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Kadew, lurker extraordinaire, lacker of confidence, and creator of sassy mollux and blackglasses malaconda, here to apply for the PRC.

a) CAP experience

I have been following the Create-a-Pokémon project since about 2008. I actively followed through stratagem’s creation, including observing that mess of the art poll scandal wherein fake accounts and voting fraud resulted in an overturning of the victor. Upon finding the CaP project I also went back and trawled through most of the previous threads of the project. Since then, I have off-and-on lurked through the project through till Aurumoth, wherein I finally entered the fray, watching and reading and learning about the projects goals and methods and culture so that when I finally entered I somewhat skipped the clueless noob phase. Though I am predominantly an artist, I read and follow through most all of the competitive threads (and PR threads since registering to Smogon). Alongside my obvious participation in the main art threads (of aurumoth+prevos, embirch+flarelm, malaconda, and breezi), I also was actively present in two of the three IRC pseudo-CaPs, making the “official” art for froxbite and chamereon, and I also contribute various fanarts for general silliness and camaraderie, even being the one that turned the kitchen into a part fanart thread. Most of my participation in CaP takes place in IRC, even being active enough to merit being voiced. Perhaps the greatest thing I did in my CaP experience, though, was creating that sassy mollux character.

b) Smogon experience

I can’t quite pin down when I first discovered Smogon, what with the lack of my immediate registry and no thread indicators I can recall such as the CaP threads, but I do know that I lurked around the rest of Smogon approximately as long as CaP. I mainly browsed about in Stark Mountain, back when that was the major metagame area, and in RMTs. I was fascinated by this deeper approach to Pokémon than the kiddie pool of ingame experience, and so, despite my lack of ever truly diving into competitive Pokémon, I built up a passable understanding of competitive trends and theory and mechanics, and at the same time got a taste of what Smogon was about, it’s purpose and work, how it responded to nearly every warstory thread as though if it weren’t eh best thing ever it was not good enough, the wealth of artistic talent in smeargle’s studio, all those ancient hilarities forever preserved in trou, etc. At some point I went through nearly every Pokémon analysis as reading for pleasure. I even browsed through the policy review threads, including that classic “anti-hax formula” thread that lead up to possibly the greatest April-fools prank I’ve ever been witness to. Since I’ve registered, I still poke around in the metagame forums, but most of my activity is contributing within IRC, mostly in CaP, smeargle’s, and the orange islands.

c) Pokémon experience

Going to be brief here: like many here, I’ve been a fan of Pokémon since childhood, though I didn’t first start into the games until the 3rd generation (sapphire was my first). Despite starting two generations late, I have played Pokémon games of every generation, and from this plus my exposure to Smogon has led to having a firm grasp of most all Pokémon mechanics (including an understanding of the RNG and its manipulation) plus a feel general flavor and design tendencies.

Ugh that was all much longer than I intended. I hope I didn't ramble too much, and I look forward to possibly participating in the new policy of this fantastic project.


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The opening post of this thread has been updated with the current Policy Review Committee for CAP 6. The CAP moderators reviewed each applicant in order to procure this list; it was a group effort. Congrats to all of you who made it! You will be given posting access to the forum tomorrow, where we'll start right out of the gate with a reflection on CAP 5's process.

Remember, CAP PRC Applications are rolling, meaning that you can still apply to join us at any time. We'd love to have thoughts from as many experienced CAP members as possible.


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Thanks to the administrative help of Cathy, we've improved our methods of giving users access to posting privileges in the CAP Policy Review forum. If you did not participate in the CAP 5 PRC and have been selected for the CAP 6 PRC, please go here and apply for access to the CAP Policy Reviewers usergroup. I can approve you manually there. We'll be starting tomorrow.
Greetings CAP forum,

I am Seed, and relatively recently I've gotten interested in CAP. I think I've known and read about about it for a couple years now, but only in late 2012 have I actually played it- thanks to Pokemon Showdown making it much more convenient. Possibly this makes me seem rather inexperienced in comparison to more veteran CAP players, but I would argue that I've learned a lot about CAP in the last year-or-so. I've managed to actually be pretty good at CAP on PS and I participated in the Gen 5 CAP play tests. I've read all about CAP on the forums (I've been lurking) but I've only ever done anything with it on PS.

I'm really interested in CAP and I'd love to contribute on the forums. I feel like this is how I'd like to break the ice, seeing how this is my first post- with CAP. If I am not accepted, I can promise you'll still see me on the CAP forums. Can't wait for the next project!

Sorry about being a bit late for posting. :I
um so let's see...........

Previous CAP experience: none. I'm trying to gain experience

Previous smogon experience: Not quite sure what you mean. I'm not an admin or anything, but I've read just about every page on B/W and quite a few articles in DPP

Previous pokemon experience: Lots. I have been looking at pokemon from a competitive aspect since my friends were still goofing off on their GSC games. I have, however, always had different competitive views than most people on certain pokemon. Even though it makes me feel somewhat childish, I like creating my own pokemon with complete stats, abilities and the whole shenanigan. Its always nice to have an oddball when making something new to give you a different perspective on things.

So yeah there is not that much to say about me compared to others here. Oh I know I am generally not supposed to post this stuff but i'd really like to see smogon create a normal/ghost type. And as a reply to you, Empty Sun, Jellicent is the only Water/Ghost but we still have one.

Kudos for now.
Rolling applications, eh? Well, I'll bite.

I'm an oldie in CAP, though by no stretch the oldest. My first active participation in a CAP was with Krilowatt (though I lurked as far back as Cyclohm), and I participated actively and thoroughly in the following four CAP projects, leading CAP2 / Necturna's project as Topic Leader. During this time I was a moderator for CAP and was a major contributor to PRC discussions and actions. I have submitted numerous page updates to the CAP website (you can tell any of my submissions because they have tables of contents!), and I have won a fair few polls in my time. I also made it a point to fight as hard as I could for playtest champion of Necturna, the very CAP I lead, for sentimental reasons. I succeeded (barely). I pioneered the CAP Pre-Evo process and pushed really hard to make that a thing, and I must say that I'm glad that it stuck and that everyone's so excited about making pre-evos. After Mollux hit shelves, I took a sort of "final" break from Smogon for more than a year and a half for personal reasons, after which many others filled my position within and without CAP. I am now "back" and participating in CAP as a member, though I'd like to think that my savvy for policy-making, competitive Pokemon battling, and both making a CAP and adhering to the spirit of CAP have not dwindled in the least.

My Smogon experience is a long story, but it's best told by the greyed out bar to the left of this post. I was a very prominent contributor for a few years, and worked really hard to help the site across many sections. I once was head editor for The Smog, the co-leader of C&C, the head server administrator, and a few other things of import. I'm also the 'father' of RU and made the executive decision to add it to the tier list. I doubt many of those people in power now have fond memories of my time with power because there was a massive fallout that lead to my current situation, but well, it is what it is. I hope that no one harbors resentment for those days, and understands where I came from, but I certainly don't blame them if they do.

My Pokemon experience is largely hidden in shadows because I never much cared for competing for glory, but I have topped several assorted ladders under an assortment of alts over my history playing. When I participated actively, I was always a top contender on the CAP ladder, and I distinctly remember a day when EM and I would back-and-forth redefine the CAP meta with crazy builds that no one thought made any sense. I've participated in a few tournaments and fared decently in them, but like I said, I was never a major player in the glory that is top tourneys on Smogon. Still, despite that, I'd like to think that I'm a pretty astute player, and, well, I am very proud that I won Necturna's playtest!

Anyway, I'd like to think that my input would be valuable for the CAP project now that I am here in a state that includes posting. I hope that the moderation staff thinks so as well. Thanks for your consideration in the matter.
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I'm going to close this thread (sorry Rising_Dusk) due to the nature of where we're at in the current CAP process. We've essentially finished CAP 6 Policy Review, and we'll be pouring all of our future energy into the behemoth that is CAP 1 Policy Review. While you're waiting for applications for CAP 1 Policy Review Committee to be posted by the CAP Moderators within the next few days, feel free to prepare your new application on your own time. Remember, current PR members will need to apply again!

Stay posted for when we announce applications. It will contain the rough line-up of CAP 1 PRC topics, along with other pertinent information. Thanks for your understanding; message me if you have any questions.
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