CAP Cries for Pokemon Showdown! (Plasmanta Cry added Oct 18, 2014)

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Hi, thanks for the feedback so far. :)

To address a few things:

Long Cries

I understand that the vast majority of cries are short, but these are not foreign to Pokemon and I don't think they should be ruled out entirely; see Exeggutor, Hypno, Jynx, Steelix, Milotic, Wailord, Kricketune, Klinklang, Aurorus, to name a few.
Like Layell said the longest real cry is a little over 2 seconds. The average length for your cries exceed that.
Echo/Fade Out Cries

These are not foreign to Pokemon either; see Clamperl, Milotic, Wailord, Metagross, Regice, Empoleon, Lumineon, Froslass. There are others but this should give you a general idea.
No opinion on this cause idek .-.
Cries With Music-Like Effects

Cloyster's cry is a horn fanfare. Parasect, Starmie, and Mewtwo have cries that are arpeggiated synthesizer sounds. Togepi and Deoxys have cries that are of piano keys with slight distortion. Chingling's cry contains a jingle bell and Chimecho's cry is literally a chime. Kricketot's cry is descending high notes on a xylophone, marimba, or similar instrument. And then there's Meloetta.

^ Most of these sounds are not even relevant to the Pokemon. However, I added an Egyptian sitar to Revenankh's cry because it is based on a mummy and this instrument was very popular in ancient Egypt when mummifications were taking place, and so the two are often correlated. The sound of the shaker + drumroll in Malaconda's cry is used to imitate a snake rattle, but you couldn't expect it to sound exactly the same because it has an apple hanging from its tail. I think the music-like effects I used for these cries are much more relevant to the Pokemon than the ones that already exist.
Yea I could get what you were trying to do with Revenankh, and I liked it but it didn't feel like a Pokemon cry. Those ones you mentioned don't sound distinctly like instruments (with the exception of Kricketot who is weird). It took a couple of listens to Cloyster's to kinda hear it as a fanfare, I don't see how synthesizer sounds count as instrumental sounds in this sense because they are electronic sounds like all the other cries of that era, Togepi and Deoxys I'm not picking up on, and like I said Kricketot is weird. The difference with your cries is I would just go "Drums, Sitar, etc." immediately, this makes those cries sound way too different. It's ok in scarcity or as an exception -- like our friend Kricketot bless his adorable soul -- but for that many cries it sounds very out of place.

Bull of Heaven

Most of Kricketot's Dex entries mention that its antennae make a sound like that of a xylophone. That's what's going on there. Like Chingling, it's a specifically musical pokemon.


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Ah, I wish I could listen to the cries currently, but the internet here doesn't like me connecting to SoundCloud, blah.

From what I read, the cries provided sound a bit instrumental, hmm? I agree that making Pokemon cries instruments is a bit too artificial. The provided examples of musical cries (Kricketot, Chingling, Meloetta) are all Pokemon that are based off of xylophones, jingle bells, and a human voice. Revenankh isn't based off of an instrument, so a musical cry, I think, would sound out of place. I don't hear piano in Deoxys's cry, since such sounds have been heavily distorted. In most cases, a cry extracted from an instrument should be distorted enough so it's not obvious it came from it.

Only a few people know that I made a cry for Mollux with Birkal squeaking as a starting sound after CAP cries were discussed in IRC. :P No, his voice has been distorted to the point that it's impossible to tell that. The cry sounds like Mollux blowing bubbly raspberries. Still, if anyone's interested, I could provide a link to the sound file.

Edit: Here!
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We have the technology.
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CAP Head Mod
I'll update the original post of this thread, but it should be known that anyone can post their CAP Calls in this thread. The CAP Moderators and/or the Policy Review Committee will work out some sort of formalized process. In the spirit of the CAP Project, it would be wise of us to consider this from a community aspect where anyone can have a shot at contributing. But until then, let's just use this thread to have some fun with sound creation. Don't take it too seriously, folks!

Thanks for getting the ball rolling on this, Briyella. We've talked about doing CAP Calls for a long time, so I'm glad we now have an initiative. Let's have some fun with this! I love hearing all of the sounds people can make. Except Tomohawk. It's already been unanimously and tyrannically decided that we're going with my call.

Yeah Quanyails, please provide it if you can. I can't find it anywhere on my computer.
These are incredible. I think Necturna's is easily the best, it's perfect and delicate and eerie. Also adored Cyclohm for that deep, dangerous storm rumble, Syclant for really conveying the idea of sharp, sentient ice monster to me.
I see what people are saying about musical cries, but personally I wish the games had cries more like these. They seem more immersive and more fitting to the pokémon. There's huge disparity between the cries pokémon make in-game and the sounds pokémon make in the anime, and I think it was limited by the sound technology of the game platform, rather than the desire for most in-game pokémon to sound like a dial-up modem.
In X/Y, Pikachu's cry was changed to be his cry from the anime, actually saying his name, which is a really cool feature and I know I wished they'd do it with all the others. I don't personally think that the original game pokémon cries were a standard to aspire to.
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I do like most of them for what they are, but I do have to agree that the cry should be more or less what the pokemon would sound like. For example, I kinda like Wahrer's version for Revanankh's cry more than Briyella's: while it may be more basic, It'd be what I expect from a pokemon game. I mean, I'm kinda imagining that you're telling me Revanankh is some gen 7 pokemon, and that was it's cry. I personally wouldn't believe Briyella's, especially when compared to Wahrer's. However, I do like a lot of Briyella's cries, namely Cyclohm's.
One big thing personally: Tomohawk's cry is kinda cutesy pootsy. I'd much rather it be a bit agressive. I imagine it being closer-ish to Noivern's cry.

As for the musical sounds, I feel like a little bit is OK, but listen to cloyster. It doesn't sound like trumpets unless you de-distort it in your mind or something. It sounds like, idk, water and bubble sounds (Not really, but the idea is there-- a lot of "pops" of a trumpet, if that makes sense) The cry should give a feel of that pokemon. This is super-hard to explain, but if you listen to like, sylveon's cry, you get a feeling it's a cutesy little thing, rather than like, tyrantrum's cry, which just sounds like the big badass motherfuckin' T-Rex he is. There's more to that, like how big a pokemon is, the lower/possibly louder its cry. Compare a bear roaring to your chiuahua (fuck spelling) barking. Bigger animal, lower/louder cries. And you don't expect a small dog to have a humongous roar either. So like, keep the echos for them ghostlies, give like battle cries to Tomohawk and whatever other fighting types, y'know. For something a bit...odd-bodied like Fidgit, go ahead and get weird with cries, though.
But these are super-legit. Thanks to Briyella and Wahrer, and anybody who makes them!
Awesome to hear, Birkal! Looking forward to this. I like the idea of it having a somewhat similar process where all of the community can get involved. That's the spirit of CAP!
:0 Nice work Bri, I think some cries like Pyroak's and Krilowatt might sound better if it were longer c;
Also Voodoom's Cry, Revenankh's cry and Necturine's cry don't really sound like something a Pokemon would make

BTW thanks for putting me in your Best friends list, Really appreciate that c;
Did another one, this time for Syclant:

Icy SFX are kind of my specialty so I put some extra care into trying to make the bug, ice and rock* elements seem evident. Rock due to Syclant's ability Mountaineer, eliminating its Rock weakness. I figured I'd give it something that put precedence over its alpine and icy qualities over anything immediately insectoid, but I did throw in some distorted shakers and a vaguely cricket-like effect in there to get the point across that it's still a bug at its core. Went with cricket because the hum or tone sounded a little more "elemental" and special compared to something scratchy or crunchy. I also added in a bunch of reverb to certain FX because it seemed to go along with the whole mountainous thing, but still kept it at two seconds on the dot.

Goddess Briyella

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Update! (Jun 1, 2014)

All cries have been digitally remastered, shortened to 2 seconds or less (with the exception of Necturna, which goes just over 2 seconds), and Revenankh, Aurumoth, and Malaconda have new cries entirely. All of them have also been converted to a compressed ogg format, so the quality is reduced a bit in exchange for making them more compact files for the sake of data storage and bandwidth. The new files are uploaded to my SoundCloud and can be heard with the same link.

Also, I apologize if my intentions with this thread were unclear. I only posted all of them I made at once because after talking to jas61292 and some others, I was under the impression that nobody else wanted to contribute CAP cries. If anyone else would like to help contribute these, please feel free to post in this thread. I am all for having a process for this just as CAP has for design, movepools, sprites, and the rest, if there are others who want to help out. I just feel that this is something the Create-A-Pokemon project has been missing for a long time. :)
Most of these cries are pretty awesome. Nice job, Bri. :O

I'd personally give Colossoil a more violent drill sound and a roar to follow or sound at the same time to make it sound much more intimidating.


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I honestly don't get Arghonaut's cry but everything else is fine. I especially like Syclant and Nectruna's cries.
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I honestly think that it's doing an extreme disservice to Arghonaut to have his cry not either be or contain a piratey "ARRRRRR."


I also feel like most of Goddess Briyella's versions are a little bit too soft--compared to Battle CAPacity (the only other real time we've had CAPmons with sound) and some in-game cries, they just seem...faint.

I like both Goddess Briyella's and Wahrer's Syclant cries. GB's Kitsunoh and Necturna are great, although Necturine cuts off a bit.

Note that some cries (Pachirisu, Abomasnow) seem to be trying to sound out the Pokemon's name anime-style. It might be interesting to try matching the syllables, at least--something vaguely sounding like "Kril-o-WATT" might be something to try for Krill's cry. (perhaps an electric sound effect-noise-splashing sound effect?)

Finally, Arghon should totally have something vaguely sounding like "AYE-AYE, CAPN" as its cry.
Necturna and Necturine had the creepiest cries. If I heard those while hiking in a forest on a foggy day, I'd be scared for my life.
Now Cawmodore's cry sounds a bit weird. A lower-pitched caw! sound plus the little shattering effect would give me the impression that it is a frigate bird.
Is there any point in which we might actually have these implemented on the server? It seems like a lot of work for nothing if they aren't =/

Goddess Briyella

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So I'm really unsure of posting these but here goes nothing. I made five cries for some CAP 'mons a while ago and I totally forgot about them until now. Listen if you want, I hope you like them!

Any and all critique is appreciated =) thank you for listening!
These are great. ^_^

Revenankh probably needs a quick-fade on the end though so the sound doesn't pop when it ends. Also, the Krilowatt link is dead.
These are great. ^_^ Revenankh probably needs a quick-fade on the end though so the sound doesn't pop when it ends. Also, the Krilowatt link is dead.
Thank you so much! Also, I fixed the Krilowatt link and Revenankh's cry (there is a mini pop sound but I think that might just be the player because it doesn't happen when I play it on wmp). Thanks again for the feedback ^-^
i really like them but they are a bit, unnatural on some of them. I like the idea of robotic/monster like for some but on others they need some more animal like sounds. Otherwise they are perfection. (btw dat music tho)


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Due to Goddess Briyella's ban from smogon, I am locking this thread. If anyone would like to continue the CAP cries project, please send me a PM.
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