CAP 8 CAP 8 - Part 5c - Secondary Ability Poll 3

What should our Secondary Ability be?

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I'm pretty sure EM's said he really only came up with the concept so that he could have a shot at a Pokemon with Shield Dust. Whether that's all of it, I can't tell you. It seems pretty clear to me, though, that the concept only says the Pokemon must have the ability. It doesn't need to be built around it or anything.
Pretty much.

Anyways, I wanted to post against this stupid, "you have to find Static and Trace broken to validly vote for NSA" argument. It is really just stupid. What if I feel we're just wasting space voting for pointless abilities that will detract from the amount of people that will use Shield Dust (even if it is a slight amount). Because if some poor misinformed soul that actually finds Static or Trace remotely useful decides to use them over Shield Dust, then we'd be betraying the concept a little because instead of learning about Shield Dust (a neglected ability), they'd be learning little to nothing about Static (an ability, that while neglected, is hardly useful and not reliable) or Trace (which isn't helpful at all on CAP8; JUST USE PORYGON2).

Technically I can say yo'd be betraying the concept to vote for the shitty abilities, as we aren't learning as much (ironically) about an actually decent ability by voting for them.


On a side note, does this remind anyone of when we gave Revenankh Air Lock as well?
We've come to an extremely close battle for second place, but Trace has taken it. No Secondary Ability will not be moving on, despite the close margin.

Static and Trace will be the final two choices for CAP8's Secondary Ability.
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