CAP Doubles

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CAP Doubles

Hiya! Since doubles has been implemented on Pokemon Showdown!, some of the Create-A-Pokemon junkies and I have started playing some CAP Metagame doubles matches. As a disclaimer: CAP does not create Pokemon for the CAP metagame; we make them for current OU. If you want to learn more about what CAP does, check out our Newcomer's Guide. But when we're done with them, they get dumped into the CAP metagame for us to enjoy. It's like a spin-off of the CAP project, so it's all just for fun.

Let me say that CAP Doubles is a hoot. It's like OU Doubles but even more madcap. It leaves room for lots of creativity when it comes to teambuilding, because you have the traditional OU threads combined with some exciting new threats that are CAP Pokemon. You can read about all the current CAP Pokemon here. There's a lot of cool toys to play with here; Fidgit can use its ability Persistent to make moves like Trick Room and Tail Wind last for two more turns, for example. Rain gets Prankster Tomohawk, which also has access to STAB Hurricane. There's much more out there, but that's up for you to discover!

Here is a match of me and jas61292 doing a battle like an hour ago. We both ran Hail, but I lead with Fake Out Mienshao and TR Fidgit. It ended up being pretty close, but it was a hilarious battle regardless.

It's an awesome metagame that you all should try out. You can challenge me at any time if you see me on the simulator (&Birkal), and I should be able to battle. To play, you have to do this as a challenge, so go to Doubles Custom Game as the format. If you do some battles, post the replays here! If you wanna talk about it on IRC or look for a match, join us in #cap. Enjoy!


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see guys

i told you heal pulse mollux would be worth it in doubles

i told you

Anyways, I'd like to say that Fidgit is definetly going to be king in this new format, thanks to the fact that six turn tailwind in doubles is absolutely killer. Oh yeah, Intimidate mons will be great as well. I see Voodoom being matched with electric weak pokemon like Gyarados for a killer combo. Finally, Colossoil's earthquakes combined with a teammate that can avoid them will be utter killer. Watch out for them!
Nyttyn, you're definitely onto something there. Colossoil and Tomohawk would be scary, especially in sun. Tomohawk can spam Heat Wave and/or poison Colossoil with Prankster, while Colossoil gets a buffer against water moves. I'll have to try to make a team some time soon...
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