Tournament CAPTT V - Week 5


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Quite the tense week with some interesting games. I'm sure you all were anticipating the final results. I'd like to start off by awarding snake_rattler the win vs So Noisy due to his activity call. As well as this, I'll be granting Granny Pie an activity win versus Leo, the sub was very late and there was very little contact from the get go. If anyone wants to discuss these decisions please feel free to PM me here or on Discord, and I'll be happy to discuss my decision with you and hear your thoughts.

With that being said, we've reached a draw between the Kingly Kerfluffles and Jumbo Jumbaos for 3rd place as well as a draw for the Smokomodos and Snaelstroms for 1st. Due to this it will now go to differential wins between the teams, which means the Kingly Kerfluffles do beat the Jumbo Jumbaos for third place scoring just one point above the Jumbo Jumbaos 14 wins. The Snaelstroms also pull off the 1 win difference, holding 19 wins, resulting on moving on to finals. Semi-Finals will be The Sizzling Smokoodos versus the Kingly Kerfuffles! This will follow the same formatting as the previous weeks.

SHSP Jordy please send in your lineups for the semi-finals asap.

Congrats to Jho and the Surging Snaelstroms for making it to the finals!

We've seen a lot from the other teams, well done for your efforts and I hope we see you all returning next year for a go at CAPTT 6

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