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On the discussion for how Astrolotl should evolve, while I think it is fine with just level up, I do think there's some merit in evolving via Dawn Stone and making the line female only due to Astrolotl being based off of magical girls. However, I also think it could be considered unnecessary work.
I kinda liked the option of a stone evolution and while it will be additional work, I think it really fits nicely with the flavor of Astro and would help diversify the evo methods of CAPs.

I can’t really comment on anything else, bc Movepools have always been the most nebulous part of the CAP process to me, but I want to congratulate you and thank you for putting so so much work into this. It cannot be understated, how much the few of you, that reworked the movepools, have been doing this last couple of weeks.


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Thank you to everyone for the feedback so far, it's great to get your thoughts. Since I last posted kjnjkmjk1, MaahirMomtaz12, DHR-107 and I have identified a few more mistakes that have since been amended that I will describe here.

Mimic was incorrectly listed as a Gen 4 Tutor Move on the Syclant, Pyroak and Colossoil lines and has thus been deleted as it was not a tutor move in that generation. The Fidgit and Voodoom line now keep Mimic as a Gen 7 Egg move as it is no longer passed down as an egg move this generation.

Voodoom and Crucibelle were missing a few transfer moves such as Confide and Double Team and those have been added.

A few missing TM moves that were present in Level ups such as Necturna's Thunder Fang and Smokomodo's screech have been added.

Volkritter and Volkraken incorrectly had 4 level 1 moves including the Snapped Flash and as such have had it removed from their LU movepools. Heat Wave was also removed in order to preserve the level-up move cadence.

A few Egg moves from Voodoom including Baton Pass were removed as they are now TMs.

Krilowatt's level-up sequence was also changed as a result of Aqua Tail being its evolution move which can occur as early as level 15. Aqua Tail was therefore swapped to Bubble Beam and the other moves shuffled around to accomodate that.

Follow Me and Copycat have been swapped in Breezi and Fidgit's movepool as Follow Me is not legally able to be transferred as an Egg move while Copycat can be.

Kerfluffle's Crush Claw was in the incorrect level up position because it has a lower base power than Play Rough and has such been turned into a Level-up move to accomodate the Gen 8 standards.

On the topic of Astrolotl's evolution method, as most people so far that have posted seem to be ambivalent to the change, unless any other convincing arguments are made in the next few days it will be staying as it currently is.

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