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You do not need to apply to the CAP PRC in order to participate in CAP events. All polls and discussion threads in this forum are open for public use; the PRC serves an entirely different function that is separate from the current CAP process.
This thread is for people who want to apply to the Create-A-Pokemon Project Policy Review Committee. Remember, the PRC is in charge of discussing policy changes to the CAP Process in general, all of which take place in the CAP Policy Review Forum (which everyone can see but only CAP PRC are able to post in). Note that if you're a guest viewing the CAP forums, I don't think you can view the CAP PRC forum, so that is all the more reason for you to register and see what CAP is all about! It's a great place to read the opinions of some of the most seasoned CAP veterans.

NEW: Please jam as much relevant information about yourself as you can in these applications; a short few lines will no longer suffice. In terms of guidance, it would be wise to describe a) your CAP experience, b) your Smogon experience, and c) your Pokemon experience. To apply, describe your involvement in the CAP Project in all areas, including but not limited to: past CAP polls, PR discussions, playtesting RMTs/discussions, CAP analyses workshops, #cap on IRC, CAP metagame involvement, submitted material, etc. It can really only help your case if you provide links to example posts for things like submissions or suggestions. I cannot stress this enough: please take time to fill out your application thoroughly.

As an aside, we're not looking for perfect members or anything. There is not going to be a limit on the number of users the CAP moderators accept for the PRC, and we would prefer more to less. I doesn't overly matter how long you've contributed. We're mainly looking for the best users in CAP to step up and start leading, regardless of join date. If you feel like you have contributed positively to CAP in any way, please feel free to apply. Remember that we are especially looking for active CAP PRC members to be involved in our discussion. Furthermore, rejection now will not disqualify you permanently; signups will be open again after every CAP. Inactivity or serious misconduct is the only way to lose PRC status, so you have nothing to lose by applying and quite a bit to gain.

The CAP 6 Policy Review Committee

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Elevator Music

All of these members will be given posting privileges to the CAP Policy Review subforum. They will have the ability to create threads on important CAP issues as well. They've also been granted the ability to vote on these issues and shape the future of CAP as a whole. PRC members, don't forget that you can PM any of the CAP moderators if you have any questions or concerns. We hope we can all be as active and vocal as possible in order to get work done. We can't wait to work with all of you to make positive changes in this project!


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Hello, I am Korski, "applying" for the CAP6 PRC.

First, some personal reflections on CAP5 as they pertain to applying for PRC. Right off the bat, I think the TL/TLT model was a resounding and unmitigated success from start to finish, period. Yes I am a little biased because I was Abilities TL, but I have also been an active participant in this community for eight total projects now and it is my opinion that CAP5 stands out amongst the rest in terms of exemplifying a true community process. If this most recent project was any indicator, I see no need to mess around with the infrastructure of this new Topic Leadership system; imo we should write it in stone. I think there is a lot we can do to build on the efficacy of this new system and to expand our scope and presence in the Smogon community, so I am looking forward to participating in the PR topics on the docket.

Like I said, my contributions to CAP started back in my Navy days as an admiral, during CAP8 (Cyclohm), where I quickly latched on to the competitive aspects of creating Pokemon from scratch. My competitive submissions started gaining traction with voters during CAP9 (Colossoil), where I reached the final polls for both Stats and Movepool. By CAP10 (Krilowatt), I was a notable contributor and regular presence in the polls, slated for every vote except art and sprites. I took some time off for CAP11 (Voodoom) due to a lack of internet that summer, but I quickly jumped back on the ship by the time Gen. V rolled around. My first competitive poll win was with my concept submission for Gen. V CAP1 (Tomohawk), followed by my CAP2 (Necturna) concept and CAP4 (Aurumoth) movepool. I also won the CAP1 playtest when all the good battlers were off building the RU metagame, as well as the CAP4 Pokedex poll somehow. In addition, you can view my Tomohawk analysis on the CAP website and also the Necturna analysis, which was co-written by bugmaniacbob and myself. My contributions to competitive discussions have grown stronger as the years have gone by, and I think by now I have proven my credibility as a critical thinker with a mature disposition and as a resource for newer users to learn how things work around here.

My dedication to CAP has recently earned me a Community Contributor badge and even more recently a promotion to CAP forum moderator, for which I am honored. I plan to use this new status to play a stronger role in the upcoming PRC and in laying the groundwork for more successful projects like CAP5 in the future. That said, I will be taking a step back on the forums within the projects themselves for the foreseeable future as I attend to real-life business; however, I intend to maintain a leadership role on IRC and in Policy Review as we approach CAP6, Gen. VI, and the CAP Project beyond.

I would like to encourage newer users to apply to the PRC, especially enthusiastic users who have only been around for a project or two and might feel "unqualified" as such. Actively participating in the PRC is the best way to get yourself noticed as a serious contributor, and it also gives you a voice in the evolution of the CAP Project (which is a good thing to have if you plan on sticking around a while). If you are someone who cares about the way we do things in the CAP subforum, I would implore you to participate. And it’s fun!


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CAP moderators are not necessarily required to apply for the CAP Policy Review Committee, but it is healthy for us to explain what we're doing actively within the community that will benefit the project.

For those of you who don't know me, I'm Birkal, the Head Moderator here in the Create-A-Pokemon project. I've served in this capacity since the beginning of CAP 5 (Malaconda), and as a CAP moderator since CAP 3 (Mollux). Furthermore, I've lurked the CAP forums since Stratagem (Gen IV CAP 5), so I've been a big fan of the project for years. Finally, one of my goals has been to read every post in the CAP Process Archive. While I have not completed this goal, I have worked my way through half of the Gen IV CAPs, and will continue to surge ahead in the future during my downtime.

My primary role in discussions is that of giving advice and feedback to submitters. I often do not make my own submissions because I prefer to work with others on making theirs better, whether it be through posting in the thread, chatting on IRC, or sending PMs. My most recent successes have been winning the CAP 5 Stats Poll (by teaming up with ginganinja) and taking third in the CAP 5 Art Poll. Historically, I've also done very well in the Concept Polls and held a large influence in Typing Discussion. Recently, I've also been working hard to get Breezi completed in the CAP Pre-Evolution Workshop. I've been leading the process there, and have served as the head of that project since its creation. I also play a large role in conducting the CAP Policy Review Committee, where I help run discussions and find the community consensus in a timely fashion.

Here is a list of some of my more recent posts from CAP 5. I hope they demonstrate that I have the capacity to be a useful, experienced, and relevant member to the PRC:

In terms of my Pokemon experience, I have been playing the game since Pokemon Blue, and started playing competitively in DP OU back in Gen IV. I'm a moderator of the Overused forum and a leader (&) on the simulator. On this site, I serve as a super moderator and work on linking CAP to other projects scattered across the site. I am honored to be working alongside all of you, and I am excited to begin working on policy once again!


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Hey everyone, I'm jas61292, one of the new moderators of the CAP forum. Unlike a lot of people I can't say that I ever really lurked here much, or at all for that matter, but I've been a regular participant since the beginning of the Tomohawk project at the start of the 5th generation. Since then I've tried to participate in everything this project has to offer to the best of my ability.

My main focus is almost always on the CAP process discussions. The interesting discourse and debate this project provides are what has always made CAP special to me, much more so than any individual Pokemon we create. That is not to say I don't love the other parts of the process as well. Indeed, I try and submit stat spreads and movepools whenever I can. Of course, I've never been the most successful in the polls, with my best finish being second place in Aurumoth's movepool poll, but I always find that taking the time to make submissions gives me a better understanding of what we are creating, and that is what I think is the important thing.

Most recently, as I'm sure most of you may know, I was the Topic Leader for 5th gen CAP 5, Malaconda. While I'm sure we will have a lot to discuss on the project going forward, on a more personal note, being TL was one of the greatest experiences I have ever had. It taught me a ton, about CAP, Pokemon, leadership, and myself. It was an honor to serve as your TL, and I can't thank everyone enough for all the hard work they put in.

Beyond the main CAP project process, I try to stay quite active in everything else we have going on too. Policy Review has always been incredibly important to me, and I have been highly active in nearly every PR thread that has come up since I joined the project. #cap is another place that means a lot to me. I have been chatting there regularly for around two years now, and I currently hold the position of Head SOp. As many #cap goers could probably tell you, I am a top supporter of the CAP metagame as well, playing it quite frequently and starting discussions on it when I can. Back on the forums, I have also put a plenty of effort into the CAP prevo projects, including having lead the CAP 4 prevo process. I have also won 1 stat spread and 3 movepool polls for prevos. Finally, I spend a lot of time on Pokemon Showdown, and I am a moderator over on our PS server.

I am very excited to take a look at the policy issues that will come up this time around. I can't wait to see how everyone feels about how CAP 5 went, and to see if we can make CAP even better going forwards.
I'm capefeather and this is my CAP 6 PRC application.

My first Pokemon game was the Blue version. It was kind of a big thing at school when I was a kid. I particularly liked reading fansites and trying to gain information on them that wasn't a bunch of lies. It was relatively easy to lie about a game on a website back in the day, especially a really glitchy game like Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow. I got Crystal when it came out, but after my parents accidentally threw out my GBA, I was limited to reading about new generations before my interest faded away almost entirely. Then I decided to download a program called Shoddy Battle to casually laugh at the chatroom and battle semi-seriously. I initially never intended to get really into Smogon, and in a sense I'm still not all that excited about as a whole. Unlike many other major CAP contributors, my activity and interest in proper seems to have waned as I got more into CAP. It's probably just a coincidence. I used to participate in suspect tests in DPP, and I write the stuff for C&C occasionally, but my primary role outside of CAP now is as moderator for Pokemon Showdown!, an awesome Pokemon simulator that goes great with Cinnamon Toast Crunch.

The first CAP-related thing I saw was a front page announcement on Kitsunoh's playtest (DPP CAP 7). I kind of lurked for the Colossoil project, and this led to participation in the Krilowatt playtest, followed by my first full participation in the Voodoom project. When the BW CAP projects got rolling, I started winning polls, the first being Tomohawk's movepool, the butt of the occasional joke and the source of a very pertinent lesson for me: when elements perceived as "flavour" and elements perceived as "competitive" clash, the latter wins. I then won the polls for Necturna's stat spread before becoming a CAP moderator. I went on to win the polls for Aurumoth's concept and stat spread, though I guess the concept got out of hand, etc. I then served as the movepool leader for our most recent project, Malaconda.

I guess the bottom line is I like talking about Pokemon, and CAP provides an alternative to the conventional tournament-think and ladder-think perspectives (not that any one is superior). I also have an interest in CAP policy and I find it very important. In both areas (and even in general), my main concern is with moving the discussion forward and giving every plausible idea its fair shake. This often results in a very serious, sometimes critical, tone to my posts. At the same time, I want to avoid seriousness for its own sake, and this often results in a non-serious, even trolly, bent to how I do things. The entire Necturna pre-evo project can attest to this, as well as the strange tags I insert into threads I make, a practice that I'm sure annoys DougJustDoug (and possibly cookie in's general forum) to no end.

As far as the actual policy goes, more heads are always welcome, as long as the heads put an honest effort into it. Malaconda's project went really smoothly by many people's accounts, but there were some issues under the hood and it can only help future projects to have a lot of input on these matters. I'm always grateful that people consider me a positive force in CAP in general, and I always make sure not to take that for granted. Let's do this thing.


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Hello, I am Qwilphish and I am applying to be a part of the CAP 6 PRC.

The reason I first joined CAP, and thus my account, was because of how different that this sub-forum is from the rest of the forum. We are creating something as a community and I wanted to be a part of it. My first CAP was Tomohawk and I have followed the project since. Malaconda was the first CAP that I actively participated, discussed, and submitted in the competitive aspects of CAP. I offered submissions for Stats and Movepool, as well as participating within most of the discussions throughout Malaconda. Although I did not make any slates with my submissions, I plan to continue and hone in my skills as a submitter and thus my skills as an all-around CAP participant.

Although I have relatively low experience compared to most of the other people who are going to apply after me on the forums, I have been highly involved on IRC, actively trying to participate in every discussion that has taken place on the channel from the Concept Assessment to the Dex Entries. This is actually where most of my CAP experience comes from- from listening and responding to the policies that make up CAP. One of my favorite parts about CAP is the structure that the PRC brings over other "Fake-mon" Projects, and I would like to be able to have a voice into what policies should and should not be applied

On Smogon, I am still relatively unknown to most however I plan to change that by contributing in many areas in the near future. I am most well-versed in the lower tiers (read: UU down) when it comes to battling. However, I can also hold my own within OU and the CAP ladders (although that isn't necessarily saying much). I am also fairly active on the CAP Ladder, as I love to be able to test the old CAPs and see their interactions with each other. The reason is that I hope to learn from those interactions as well as the playtest itself.

Thank you for reading my application and I hope that despite my lack of formal experience, that you will consider my IRC time as suffice knowledge of CAP policy to be accepted!


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a) CAP experience

To be honest, this is probably the criteria I have the least of out of the 3. I'm a competitive battler and have only picked up CAP recently. However, this does not mean I have an empty slate in this area. Quite recently I won the CAP4 tournament which was pretty cool. More recently, I topped the leaderboard for the CAP5 playtest. Not only did I get the number 1 spot with my account, mankey muncher, but I also got the number 2 spot with my alt, train crasher yun. I'm pretty sure mankey muncher had like a record of like 57-1 so it's pretty safe to say that I dominated the sh*t out of the ladder. Those two accounts alone accounted for like 160 battles, with various other accounts adding to that count. I stick around #cap during playtest time, however a majority of the time I'm not seen talking. This is mainly because of the fact that the talk in #cap is rarely about competitive issues and I do not bother engaging in talks about personal lives and whatnot.

b) Smogon experience

I've been on this site a pretty long time...I was 13 when I joined and now I'm 17. I'm probably much better known as PttP than ballabrown24, but that's what happens when you get a name change. As you can see, I am a tiering contributor, which is dandy. I'm mainly involved in tournaments, however I rarely battle in tournaments other than the official ones. I guess my biggest tournament accomplishment to this point has been my OST7 run which proved that I was the greatest 14 year old battler ever to grace the land before getting wrecked by baton pass. I assistant managed for the Cryonicles during SPL4 and did a pretty good job playing BW OU for the Wolfpack in SPL2. Other than that I really don't do all too much with tournaments other than win every DPP OU battle I play (proof: I've only ever entered 2 DPP OU Smogon Tour weeks, and I won both of the weeks I entered; I'm pretty much a Big Deal). I've written like 5 competitive pokemon analyses so if you really want me to I can write I guess. I am known for being cocky about my battling ability, but why wouldn't I? I'm the best.

c) Pokemon experience

I don't really know what to write here...all my achievements are in the Smogon area so yeah. I guess if you want a history of my Pokemon experiences then I will say that I started on Marriland back in the day. With the help of Delta 2777 I then moved to CAL which was an interesting time to say the least. There I learned how to be the amazing battler I am today through the knowledge of the one and only SWEEPAGE. I mainly played UU at that point and I'm pretty much the reason why Damp Rock was a suspect back in the day. Through my smaller website roots, I ended up getting some attention for SPL2 as a BW OU battler from the likes of Iconic, whose team ended up drafting me. Also during SPL2, I made my OST7 run, but I never got a chance to play DPP OU and show off my amazing OTR Bronzong team >:0. As of right now I'm horribly inactive when it comes to playing standard metagames such as BW OU/Ubers/NU/RU/UU, and the only metagame I've actually played the past 3 months has been CAP. I like CAP.


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Orange Islands
Hey guys and gals DHR-107 here (DHR on IRC).

Ive floated around CaP since Pyroak was first implemented. It was more of an accident than anything as me and a friend were looking for a server to play randbats on, and the CaP Server was small enough with nice enough people that we used their server. I started to play on the CaP Ladder at that point for a long time. I was involved (As a lurker and player) right up to Arghonaut. Real Life happened and I drifted away from the project. While at uni I kept track of what was going on, and sort of came back when Gen 5 was introduced. I was reading everything at this point, always debating whether to take the plunge or not.

I started really contributing during Necturna on IRC. During this time and Mollux I received Voice, and then later I received HOPs by being an active and helpful member of the channel. I am usually always on IRC, and always willing to answer questions for people and help out. I really ramped up my efforts when the Generation IV Prevolution worksop was created and have been a guiding force in it. I ran the second process for Pyroak (CaP 3). I pioneered a 2 stage prevolution project which was helpful for Jas' take on it for running the Aurumoth prevos.

I created the movepools for Syclar, Cupra and Argalis and also created the stats for Cupra, Argalis and Breezi. I intend to be a lot more active on the forums and in CaP Discussions here. I have been part of the PRC before, weighing in on some controversial discussions which seemed to split opinion such as updating Gen 4 Caps and also implementing Prevos on the server.

My Smogon Experience is mostly here and in Orange Islands. Both have great user bases and I enjoy contributing to both. I am also a HOP in the Orange Islands IRC Channel, and am always willing to help someone get what they need in terms of eggs or trades. I also give out a lot of advice for people on ingame teams/where items are/general in game questions across a variety of games. I have knowledge of probably 85% of ingame pokemon and how they fair in general throughout play throughs. I recently became a Tutee in Battling101 where I am learning more about OU so I can be more productive in the competitive stages and aspects of CaP.

I started playing Pokemon from when it was first released in Europe all the way back in the late 90's. I've played all of the major series games and am a compulsive re-runner/trainer. It scares me that I have been playing Pokemon for longer than some of the people on Smogon have been alive. I love this game and I love being part of CaP where we get to discuss the whole creation of a Pokemon and often wonder if it is anything like (in terms of flavour processes) to what Game Freak does. At the end of the day CaP is great fun and there are a lot of extremely knowledgeable people about to help craft and shape ideas.
I'm Elevator Music, this is my PRC application.

I joined these forums in 2008 because I was drawn in by Syclant's playtesting and the making of Revenankh. Throughout the years I've been involved in a majority of the CAPs we've made, participating in almost everything at one point or another. Concepts, typing, stats, abilities, movepool, even spriting; you name it, I've probably entered it at least once (except maybe art). I've also been witness to how CAP policy has evolved over time (side note: I really like the direction we've chosen to go with the TLT, and I think CAP 5 was amazingly successful as a CAP). In Gen 4 I was a server moderator on Doug's sever, which we used to play with the CAPs before it was merged with the Smogon University server. Other than my duties as a moderator, I suppose I haven't participated/submitted as heavily in CAP for the last few CAPs, although recently I've been getting into the all-CAP metagame again, and I try to play at least a little in each playtest.

Both Smogon and Pokemon experience I have in spades. Smogon-wise, I currently run Gen 5 LC and am a big participant in the ASB subforum. I would say those two areas are where the bulk of my contributions lie (even compared to CAP ;_;). Because of my LC work I'm also heavily involved in C&C, and I'm also a tutor for BW LC. Additionally, I occasionally write articles for The Smog. As a battler, I've been playing Pokemon competitively for almost all of Gen 4 and Gen 5. I mainly play LC at this point, but also have quite a bit of background knowledge in both OU and CAP, because back in the day I was pretty good at both of them. I also dabble in some of the other tiers, such as RU and NU.
Hiya, Eagle4 here!

So, I've been participating in CAP since the Mollux era, which was when I first joined Smogon. CAP was one of the main reasons why I joined Smogon in the first place; I loved the idea of a community-built Pokemon, and seeing how it would perform in the OU environment. As CAP has gone on, I've gradually become more and more involved with most aspects of CAP. I believe myself to be knowledgeable on the CAP process and leadership system, as well as any other aspect of CAP. Whilst I love contributing towards CAPs, I particularly enjoy giving feedback in flavour threads, such as on art submissions and pokedex entries.

I am also very active on #cap where I participated during CAP5 in discussions involving a lot of the competitive aspects, such as movepool, stats and abilities, as well as giving feedback on art designs there (such as Birkal's cornmon). Whilst none of my submission in CAP thus far have been slated (the only instances were when every entry was slated, during CAP5's Name Submissions), I aspire to better myself when it comes to submissions. From Mollux to Malaconda, my submissions are gradually recieving much better feedback, so hey, at least that's something. I believe that whilst credentials are important, they are largely irrelevant towards the PRC, especially if the most important aspect of PRC is the discussion on the different processes throughout CAP and the reviews on certain policies.

Competitive-wise, I mostly keep to random battles on Showdown!, although I did participate in the Malaconda playtest, doing fairly well by peaking at 7th with my sun team. I wouldn't call myself a good battler by any means, but I certainly know most aspects of competitive battling. I began getting into Pokemon through the tcg, around 2005, before finally getting my first Pokemon game (a French version of Pokemon Pearl, no less) in 2007. From there I got more and more obsessed with battling, challenging my school friends and coming out on top every time (Seriously, I have a 100% win record). I stopped collecting the tcg due to the power creep, but I continued with my love of Pokemon and battling. I joined Pokemon Showdown! recently, towards the end of last year.

During my time at Smogon, I've had highs and lows. I've recently branched from Smeargle's Studio and CAP to Orange Islands, where I enjoy the company there. I've hosted an Extreme Makeover's Contest, co-hosted a Pokemon vs Pokemon thread in Orange Islands and I'm soon to host a Pokemon tournament, Pick of the Pools. I believe that I'm gradually improving as a Smogon user. Amongst all this, I also heavily contribute to the Prevo Workshop, starting from the Embirch/Flarelm stage right up to #breezi. During this process, I've created many submissions for stats and pokedex entries.


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Hi, I'm Nyktos, and I'd like to apply for PRC.

I've been around in CAP in some capacity since partway through Mollux. (I believe typing was just wrapping up when I first found my way here.) I mostly just lurked during that process; I did read through every discussion thread, but I don't recall posting at all. The one exception was that I did make a movepool submission, albeit mostly just for fun and not with any real expectation of being slated. The same pattern basically continued through Aurumoth. I did post in the discussions a few times, but I never participated in any real sense. I submitted both a stat spread and a movepool this time. To my surprise, the latter actually got slated, though it finished dead last in the first poll. During the latter parts of the project I started lurking on #cap and did get into a few discussions there, though I don't recall any of them actually being about CAP. I followed the post-CAP PRC session closely, so I do have some idea of what I'm getting myself into here.

Malaconda was my first "real" project, where I finally decided to jump in and be a part of the action. My level of activity varied throughout the project, mostly as a function of my workload at school, but I participated heavily when I could and made some long-ass posts about whatever tiny aspect of the CAP I felt was important at the time. Here, here, and here are some examples of (what I feel are) pretty good posts I made during the discussions. I was also one of the most active users on #cap throughout the process, aside from a few periods where studying got the better of me. (And I actually participated in discussions about the project this time!) Once again I submitted a stat spread and a movepool, and once again the latter was slated, but this time it actually got more than one first-choice vote that wasn't from me and even made the second poll. I did decently on the playtest ladder too, so I guess that's also something. (Thirteenth in the final stats, but I was in the top five several times.)

As far as general Pokémon experience goes, I've been playing since I was I think seven years old and got Red, the first video game I ever owned. It was a hand-me-down from my cousins, and I'm pretty sure Gold and Silver were already out at that point. I spent so many hours on that game, it's almost depressing. Especially since I never actually beat it until years later. I've basically been into Pokémon ever since. I got Ruby, Emerald, Diamond, Platinum, HeartGold, Black, and Black 2 all shortly after they were released and I'm happy to report that it took me substantially less time to beat any of those.

As far as competitive play goes, I started during gen 4, where I mostly played Wi-Fi. (I did install Shoddy, but I rarely played it.) I hung out on a couple of small forums dedicated to Wi-Fi play, and for a while I played a ton. Eventually I got tired of it and sorta wandered away, but then gen 5 came out and I got really into Pokémon again. At this point all those Wi-Fi forums had died and I didn't know anyone else to play with, so I installed PO and actually started playing on simulators more than occasionally. I have to admit, though, that competitive Pokémon has always been more of a casual interest for me than something I'm devoted to. There are weeks where I do nothing else with me free time, but the weeks where I don't play at all are more frequent. That said, I like to think I have a decent knowledge of how competitive Pokémon works, and I play a lot more when I have a particular reason to: for instance, during this CAP I played a ton of OU with a sun team to get a better feel for how they play.

I first made my account on Smogon back during those days where I played gen 4 Wi-Fi, but I basically only lurked back then (as is obvious when you compare my join date to my post count). I guess I actually lied when I said Mollux was the first CAP I followed since I do remember checking out the CAP forum back then, but I have no memory of which CAP was going on or anything else. Anyway, I came back to (lurking on) Smogon at the same time I came back to competitive battling, and...well, actually I still pretty much just lurk in forums other than CAP.

So, yeah, that's me. I'm not the most experienced person here, either in CAP or in competitive Pokémon, but I feel that I am experienced enough with both to meaningfully contribute, and I hope that my activity during CAP 5 demonstrates that.


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I've been playing competitive Pokemon since before I was COPPA-legal, having downloaded Shoddy in August or September of '09. I've never been very good—my greatest achievement would be peaking 22 on Pokemon Online's OU ladder or #8 on its RU ladder (everyone knows Showdown ladder peaks don't count for shit), but I have three and a half years of battling experience under my belt so that has to count for something. Like emma, I don't really play OU much any more (in fact, I'd stop completely if I didn't need to know it to participate in CAP), since I almost exclusively do Doubles or All-CAP now.

I joined smogon a year later, when i turned 13 because I actually bothered to read the rules announcement before making an account. So I've been a site member for over two and half years, though i really only started using my account around when BW was released in America. The place where I have the most posts is ASB, since that's necessarily true of everyone who does PC++ Style Battling. I've written three smog articles and co-written two more; I have activity voice on Pokemon Showdown; I post in Other Metas a fair amount; I read every Policy Review thread. I also read A Forum a lot, unfortunately. And I may not have a badge but I pay enough attention on IRC and forums to have a working knowledge of the politics of smogon.

I'd been playing All-CAP since I first downloaded shoddybattle and I loved it, so one of the first things I did when I joined the forums was to check out this subforum. Voodoom was already over, so the first project I participated in was Tomohawk—please don't find my posts from Tomohawk. I submitted concepts for CAPs 2-5 and a couple of stat spreads, and some flavor stuff. Not a large paper trail, but I tend to do a lot more arguing than submitting. I got VOps in #cap last summer but lost them around the start of Malaconda for being a fuck, but i'm still really active in the channel. I did decently in Aurumoth and Mollux playtests, placing third in both or something like that. I'm one of All-CAP's only serious players atm and it gets lonely sometimes, please someone other than lolcat or jas play with me :(

that's basically the extent of my resume


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Hi, I'm nyttyn, this is a CAP PRC application. There are many like it, but this one is mine.

I started playing Pokemon what feels like forever ago. Its really hazy now how I got excited for it, but I recall being really pumped for my Pikachu Yellow Gameboy to finally arrive, and I damn near flipped my shit when it did. In fact I am pretty sure it is among my strongest of early memories. Even though my mother had to help me a lot (I think she even helped me beat the E4 and catch Mewtwo, bless her heart. I was a stupid kid), I fondly remember the game, and it was a huge contribution towards my life long hobby of playing video games. Ever since then I have made sure to play every generation, and it would be easier to mention what pokemon games I haven't played (Poke Park, the Explorers series, Rangers besides the first one, Battle Revolution, that one box one for the game cube even though it wasn't really a game). Pokemon has been an incredibly important part of my life, as cheesy as that sounds, and still to this day remains one of my favorite series. I am a pokenerd to the point where, if you named only a few aspects of almost any of the 649 pokemon, I would 9.5 times out of 10 be able to name it.

Competitively, I didn't get started with battling until late into DPP, and never really took it seriously until BW. I don't recall why exactly I got into it, it just wound up kind of happening. Eventually I learned about something called "Smogon," and made an account to check it out. I don't really remember what my first posts were, but eventually I wound up hearing about the Ice/Rock vs Fire/Poison typing wars via Rising_Dusk. Ice/Rock should have won in my opinion but I digress.

Over the next year or two I have since then gotten heavily involved in the CAP community, becoming a member of some renown. My contributions include:

I also have a number of other aspects which would make me an ideal member of the PRC. I have a great sense of creativity, I am excellent at problem solving, I have the ability to learn and adapt at a great pace, and I am willing to take other opinions into consideration, even if I do not always agree. I have a critical eye to detail (I doesn't overly matter how - Birkal, from the OP), I strive for perfection, and I am exceptionally proficient in problem solving.

As for Smogon experience of late, I have spent most of my time helping out in CAP and in Smogon Doubles (to the point where I am considered one of the top Doubles battlers), but I do occasionally spend time in ASB and helping out the folks in Other Metagames. I also have also played over five thousand matches of BW, from NU to CAP to Doubles to everything in between, and I have been playing this franchise longer then more then a few users of the site have even been alive. which has earned me more then a few jests from my friends and family.

But I really do believe in the CAP project. I have put my heart and soul into this project, and plan to do even more for it, having several The Smog articles as a WIP. As a result, I believe that my presence on the PRC would be a positive contribution to the project as a whole, and as such request the ability to serve a third term on the PRC to help shape the direction of the project. This is a wonderful project with a community that, while infuriating at times, has been quite the pleasure to work with and hang out with, and I wish to give back to it in any way I can.
I'm paintseagull, a new CAP forum moderator and a flavour specialist :)

I have been lurking in CAP since Krilowatt, and have submitted art (including for prevos) and frequented #cap since Voodoom. I've won one the prevo art polls for Tomohawk (Scratchet) and Aurumoth (Cupra and Argalis), the prevo art poll for Embirch, and the prevo Dex Entry poll for Breezi. My aim in the CAP project is to contribute to the art polls and to encourage others to contribute to art and flavour polls. My philosophy is: the more great art we get into the polls, the better the art we finally choose and the healthier the project. I also try to give helpful feedback on flavour aspects on the forums and in #cap. I was on the PRC for the first time in CAP 5 and I'm very happy with the discussions and conclusions that resulted from that round of Policy Review. I have a soft spot for the prevo project. :)

CAP is my main focus on Smogon, but I also love to contribute art to The Smog and I am semi-active in Smeargle's Studio. I think Other Metagames is super great and I hope to get into that more in the future.

I have been a huge Pokemon fan for a very long time, and I have mostly played the main series of games. I think competitive Pokemon is super interesting and I have recently started to do some battling, mostly in the most recent playtest. I have learned a lot by just reading CAP threads but I still need to do a lot more battling to solidify that knowledge and gain more insight.

I love the new, more community-focused policies we have come up with but I believe we still have some work to do. I'm looking forward to discussing how we can continue to improve.


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I am DougJustDoug, and although CAP mods are not required to apply for the PRC, I think it is a great idea for all of us to post our credentials to participate in Policy Review. If anything, just to let newcomers to the project know a bit about our background and why we feel qualified to be part of the policy-making process.

I am the Head Administrator for the Create-A-Pokemon project, and I have been involved in the CAP project since the very first pokemon we created in 2007 (Syclant). For most of CAP's history I have been in a senior leadership position with the project. That has given me a great deal of insight into how the project works, and opportunity to participate in almost every major undertaking we have ever done. Create-A-Pokemon is my favorite part of Smogon and I focus most of my time and energy here.

In the last Policy Review cycle, I initiated the process with this thread: CAP Leadership Compendium, which is a very long and detailed history of leadership in the CAP project with detailed descriptions of many fundamental principles that have been the basis of CAP leadership over the years. Although it may be too long for many people to digest, I put a lot of work into writing it, and it is one of my proudest contributions to CAP policy.

In that same policy review cycle, I organized almost every policy proposal (nods to Birkal for tons of help there) and participated heavily in every discussion. It was one of the biggest Policy Review cycles in CAP history and we made many groundbreaking changes to the CAP project. I cannot take sole credit for the final changes we made; it was a big team effort and the conclusions of each thread were often significantly different than the proposals I put forth in the OP of each thread. I think most of the changes we made have had a very positive effect on the project, and I am glad I was an active part of that process.

As an individual CAP participant, I like to be active in all discussion threads, particularly in the formative threads like Concept, Typing, etc. I typically do not make submissions for competitive steps, usually because I like submissions from others better than what I have in mind! But I do submit competitive entries on occasion, and I even won the Concept step for CAP 11 (Perfect Mate). My heaviest entry involvement is in artistic steps. I have made an art design entry in all 16 CAP projects to date, and I have entered a sprite in 12 past CAP projects (the last 9 consecutive). I have a very strong track record of finishing at or near the top of many art and sprite polls, with 3 wins (Fidgit sprite, Krillowatt sprite, and Voodoom art) and more than 20 finishes in the top 5. I also enjoy flavor steps like Name, and I am delighted to have won 3 Name polls in the past (Voodoom, Tomohawk, and Mollux).

I am currently an Administrator for Smogon, and I have been a senior staff member for many years. As such, I spend a lot of time and effort on the "inner workings" of Smogon, on both a community and technical level. I was the head admin for the first Smogon University Shoddybattle server, and was a key programming contributor to that sim. I also wrote the first set of detailed statistics gathering for competitive pokemon play, and I maintained all statistics for the 4th generation.

I was one of the big driving forces behind the formalized tiering processes introduced in Smogon in the 4th generation. I wrote The Characteristics of a Desirable Pokemon Metagame, which has been lauded by many players young and old as a key influential work in Smogon's competitive community evolution, and it remains stickied in the Smogon Policy Review forum to this day. That work exemplifies my core beliefs about the competitive metagame and how policy should apply to the game.

I am an obsessive student of the mechanics of Pokemon battling. I have implemented in progamming code the battle attributes of every pokemon in the game and the mechanics of every move, ability, status effect, and field condition in the entire game. In fact, I've done it three times in three different programming languages. Because of my work in programming battle simulators, damage calculators, pokedexes, and battle statistics programs, I think my knowledge of the technical details of complex battle mechanics and their technical impacts on gameplay puts me amongst the experts in the Smogon community and beyond. I don't know everything about the game (far from it!), but I enjoy studying the game and I look forward to learning more!


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Heya, srk(insert numbers here) reapplying for PRC.

I'm pretty experienced in all things CAP/Smogon/Pokemon. Having lurked since Colossoil and posted since Voodoom, I've now been around for either 6 or 8 projects, depending how you look at it. I've now surpassed the 800 post mark and the overwhelming majority (think 700) have come in CAP. This is the real reason I'm here. And not as a fanboy project or anything. I'm a competitive chess player and in many ways competitive Pokemon is a similarly intellectual game.

The most fascinating thing about Pokemon is teambuilding, since it's the one main thing that distinguishes how Pokemon and chess play out. I'm pretty good at the strategy and gameplay, as evidenced by my previous topping of the CAP and RU ladders, as well as previous top 5-10 placings in NU and UU, at various previous times. What I lack however is strong teambuilding knowledge and I think CAP is the best way to work on that. The whole point of the project is investigating how a concept can be manifested and how it impacts the metagame. That's really why I've stuck around here for so long. I think it's the best way to get engrossed in the meta and just learn what it takes to succeed. CAP has improved my OU game so much.

To continue that point, I engross myself in CAP. I make submissions for every competitive step and try to provide meaningful commentary at each step along the way. Though I lack the capacity to provide good flavor contributions in art and sprites, I still make comments to try to guide the artists. I also make Dex submissions. I truly enjoy being in the CAPmmunity. My only regret is my lesser action on IRC, which I have many times said I would remedy. Regrettably, each time I say this and it fails to come true. Assuming this project starts in the summer, though, maybe I will this time? No promises. Anyway.

In the previous massive PRC cycle, I was an active member. I am incredibly pleased with the results. I know we have less to tweak this time around, but I still would like to be involved with the discussions before CAP 6.


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CAP Head Mod
Although PRC Applications will be open indefinitely, the initial batch will be selected sometime over this weekend, likely Friday or Saturday. If you're interested in working with us on Policy Review right out of the gates, try to apply before that time. Just thought I'd give you all a heads up!
Deck Knight here, posting an actual resume since we're way more serious about it now even though I hate to rewrite history.

a) CAP Experience

In the beginning there was CAP - and I was there to see it form. From the mini-mods to the weak TLs to the strong TLs to our newest system, I have seen CAP shift and mold over the entirety of the project as new problems and new solutions, as well as new distracting sideshows came and went. I do hate to keep tallies, but I might as well since I can use i in further applications:

  • Won Gen 4 CAP 2 Name (Revenankh)
  • Won Gen 4 CAP 3 Name (Pyroak)
  • Won Gen 4 CAP 7 Name (Kitsunoh)
  • Won Gen 4 CAP 8 Stats and Movepool (And hijacked the project) [Served as ATL] (Cyclohm)
  • Won Gen 4 CAP 9 Stats (Colossoil) [Served as ATL]
  • Won Gen 4 CAP 10 Stats (Krillowatt)
  • Topic Leader for latter half of Gen 4 CAP 11 (Voodoom) [Served as ATL]
  • Won Gen 5 CAP 2 Movepool (Necturna)
  • Topic Leader Gen 5 CAP 3 (Mollux)
  • Typing Leader Gen 5 CAP 5 (Malaconda)
  • At least a dozen second or third place finishes in any competitive aspect, including Concept
  • Immense input on typing and abilities in most CAP projects
  • Basically one of the go-to chat mods on #cap IRC
  • Pioneered in large part the competitive-oriented structure of the most recent CAP Projects separation of powers from the TL to the TL + TLT model
  • An almost endless list of miscellaneous things from Revisions to Reversions to the EVO spinoff saga, and a bunch of things people who joined from Gen V on have no idea ever even happened.

b) Smogon Experience

I could write a book about this, but basically look at my join date back in May 2005. I've made almost 7,000 posts in the 8 years I've been here, and I'm one of the few people almost no one has a neutral opinion of, for good or ill. That needs no more real mentioning, I'd rather focus on what I do well, which is writing articles for The Smog, participating in CAP, and for the last two years now creating and running the CAP ASB Forum game. CAP for me is the ultimate proof the tenacity + meritocracy is an effective strategy for achievement.

c) Pokemon Experience

Pokemon Red. The original. About the only folks who started Pokemon before I did lived in Japan and spoke Japanese. I grew up with the lovable creatures and am a massive nostalgia fan, as you can see in some of my Smog articles. I really wish they'd go back to those Hyper Beam mechanics...

In any case, I've been an RPG nut for the longest time so I love any game with stats and strategy, and Pokemon fit the bill. I've played on almost every kind of simulator including GSBot way back in the day, I've enjoyed peripheral games like the TCG (that's where "Deck" comes from. My original handle on "ThePokemasters" was Deckbuilder14) and forum games like several versions of ASB, including two defunct ones - one of them even had AIM battles and refs, along with a forum game for catching Pokemon! I've even helped build ASBs before this most recent one, although the ASB we have on Smogon is definitely a masterwork taken from all my other experiences.

I think that's enough prattling on for now. While I don't really have to apply for PRC as a Moderator, I think it's important to show respect for the system and the desires we have in making threads like this, so I definitely want to remain on the PRC.
Hello. :) My username is Quanyails, and I've been a contributor to CAP since mid-Necturna. I participate most prominently in CAP flavor threads, with contributions in Art, Sprites, Names, and Pokédex Entries. However, I follow the entire CAP process from the first applications for Topic Leaders to the post-playtest analysis. Between or during CAPs, I participate in CAP pre-evolution creation. Outside of the CAP forum, I spend much of my time on #cap, being voiced there, and I keep TV Tropes's article on the Create-a-Pokémon project up to date.

Among the twenty-two final submissions I have made through my time at CAP, I have taken the vote for Flarelm sprites, Embirch and Flarelm Pokédex entries, and Cupra and Argalis Pokédex entries. Additionally, I created animations for Necturna's sprites, which are on Pokemon Showdown! for all to see. Within each of the aforementioned threads, I not only create my own entry to be voted upon, but I type comments for everyone. As CAP is a community project, I believe that each submission deserves feedback, whether that submission is great or could be improved. When competitive threads are open, even if I do not post in them, I still follow each poster's comment and weigh my vote on the matter fairly. This extends to spectating during the CAP playtests.

I've been a fan of Pokémon for more than half of my life. The franchise originally appealed to me because of the creative designs each Pokémon, but my interest in it prolonged from growing in art and learning about competitive Pokémon. Smogon stands out as the competitive Pokémon site, and I had lurked around it much before actually signing an account up. In fact, CAP was what obliged me to register, so I could contribute rather than solely spectate. CAP encapsulates (no pun intended) my interest in a Pokémon-creating project for its competitivity, creativity, and professionalism, all of which are outstanding, and I would like to continue its tradition of excellence by joining the PRC and refining the CAP process toward an even greater standard.
Hi, I'm Mos-Quitoxe. I've been playing Pokemon since Red and Blue came out in 1999, though I haven't really spent much time on the competitive scene.

I can't say that I ever lurked around Smogon either, since I was intimidated by the high-level discussion and off-site perceptions of the userbase, but I eventually plucked up the courage to enter the (BW) CAP1 prevolution art submissions, where I lasted until the second poll. The first true CAP art I participated in was for CAP2, Where my origami warrior was famously and narrowly bested by Yilx's sultry shrine maiden. You might otherwise know me better for my successes in the CAP2 prevos and CAP3 (and also CAP4 but I didn't do as well and my entry was ugly anyway).

Other than art threads I haven't done much, but I still feel a connection to this community and wish to participate in the PRC committee and improve the community still further!


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welp I'm imanalt (although im not an alt >.>) and i guess im applying for prc again!

I joined cap immediately before necturna. I have been slowly transitioning from lurking in cap to more active participation. My contributions in cap are largest on irc, where i am usually a active member discussing most every facet of each cap. I do participate as much as possible on the threads on the forums, but it is somewhat limited, with my most notable thing being *almost* slated for malaconda's stat poll (i was on until jas vetoed). I also did well in the necturna playtest, holding first place for a while with about two days to go (then i had a bad day and finished around 5th). I was also a member of the last PRC.

my general pokemon experience is a little better. I have been a fan of pokemon ever since i got yellow as a five year old, gettign involved in competitive back in 4th gen on shoddy. I am currently a moderator on pokemonshowdown, and participating in the othermetas premier league on smogon. I'm currently involved in coauthoring a smog article. the majority of my smogon posts however, fall in asb, although with its somewhat postcount heavy nature, thats not surprising.


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Hey everyone, it's DetroitLolcat applying for another term as a PRC member.

My CAP experience is pretty substantial in my opinion; I served as a member of the inaugural TLT, I've participated in every rendition of the modern PRC, and I've participated in the entirety of the most recent CAP. I've lurked since Colossoil, posted like a noob since Krilowatt, and posted with a minor degree of intelligence since Necturna. I haven't had the best poll results, though I guess when it comes to main (read: non-pre evolution) CAP polls I've won 1/1 out of the polls I've been slated in (the TLT poll for CAP5, lol).

However, I have made numerous well-reasoned posts over the recent CAP, and I'll link to a few of those posts to substantiate this claim: Non-Attacking Moves Discussion
Primary Ability Discussion
Typing Discussion

From a leadership perspective, I have given direction and focus to threads while serving as the Stats Leader for Malaconda.
Stat Limits Discussion
Stat Limits Discussion

Throughout the Stat Spread Submissions, I gave a critique of every Final Submission submitted and maintained a presence on IRC to substantiate my arguments and speak to individuals who submitted spreads. Speaking of IRC, I have voice on the #cap IRC channel, visit the channel nearly daily, and frequently place near the top of the channel statistics. I have won one playtest (Mollux), placed second in another playtest (Necturna), and placed fourth in the most recent playtest, so I have a degree of battling expertise (though I'm no master). I am a three-time member of the PRC (Mollux, Aurumoth, and Malaconda), and have posted in the majority of topics during the past three PRC periods. Just as I have greatly stepped up my degree of participation in CAP during the most recent project, I intend to greatly increase my PRC activity in the upcoming CAP.

My Smogon experience has mainly existed in the CAP subforum, though I have definitely ventured out of the project before. I have a Tiering Contributor badge for my seven different Suspect Test votes over the past couple years. I used to be a member of the UU Senate during my tenure in the UU Community, but the only metagames I play at the moment are the occasional OU match and the all-CAP metagame. I have voice on Pokemon Showdown! and am a dilettante of Tier Shift and many of the Other Metagames of Smogon. Don't worry, you probably haven't heard of them. They're pretty underground.

My Pokemon experience... Well, I've been a fan of Pokemon for just under half of my life. In second grade I was introduced to Pokemon by a PokeManiac friend, and frankly I thought it was pretty dumb. It didn't make much sense and I had better things to do like play Pac-Man World 2 on my Nintendo Gamecube. In third grade I picked up a copy of Pokemon Silver and spent a while training Cindy the Level 100 Typhlosion while my friends traded around their Grovyles, Kyogres, and Shuppets on their fancy Pokemon Ruby Version. By fourth grade I was logging six hours a day on Pokemon Emerald, so I caught up soon enough. My greatest achievement in Pokemon is probably getting the Gold Symbol from the godforesaken Battle Palace thanks to two timely Brightpowder misses (fun fact: I later learned that the only way a non-EV trained Swampert will beat a Suicune is if Surf misses twice in a row and the Suicune doesn't have Rest). Eventually I got into Smogon, but I still play the main series games for Nuzlocke runs (also the reason I came to Smogon is to upload bad Nuzlocke fanfiction, which I still do today lol) and the occasional Battle Factory run.

Well, that's me. I would be honored to serve another term on the PRC if you all will have me!

Bull of Heaven

Hi, I'm BoH.

Years ago, I woke up on Christmas morning to find that I now owned a Gameboy Colour and a copy of Pokemon Silver version. I immediately fell in love with the Pokemon series, and have never lost interest since. I still own at least one game from every generation, and have played through most of them multiple times. I'm not sure exactly when I first found my way to Smogon, since I lurked for a while before registering, but I've been playing online since Gen 3, back when Netbattle was still the simulator of choice.

I've probably been involved in CAP longer than anyone except Doug and Deck Knight, having first come across the project partway through Syclant. My activity has gone up and down over the years, but I've never completely disappeared, and I've at least cast some votes in every single project. I submitted movepools for Fidgit, Stratagem, Krilowatt and Malaconda, and Pokedex entries for Mollux, Aurumoth and Malaconda. I've also been involved in prevo projects, and sumitted movepools for Cupra and Argalis and Dex entries for Breezi. I occasionally play the CAP metagame, I've begun making appearances on the #cap, and I was an active participant in the Malaconda playtest, where I peaked ~8th on the ladder. I'd like to continue to become more active in CAP, as I think I've done more than enough lurking here.

Almost all of my involvement in Smogon has been CAP-related, hence the old join date and low postcount. While I don't normally post anywhere else, I frequently read threads in a forum, OU and Orange Islands. There are very few forums on this site that I haven't visited at some point.
My username is uwnim and this is my PRC application. It will be pretty short because I don't see much point in talking about what Pokemon games I have played or about my nonexistent Smogon experience.

Started lurking CAP sometime during Necturna and made my first CAP related post in the attacking moves discussion. During Mollux, I started to get a bit more involved in CAP, voting in polls, joining the IRC channel, discussing things more and taking part in the playtest. My first submission was a movepool that managed to get slated, but it lacked support so I came in last place. During Aurumoth, I submitted stats and a name. I also continued discussing stuff on IRC and in the forums. Unfortunately, I was unable to participate much during Malaconda due to a lack of time. All I was able to do was vote in some polls and participate in the playtest. Hopefully, I will have enough time to be more involved in the next CAP.

Most of my Pokemon experience is in game and playing randbats on Pokemon Showdown. Based off of how I do in the CAP playtests, I would say that I am not a good battler. While I win more than I lose, this is because most of the people I end up battling seem to know little to nothing about Pokemon or are using a RU or NU team for some reason.

I have been a member of the past two PRCs and participated in policy review discussions. I would like to be able to continue to do so, but if I cannot, then I will simply read whatever is posted.


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Hi everyone, your friendly neighborhood DarkSlay here for another round at applying for PRC. Instead of linking to a bunch of my older posts (some of which are probably ancient to some people), I'll just do some bullet points about my time with CAP and Smogon:

CAP Experience:

  • Started contributing to CAP with CAP10 (Krill) and instantly began helping out the CAP program as much as I could.
  • Came in second place in the CAP11 (Voodoom) movepool selection.
  • Many of my submissions have been slated over the years, ranging from concepts to stats to movepools to dex entries and everything in between.
  • Helped the CAP program with policy work, including formulating and implementing the "Threats" and "Counters" segments we currently use today.
  • Was the ATL for CAP2 (unfortunately shortened due to personal issues).
  • I've been a PRC member the past two CAP's (Aurumoth and Malaconda) and have actively voiced my opinions throughout the program's existence.
  • An extremely active member of the #cap IRC channel, visiting the site every other day, if not daily, in some capacity.
Smogon Experience:

  • I've been on the forums since August of 2009, and immediately did work in the Generation IV RMT board. Did many quality rates.
  • Contributed to C&C multiple times, including making my own analysis (Gen IV UU Machoke).
  • Was a main contributor to the CAP ASB project, including acting as co-second in command (Secretary) for quite some time.
  • I've been pretty successful in battling, particularly in Gen IV, early Gen V, and currently the experimental metagames. Highest I've peaked is #8 in Gen IV OU and #2 in early DW OU.
Hope that provides a good insight as to who I am as a user. As always, my goal of joining the PRC is to continue providing quality analysis and support to the CAP project, so that it can continue to grow in a positive direction. So far, the people in CAP have been working very hard to make the process smoother and more cooperative, and our efforts have paid off so far. It's my hope that we can continue to excel in our policy efforts and provide a fun, collaborative project for the people of Smogon - as we've done for all of these years!
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