CAP 6 Pre-Evo - Part 6 - Name Poll 2

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So, some were slain and 5 continue! The below names the the ones which continue onwards for another round!

Squabbie - Final Sub and Explanation

Ankaw - Final Sub and Explanation

Cawmorunt - Final Sub and Explanation

Cawdet - Final Sub and Explanation

Wrensign - Final Sub and Explanation

This poll will be run with PBV voting (a form of IRV), the details of which are outlined here. This means that you can vote for as many options as you like, and rank them by your preference. Be aware that order does matter in your votes! Make sure that you bold your votes and nothing else! A typical vote might look like the following:
Most Preferred
Second Most Preferred
Third Most Preferred

Any comments that the voter has would go below the votes in non-bold text. Bold text is used to determine what the user's votes are, so none of the supplementary text should be in bold.
Here are the entries again:


Go forth and vote! You have 24 hours!

Our CaP Prevo So far:

Type: Steel/Flying
Abilities: Keen Eye / Volt Absorb / Big Pecks
Stats: 35 HP / 72 Atk / 85 Def / 40 SpA / 55 SpD / 88 Spe (375 BST)
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