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Cartoons! hits the spot for me, as usual. Good job doing another primary color than yellow, too. Yellow electrics are stale.

I really don't see any dragon at all in Wyveriis concept, must be the whole beak thing.


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Taicho's is really cool, but Wyverii's one is tremendously awesome, dont change the color scheme, i love it like it is, first gray dragon :D
So far, Taicho's and Calad's appeal to me the most. Princess's also gets put on the list, since the design looks pretty wicked. However, I feel that putting a head instead of a mask on the design would make it look a bit better.
Daaaaaaaaaaamn. It's almost PERFECT.
My only criticism if the pink fluff seems a little... bright.
Perhaps a SLIGHTLY darker shade?(Minor nitpick)

...and maybe that the Electric bolts on the sides of it's body are a bit large.

But really, that design is utter perfection.
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The general opinion on the server is that Aty's is simply the best. I agree with Gen. Empoleon, this is easily the best piece so far.

Also, it's pink and fluffy, unlike all the others. Tennisace should be happy.


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While I'm not sold, I like the idea of giving it an aged/sage-like look, and I don't know if you were trying to make the mane/beard look like thunder clouds, but that's a fantastic idea. I'm really looking forward to seeing this one updated with the polls. Maybe give it some slightly more dragon-like features, perhaps a little more scaly, and a striped belly similar to dragonite. Lastly, I think some more accenting features based on chinese art would round out the look very nicely.

Some images to work from: dragon tattoo.jpg Dragons/Chinese-Dragon-Green-25-large.jpg

The crest on head of Atyroki's dragon seems familiar. xD
Lol Calad, I could say the same to yours actually, as my design was created a LONG time ago, just cause I liked Tennis' idea of a fluffy pink elec dragon specstank, I just revamped it because the project actually came into fruition =/

(My thoughts among seeing your design in your art thread were pretty much "Oh shit")
Wow... just wow. I saw atyroki's design and went wild. Its really good! I only have a few comments:

The wide eyes and pink fluff give it more of a comical look, almost pushing the point of weird. Not making the eyes so wide and a darker pink might help.
Blame me, but what is amazing about this? the pink hair screws the entire design, also i saw that cute face in another draw, the thunders around the hair and neck doesn't fit with this meganium wannabe, seriously, we need better judges for this.
To be honest, I absolutely love these ones.

Dragons don't need to have scales (look at Altaria, for goodness sake!) , and eastern-mythology dragons are usually furry, rather than scaled, except for around the snouts, usually!

This one also fits nicely with something slightly defensive. However, I wait to fully commit before finding out what the ability is. :)
I'm sorry Atyroki, but I really dislike your design. The whole bronto look with the pink fuzz... not doing anything for me. Certainly not the worse, but not in my top 3.


the best
Cartoons! I think I am in love...with your zeusdragon thing!!!

I don't like atyroki's though...

EDIT:aragonbird's dino scares me for some reason too.


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I'll just leave this for the night since I need to work on other stuff.

Basically, let's take a stegosaur but replace its plates with light bulbs. Also yellow-purple complementary colors.


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Here's a quick sketch of my work-in-progress.

I want a dragon that looks cool and sleek, but not a bloodthirsty badass. I'm definitely going for something with the general coolness of dragons like Salamence, Flygon, or Lati@s -- but not outright cute like Dragonite. I'm also trying to make something that looks like it could fit with the other OU dragons in the game, from a design complexity standpoint.

First draft of my design. Colour scheme is still up in the air and general traits may be changed depending on ability and bias later on. The hair down its back is charged with static and forms wings.
I'm in absolute love with this. It has my vote no doubt at all.


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Welp, I been away for a few days and come back to find that the second type is indeed dragon.

(I TOLD you guys in the cap server, let's not doubt KoA ever again, k?)

Something you guys might not realize is that I spent pretty much my whole childhood drawing dragons so I got some high expectations of myself for this CaP design, let us hope my submissions reflect this.


In essence, I like to think of dragons as my specialty so I think I'll be right at home this time around.

EDIT: Also, I'm diggin' Cartoons! and Wyverii's the most at the moment.
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