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Hello and Welcome to CAP!

Hey there, have you ever wanted to write articles about our creations? Make CAP-related videos or even show off our CAP creations on Social Media? Well guess what? You're not alone, and we're here to help you achieve your goal!

Our CAP Social Media team resides as part of CAP's official Discord server, where we talk about CAP's recent additions, metagame and CAP processes as well as much more. Our goal is to advertise CAP the best way possible and expose our community to the world out there in order for CAP to reach a broader audience range to its community.

Being a member of CAP's Social Media team means being responsible for CAP's image. Everything that you will be posting or sharing with the world will reflect on the CAP community, and as this project is important to our community, social media postings should be handled with a great deal of maturity and professionalism. If you're not sure if you meet those standards, you can run an unofficial fan-page on different social media platforms.

Our Social Media Team currently is a new addition and is still looking for new contributors so don't feel shy to come in! If you're keen on joining us on this journey, here are the steps to join us. If you haven't already, you will first have to join CAP's official Discord server [link]. After that you can contact our Discord moderator named Quanyails who will be glad to accept you and add you to our hidden channel (#cap-media). By being part of the Social Media team you will be given a role on the Discord server that will acknowledge and represent you as a member of Social Media.

Here are some questions one should be able to answer before applying:
- What can I bring to the Social Media team (writing articles, making videos, posting updates, etc.)?
- How much experience do I have with CAP as a general process and metagame?
- Am I dedicated enough to follow a CAP cycle from start to finish?
- Am I willing to collaborate and work as a team on various pieces of media?

Any further questions can be asked directly to Quanyails, EpicUmbreon29 or myself. Thank you for reading!

- The CAP Social Media Team
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