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It's been a very long journey, but CAP updates are now finished! Feel free to throw a Guts Heavy Slam Naviathan or a Triage Revenankh onto your team and hop onto the CAP ladder on Pokemon Showdown!

This whole process might have taken longer than we would have liked at times, but we've somehow plowed through. I'd like to thank all of the ULs, GLs, and most of all, all of the contributors who have made this update process enjoyable. We might not have done exactly what we set out to do, but I'm hoping that we've tended to the metagames biggest distractions by nerfing Aurumoth and Tomohawk while updating the rest of the CAPs up to GameFreak's consistency standards. Even if we got carried away with some of the smaller updates, I hope we can all have fun and enjoy playing with the mons on the server!

For discussion on the updated CAP metagame, please refer to the CAP Metagame Discussion Thread.

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