best job of making hard steel elements like the helmet, shield, and spears as part of the natural organic parts of a fantastic bird design. And beautiful coloring too.

Zracknel is my favorite Belly Drum design. I have long wanted a steampunk CAP design, and his flying one-man-band has a great steampunk feel to it. I'm delighted that Zracknel has finally brought his awesome artskills to the CAP project, and I'm glad to see his design getting a lot of much deserved attention.

Yilx is my favorite bird design in the entire poll. Pokemon is so overpopulated with birds, that it is very hard to explore new space with an avian design. But Yilx did exactly that. His bird is fresh and new and is merged perfectly with the taiko drum theme.

Calad's design has the best Sugimori style and feel, which is a hallmark of Calad's art IMO. The Steel/Flying aspects are spot on, but stats and abilities really moved against this design as the CAP developed. I like how Calad incorporated Intimidate into it. If we would have gone down the Unburden path with CAP6, Calad's design would be a shoo-in IMO.

Knirp is my favorite in terms of background and supporting material. So much time and development went into this design, I'm glad to see Knirp rewarded with a top placement in the poll. Great concept and execution, and easily the cutest design of the bunch.

Congratulations to all the artists who competed in this CAP!
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