Tournament CAPTT V Sign-ups[Open] See Post #76


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Heyo folks! Ming and I are gonna be holding tryouts for the Kingly Kerfluffles up till draft day, just shoot us a PM on here, on showdown, on discord, via carrier pigeon, USPS, or smoke signals. Good luck to all!

disclaimer: please do not send PMs through carrier pigeon, USPS or smoke signals
disclaimer 2: ming goes by thesky12321 elsewhere so don't look for the name ming
Name: DurzaOffTopic
Tiers Played/Interested In: USUM CAP, CAP LC
Non-player roles: my gassing is on an unparalleled level and almost guarantees a mute in the battle chat if finchinator is there
Any foreseeable inactivity: Might have college orientation or somethin
Name: LeviathanAndMeta
Tiers Played/Interested In: CAP USUM
Non-player roles: Help testing/building teams, shitting on your taste of music.
Any foreseeable inactivity: I'm not too inactive, maybe someday I won't be on until later in the day, but I'm usually on constantly.

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