CAP 6 Pre-Evo - Part 6 - Name Submissions

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Final Submission


"Squawk" + "Swabbie", with a hint of "Squab".

Pronounced: SKWAH-bee
IPA: skwɑ́bí

"Squawk" is for the less-dignified bird onomatopoeia, "Swabbie" is for the low naval rank, and "Squab" is a serendipitous bird-related thing.

  • Kadew: Cute suggestion, I'll have to admit, and the name may fit in Generation I. I don't see 'buoy', though, instead, just a misspelling of 'Bird', which I figure is intentional. :P If you want to go with it, 'Buoyd'? 'Buoid'? Hmm, neither of those look as nice as 'Boid', though it'd give that 'buoy' away more.
  • srk1214: Works for me. The sounds of 'Kedge' and 'Fledgling' match up well, and so their whole sounds very nice. It definitely fits the literal depiction of an anchorbird. Your argument is the same one that got people pointed out between Frigadier and Frogadier, although that should be less problematic for a CAP pre-evo.
  • LudicrousLugia: All righty. I'm not quite as fond of punctuation in names, but the name itself does work. I wouldn't be the first to choose it over other names that are more portmanteaux, though, more because of their regularity in Pokemon compared to names that are, in TV Tropes terms, Punctuation Shakers.
  • bugmaniacbob: Ah, you're suggesting names again! Well, I don't see the design now as fluffy nor much of a fighter enough for a scuffle. :/ Any other ideas you have that might work better as a name without what I see as a facetious undertone?
  • Hollymon: Hmm, hard to say. I'm fond of Ancaw/Ankaw, and if I had to choose, I'd go with 'Ankaw', since I digest the 'k' as a harder sound than the 'c', even if they're the same sound. o_O
  • solana: Favorite name in the thread. :D And a favorite of others, I see. Yes, it fits the progression of Cawdet to Cawmodore well, and the design has that sense of a rookie about it that certainly fits cadet. The sounds match wonderfully, too. :)
  • LightningLord2: I'll have to dock my preference for this name if only for the fact that the bird is not a ship, but an anchor. It's not among my favorites, even if the rest about the name is decent.
  • Mowtom: Sure! It works for Magmar, and it works for Cawmodore. If Bull of Heaven's movepool advances, it'd make a greater parallel for the name.
  • Toa Tahu: Good inclusion of a naval rank and bird. ouob The syllables of 'cadet' work their way into 'albatross' well for a name that flows elegantly. If anything, the name feels a bit formal for the little anchorbird we've got now, though that's not too much of an issue.
  • topher4167: I like 'chirp', too. 'Chirpadet' and 'Chirpie' are my preferred names, and I think I'd have to choose 'Chirpadet' if I had to, just slightly. But ah, it'd run into competition with Cawdet, which has a better flow to it. :/ So I guess, if you wanted to not be compared to that, submit Chirpie?
  • Mos-Quitoxe: Hmm, 'runt' is a nice word to include in a name, before having its rank raised to commodore. The inclusion of everything to form 'cormorant', too, works with those syllables and monosyllabic words. Cawmorunt --> Cawmodore works really well. o3o
  • SubwayJ: Cawminor for me. Hmm, it sounds like 'Commoner' if you say it just right. I kinda like that, perhaps like a civilian in contrast to a solider? Cawmite works too, with the offset of the name being 'mite' as a misspelling of 'might', which it eventually gets, and 'mite' as in insects. Pros and cons.
  • gust_r: I see 'sterling' in the name 'Ancherling', which kinda works given that the bird is a Steel-type. ouob I'm less fond of Gaivet, as the name's origins are obfuscated. Foreign root words are fine, though 'et' could be from a lot of stuff besides 'cadet' unless something before the 'et' is kept.
  • Fuzzie: I was thinking that 'Cawllick' would've been perfect for my design. Cawllick, cowlick? Okay, ah, but that aside: 'Cawse' works well, although 'hawse' is a tad obscure (though that's not bad). I can't but think that it'd be memetically twisted with a 'b' in front. Still, a hole for anchors is less comparable to the bird than naval ranks (as Cawmodore's had them) or anchors more specifically. I'm highly not fond of 'Killicaw', as the first four letters imply something unfortunate. 'Cawllick' is better, and I'd personally rank it over 'Cawse'.
  • P2X7: Hmm, not bad. It hits the main points I look for in a name. ouob
  • The Steam Punk: I like your reasoning for 'Anchrow', though 'Rookaw' has merit as a 'rook' is also a bird. 'Novian' makes me think of 'nova' and maybe 'alien' before a bird. 'Anchrow' would be competing against 'Ancaw'/'Ankaw', although, admittedly, 'Anchrow' looks better to me.
  • GreatLiver: I'm more familiar with the word 'plebeian' than 'plebe', which might work from the bird's rise from a citizen to a soldier. Still, the name works fine, whichever word is the root word for the first three syllables.
  • darkie: Clever. :) It is, literally, an anchor bird, and that similar vowel in both of them lead to this name. Nice!
  • AOPSUser: Really? I'm reminded of Decturnite. What about 'Bircaw' if you want to make the comparison to Birkal less visible?
  • Ralts: The 'An' doesn't do much to draw me to 'anchor' as, say, well, 'angle'. Adding another consonant sound, though, I understand, would break the flow of the name. Well, the name's pronunciation is, I suppose, humorous, though it wouldn't be a top choice for me.
  • Chesnaught: Ah, the name submissions already have a few names that incorporate 'caw' in them, and 'Cawdet', 'Cawmorunt', and 'Ancaw'/'Ankaw' draw more towards the design than something that's sinking, even if that 'something' is an anchor. :/ What would you say to going in another direction for an outstanding name?
Final Submission


Anchor and Caw

Pronounced: Ank-awe
IPA: ænkʰuɚr

Anchor because it is an anchor and caw because birds go caw. My favourites are Birkaw and Cawdet


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Final Submission


A combination of "Kedge" + "Fledgling". A kedge is a type of anchor that might look like this or this. Fledglings are baby birds.

Pronounced: "KEDGE-ling"
IPA: /kɛdʒlɪŋ/
Final Submission


Pronounced "CAP-turn"

A combination of "Captain" (a naval rank, like Commodore), and "Tern" (a type of seabird), much like how Cawmodore is a combination of "Commodore" and "Caw" (the sound a bird makes. Admittedly, a raven, but still). Captain is the rank directly above Commodore; in a sense, Captern is getting a "promotion" when it evolves into Cawmodore.
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Final Submission


A combination of "Chirp" and "Cadet".

Pronounced: "chur-puh-DET"

This name combines both a weaker form of caw, "chirp" and a lower rank than commodore, "cadet."


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Final Submission
A combination of "Sink" (like an anchor sinking)" + "caw" (Cawmadore theme and the sound a lot of birds make)
Pronounced: "Seen - KAW
Final Submission


A combination of wren, a kind of small bird, + ensign, a commissioned officer of the lowest rank in the US Navy and Coast Guard; also the lowest rank of commissioned officer in the British army.

Pronunciation: REN-sun
Final Submission


Combination of suliformes (The order that frigate birds are in) and lieutenant (A rank below commodore). Arranged to sound like "Salute."

Pronunciation: SA-LOOT


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I will *try* and tag people here but I don't know if you will all be tagged!

solana LightningLord2 SubwayJ gust_r Ralts

You guys have about another 3 hours or so! Please make sure your Submissions line up with that is in the OP and my post at the bottom of the second page! Great names from everyone so far :D
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